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Choosing right employees is one of the key elements in successful business. The process of recruitment implies careful preparation process, as well as thorough investigation and evaluation of alternatives. Moreover, expanding business operations in any industry and opening new offices/facilities requires additional resources and detailed research on the new location specifications.
The first step for the human resource manager in the preparation for the hiring process is observing legal requirements and restrictions for employing new people in this particular geographic region. According to the governmental portal of Internal Revenue Service, businesses have to make sure that a potential employee is relevant in the three following aspects: (1) employee’s eligibility to work on the territory of the country, (2) employee’s social security number (identity verification), and (3) employee’s withholding ( Every business should carefully work through those requirements and prepare the necessary forms that the candidates for the positions will further fill out.
Another important aspect of getting prepared for the hiring process in the new business office is learning about the employment restrictions and not letting them happen in order not to spoil the image of the company in the future. U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlines a number of practices that are prohibited for the employers during the recruitment process. First, it is essential to remember that a job advertisement should be ethical and should not discriminating or discouraging any groups of people from applying. In addition, it also concerns the hiring process itself, and the commission states that it is illegal for the employers to discriminate someone during the interview (hiring) stage. All of those practices imply that the human resource manager should be careful in composing the job advertising and should not be biased by race, religion, sex, age, or disability factors (
Besides, it is crucial not to forget to compose the right job advertisement that would represent a good combination of responsibilities and compensation for those responsibilities. In addition, social benefits for every job position should be provided in order to attract good workers and keep up with social responsibility trends.
Next step in the recruitment process would be making sure which exactly job positions are necessary for the new office opening. This process directly depends from the industry, though most of the departments would be similar in many business spheres, manufacturing or storage departments may or may not be present. As a Chief Human Resource Office, a person has to think which departments would be the main in the business operations and should compose the job position description for the heads of those departments.
First, it is needed to find the head of marketing department. The responsibilities should be carefully composed and should clearly represent what would be required from this employee at the workplace. For the business to be successful in a new branch office at the neighboring state, human resource manager along with the company management has to set a certain level of education and experience level for every position. As far as marketing is one of the crucial elements in every business success and is, actually, one of the tools to generate revenues, the head of marketing department should have a Master of Science degree in marketing and should have at least 6 years of experience in marketing field. Another position that is of high importance for every business is finance/accounting manager who would be in charge of the finance department. Careful accounting and finance checking is crucial for the effective management of the company, and this job position should also set high requirements, because it outlines extremely important responsibilities and involves serious decision making. Therefore, the finance/accounting manager position should require a Master of Science in finance and economics and a minimum of 5-year experience at the high finance position. Next department that is present in most of the businesses is sales department that is responsible for the sales volumes that is directly connected with generating revenues. Sales department is closely interrelated with the marketing department, so some of the responsibilities may actually cross at those positions. Therefore, the Chief Sales manager for the new office in the neighboring state should be carefully looked for. The applicant for this job position should have a degree in Business Administration or in the related field and should have at least 5 years of experience in the active sales in another company.
Though I am the one, who is responsible for the hiring process for the new office it is essential to remember that Human Resource Department in the company also needs employees, and it is crucial to find the right person for this position in the new state office. As far as this field is the most familiar for the one who composes the job advertisements, it would not be that difficult to describe all of the responsibilities and requirements for this position. The new HR manager should have acquired a degree in Human Resource Management and have a minimum 5-year experience in this field in this particular state. The requirement for this potential employee to have a work experience in this state is important, because in this case a person would know all the regulations of the state and would be able to more thoroughly search for the right people for the company.
The need to fill the production, or manufacturing, department depends on the nature of business. If there were a need for the head of manufacturing department, the requirements for this job position would also depend on the company’s production type, but would still require at least 3 years of experience as a chief of manufacturing department in a similar type of business.
So far, we have defined the following job positions that are required for the new office in the neighboring state: Chief Marketing Manager, Head of Finance and Accounting Department, Chief Sales Manager, Human Resource Manager, and, optionally, Chief of Manufacturing department. However, it is important not to miss the position of General Manager for the new office. A Chief Human Resource Officer, who is in charge of hiring for the moment should pay extremely high attention at this position composing, because this person would be the main person in the office who would be in charge for every department. The requirement for the position of General Manager should include the high-level education degree in Business Administration or in International Business Management and a minimum of 7-year experience as a General Manager in another company.
In addition, the cover letter for every job position should be required, in order to select best people that perfectly fit the company’s culture and values. After the right candidates would be chosen for those positions, the new human resource manager in collaboration with the heads of other departments would be able to start the process of looking for the candidates for the other job positions within each department itself.
The next essential step, after composing the job advertisements and setting the priorities of what to expect from the potential candidates, me, as a CHRO should carefully think about the recruitment techniques and about how to construct the hiring process. It is said that “the interview is the single most important step in the selection process” ( Therefore, the interview may be considered as one of the most effective techniques while choosing the right employees for your company. However, the preparation for conducting the interview is also a very responsible process, and the human resource manager should carefully think through all the aspects that may occur during the interview. Some of the sources suggest that there are several steps, which the one who is in charge of hiring should think through before the interview. Those steps include:

