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Interview Paper

Having learned theoretic background of conflict resolution in the workplace, I decided to define the reflection of acquired strategy in practice. The best approach appeared to be the interview. I interviewed HR manager Elena Daneva who has been working at the IT Company for 4 years. As it turned out, Elena had been experienced in coaching of leadership, communication skills and motivation. She only recently has decided to pay too much attention to the conflict in the workspace. Elena is one of the few women in this firm, therefore, conflicts develops in unusual manner.
I started the interview by asking about the approved trainings and other principles which the IT Company and she particularly follows. The interview takes aim at the defining the ethical issues that happen so frequently. Elena described real life stories about conflict appearances and its professional resolution. Throughout the interview, she explains the sort of tactics that company uses.
Beginning the interview, I reported about the importance of practical experience in conflict resolution and the forthcoming of untypical situation in the workplace. Being experienced in these issues Elena, delighted to share own ideas and approaches, were looking forward to answer.

So, first of all, to clarify the concept of "conflict" and its classification we work in small groups. Generalized views received during the discussion according to the conflict notion are represented on a flip - chart and we remain this poster in the group for the entire period of her work as a methodological support. It is convenient to classify the results generated from case analysis of conflict situations. In the same way it is possible to discuss the causes of the conflict.
Following the theme I implicate role-playing game on "Day reception manager on personal matters," when a "leader" of the organization come to a personal conflict issues and claims "employees." In the analysis of the game it is very important to pay attention to the group as verbal and nonverbal manifestations of conflict behavior (silence, eyes, posture, facial expressions, tone of voice, strong objections to the conversation, nicknames, oral and written argument and all other features of the manner of treatment and communication). In addition, the result of the analysis can be debriefing about the negative and, most importantly, the possible positive effects of each analyzed situation for both sides of interaction. Thus, training becomes the basis for a positive outlook on life situations, conflict whose content is the basis for personal development. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).
As it turned out, this training was devised by Elena. This approach made me surprised that I could not help paying much attention to this key. Therefore, I asked at the drop of a hat, This training, maybe, is the presentation of the coaching series, isn’t it?’

Elena smiled and brightly said:

Surely, this one is only the introduction of conflict resolution. We take into account three level of training, including such notions as personal conflict and intergroup conflict. After the introductory exercises to create a working we involve the role play to counter the two teams "rivals" (managers, subordinates, administration, trade union, student-teacher, sellers, buyers, fathers, children, and so on) when one of the team members after the group discussion of the general list of claims makes personal claims for the opposing team. When you reply to the claim, it is treated as a solution to the problem, and emotional components of this process. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).
Definitely, these approaches reflects on the theoretic conflict avoidance discussed in class. But the theory problem was that we did not consider the right performance of conflict statement and did not involve the role of chief or director. Because many conflicts may happen between employee and director (Eunson, 2004).
I also have explained the principles used according to the conflict methodology. Elena chose several ones among the principle of understanding, prediction, the principle of "emotional compensation", the principle of "authoritative third", the principle of "forced listening opponent", the principle of "exchange positions" etc. She could explained the application of several ones in her practice. According to her point, "We write the main keys on the flip-chart to pay attention to the right behavior in conflict situation". Elena concentrated me on the personal principle. As it turned out, this point is rather simple. According to the psychologist observation, if person has the opportunity to freely express their negative emotions, then gradually they themselves will be replaced by positive. The implementation of this principle requires your patience and the ability to emotionally support the interlocutor, showing empathy, understanding, which does not guarantee agreement with him. We subsequently considered the principle of "emotional compensation". Elena was sure that HR position requires a good skills of right communication. Thus, you may hear different complaints about the opponent. It should be considered by you. You have to listen everything in details. In this case, you already emotionally repay dejected state of mind of the interlocutor. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).

After short calculation about tactics of conflict resolution Elena said at once:

I know that conflict management implicates three phases of conflict resolution. Among them I would like to emphasize the general recommendations. They play vital role at the beginning of communication. There are many keys we try to involve. Among them I want to consider endurance, self-control, the constant feedback communication, attention to the interlocutor and the decreasing of social distance. At the next phase of conversation it is necessary to follow other technics. Surely, employees in our firm need a detailed investigation of conflict. Therefore, we follow the special operational technics. Before you use them, be aware of vulnerabilities in the position of the interlocutor, in his arguments and understand where the "hot spots" of interlocutor as a person. It must be remembered that the other party must always be left open to retreat with dignity. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).
Typical future conflict may cause the ethical issue. (McShane, S., & Glinow, 2014). Elena shared one story that she observed sitting at the work table. Her job requires concentration and colleagues permanently discuss and laugh loudly, or talking on the phone. To ignore was impossible. Firstly, she was trying not to pay attention but this fact diverted her attention. You should note, if your colleagues interfered with work, or sit back? If they work, you can try to synchronize with them, rather than simply oppose itself to them. But the conflict is necessary to look at the situation a little above, to study time-management of their working day, or try to isolate their workplace, put a poster, flower. Direct order or cry, of course, does not help. The competent leader helped by planning workplaces. In this issue felt subtext - I work, they do not. But perhaps they are working. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).
This speech may inspires every conflict coach. I asked Elena to describe two real life situation when they could avoid conflict and negotiate in the successful manner.

Elena answered the following at once:

My dream was to work on the position of HR. Firstly, I had been working as the manager assistant. Manger gave me many assignments that I could manage no one. Great portion of his time was sitting in social networks, talking with colleagues and long lunches. However, the final result of joint work he presents as his personal contribution, for which he regularly receives thanks and awards, while the assistant remains in the shadows. I was about swearing with him. Fortunately, I could keep calm and decided to involve the third side for our negotiations. Thus, the manager duties were dignified concretely and soon we could help each other.
As for the second case, there is an employee who considers himself a "life of the party" - he constantly jokes, tells jokes, regularly goes on smoke breaks and calling half of himself. His jokes had turned out very offensive towards me. From the outset, I was planning to say something similar but we cannot announce the conflict war at the workplace. I decided to speak with him personally explaining that this behavior disturbed me significantly. Therefore, we came to the consensus. (E. Daneva, personal communication, January 27, 2015).
Then I thanked Elena for this significantly useful interview and her help in our conflict discussion. I asked Elena Daneva as the specialist if HR specifically because these situation introduces the right reflection of conflict theory. Elena has the strong sides not only in HR but also in leadership and coaching.
Most of his time is spent at the workplace, and therefore often we communicate with colleagues more than with family. And for any personal interaction there may be conflicts that can turn into hard labor, even the most beloved work. Conflict may cause different ethnical issues make you feel uncomfortable at the work place. The right technics, principles of conflict resolution should be implemented one by one. First of all they require rehearsal like training involving the all employees and director. In this way everybody may devise personal approach resolution like Elena Daneva does.


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