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820 languages in one country
The article begins with a question regarding a country with the highest number of different languages. The author provides data according to which 820 among 6.912 known languages are spolen in Papua New Guinea. Further, he analyses the reasons of such a high number of languages. First, the island has been occupied by humans for more than 40,000 years, that means there was enough time for the languages spoken to grow and change. Second, the terrirory of the island is fragmented and whole villages become cut off by mountains, rivers or forest. Third, the number of native speakers was relatively small, so even small fishing tribes could have a separate language. It should be taken into account that New Guinea has 3 official languages: Tok Pisin, Hiri Motu, and English, where Tok Pisin is the best language for communication, Hiri Motu is a pidgin of a number of the most popular languages on an island. Most part of the population understand Hiri Motu as a second language but do not use it as a first one.
I would like to note that the informaiton in the article has a direct relation to the course named Exploring the World language since the author discusses a vast number of languages that are used at the territory of New Guinea. He analyses the factors of such a phenomenon and gives some expectations for the future based on saving extinct languages.

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Once You Learn a Language, Do You Ever Forget It?
Also, the author draws a concluaion stating that even if you do not remember the vocabulary of the language you used to study, you can still have some knowledge of the language itself and it will be easier to learn it over again. Moreover, he poins out the idea that children have improved ability to relearn the language.
In my opinion, the article can be applied to the Exploring the World Language course since the information presented in related to the specifics of knowledge of a foreign language. Mreover, the results of the study presented can be useful in further analysis of the above mentioned matter.
Work cited
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