Formatting the interview and choosing the order of questions,

Constructing the questions to be asked of every applicant for the job,
Deciding who is going to be present at the interview and who will actually ask questions,
Deciding whether a work sample should be provided for the applicant during the interview,
Discussing the optimum starting date for the job position,
Understanding that other details may come out during the interview and may need a careful consideration right in the spot (
Moreover, it is important to decide on the type of interview that the company would conduct for every job position: whether it would be a panel (on the spot) interview, or a virtual interview that might be used in order to reduce the travel costs. Each of this interview types has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, as it was already mentioned, virtual interviews help to reduce the costs and time that is associated with on spot interview. However, at the same time, virtual interviews do not give a deep insight on the person you are about to hire and can hide serious factors from the observer. What is more, internet connection problems may also occur. Panel on spot interviews, in turn, give an opportunity to know the candidate better and to observe the person’s characteristics more deeply. Still, despite all the regulations and restrictions, certain candidates’ behavior may cause a bias at the recruiter, which would cause false considerations about the person (
After the interview method was chosen and all of the questions for each job position were prepared it is crucial to prepare all of the forms (were mentioned in the very beginning when discussing Internal Revenue Service requirements for recruitment) that correspond to the legal requirements of the state. When those forms are printed out, the company management should discuss the question of compensation negotiation during the interview, whether it should be included or avoided. In order to have a clear understanding of this question, the company should consult with the U.S. Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division (
Another important aspect that requires discussion is which information a recruiter has to provide for the potential employee. Thus, organizing the information that you can provide to the applicant or that you should avoid has to be carefully though through. The book “Business Management” outlines several steps that are important in the organization function management. Those steps may be a good plan for the human resource manager because they give a clear and deep insight on which information the company has to provide to their potential employees. With slight modifications those steps would be:

The objectives of the company,

Determining various activities of the candidate,
Grouping and departmentalization of those activities,
Determining the most important key activities for the candidate,
Assigning the responsibilities and making sure that the candidate understands them,
Defining the inter-relationship within the company, emphasizing hierarchy aspects,
Describing the working environment
Making sure the candidate understands the social benefits that the company provides (R. K. Singla, 2009, p. 146).
The following points summarize the information that the CHRO should provide to the potential employee in order for him to understand the working environment he or she is willing to enter.
One more important issue that the recruiter should pay careful attention at, is the background check and the references of the applicants. Looking at the job references for such important positions that were outlined before is crucial, because previous employers of the candidate may discover new qualifications of the candidate, as well as giving a clue whether some problems may occur with the applicant.
In addition, I would one more time emphasize that those job positions are the most important ones for the new office, and the careful check of the candidate should be conducted. If a CHRO decides to finally hire a person, the AARP Foundation suggests that the company should conduct a careful background check that includes criminal background check, credit reports, and standard screening tests such as physical test (depending on the job position you are hiring to), skills test, aptitude test, and integrity test. Among those tests we can see the integrity test that helps to understand how trustworthy and honest the candidate is. The questions from this test help to explore the attitude of the candidate towards such things as punctuality, reliability, absenteeism, alcohol or drug abuses, etc. ( The integrity test should be necessary for the new office in the neighboring state, because it would help to compose an honest and strong team of professionals.
As far as those positions require a high education degree and a big work experience, as well as there would be references from the previous employers, the drug tests may not be necessary, because to some extent it may be offensive for the potential candidates.
So, we can see that the process of hiring may sound quite easy, but when you start to dig deeper, you realize that there are numerous details that you have to take care of. Carefully following those steps and contributing significant amount of time and resources to this process would finally bring you to the professional and productive team, because right people do the right business and bring success to the company.


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