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Anderson University was set up over 90 years ago to provide higher education with emphasis on science and engineering education steeped in Christian values and Christian principles. The office of the press that the main emphasis of the institution is to help to prepare the young generation to become productive in the work environment. However, it is apparent that the demands of the work environment changes on a regular basis and there is the need for institutions like Anderson University to vary their ways and systems of training professionals in order to meet the demands and expectations of a fast evolving job market. The purpose of this paper is to identify the way through which the university can create a proactive system for the identification of the needs of the job market and adjust its systems to provide these needs. The proposal will include the identification of the best way of dealing with the problem and providing solutions to it.

The most effective and the most important approach of providing information about the working environment can be done through a mixture of qualitative analysis and a qualitative research. Qualitative research is a form of observational research that identifies what exists and provides a documentation of how it occurs in the natural world. In this sense, there will be the need to observe and document the gaps between the tuition processes employed by Anderson University in a number of departments in relation to the job skill requirements and how it has evolved over the past 10 years. This is because the norm of most universities is to train people to fit into various positions in relevant industries. However, over the years, new things emerge and the approach and method becomes obsolete. Thus, the fundamental research approach will include figuring out the gaps and from there, provide a roadmap to how the gaps could be filled in real practice.

Research Methodology

Research methodology refers to the logic of applying scientific methods to the investigation of a phenomenon. Research methodology is therefore a systematic manner through which information is taken in order to be analyzed and reviewed in order to draw a conclusion on a given situation of interest in research. To this end, this research will need to evaluate three main things:

A comparative analysis of the teaching processes of Anderson University and the needs on the job market in the state:

An evaluation of the gaps in the processes of delivering education to students in the university
An assessment of how best the gaps could be bridged through the upgrade and modification of educational processes and systems in the university.

Data Collection

Data will be collected through the definition of a systematic sample that will include the main departments and units of the university and a sample of three most popular sectors that employs students from the departments under review. The data will be taken through observation and interviews.
The first step of the data collection exercise will include the critical evaluation and analysis of the course outline of the various departments and units of the study. This will include an analysis and review of the course requirements and activities. This will show the teaching requirements and the teaching elements and aspects.
The second step will include the analysis of the job requirements of the workplaces and working departments of the companies, organizations and entities that are likely to employ these professionals. Therefore, the work requirements of these selected institutions will be assessed and evaluated from a distance. This will include the examination of the job environment. From there, an interview will be conducted with one employer each from the different sectors.

Data Analysis

The data analysis of the first stage will culminate in the identification of a checklist of the activities that are to be taught and carried out in the institution. The practical requirements and the practical elements as well as activities necessary for graduation will culminate in the presentation of a checklist.
The data analysis will culminate in the comparison of the two systems and the two processes. This will include the identification of what employers want and what Anderson University is actually teaching its students. This will give way for the definition of the gaps in the research and show the way through which these gaps can be interpreted and reviewed in order to provide an impetus for some kind of change which could occur in order to improve the lecturing and teaching systems of the university.


Once there is a clearcut identification of the gaps in the systems and the processes, there will be the opportunity to identify what the university is lacking and how they are meeting the realistic issues and matters necessary for employment on the job market today. Previous surveys and studies by Anderson University will be outlined and efforts to bridge the gap between tuition and employment requirements will also be outlined. From there, there will be the identification of the major limitations and the major issues that have existed in the system. This will be documented and the reasons for them will be defined and identified.
Thus, through the qualitative approach, the main problems or issues and the causes of these problems or issues will be identified. This will give impetus for the identification of the best way of bridging these gaps in order to provide an important framework for the improvement and the enhancement of the educational systems and processes that exists in the university in order to make them meet the requirements and expectations of the workforce and the work environment.


The gaps and issues will be streamlined and they are going to be presented as a summary. The main and dominant trend that runs through the different units of the university will be outlined. This will include the identification of the main problems that generally prevents Anderson University students from gaining good employment in the most vital sectors and units. Also, other things that could give rise to other approaches and other matters like training on the job will be outlined and this will not be a part of the issues and the problems.
The theory will state the main training arrangements of the university. It will also state the requirements and expectations of employers on the job market. The theory will then go on to define and disclose the main gaps in the entire university system and the job market. They will be outlined in such a way and manner that the main issues and problems that exists in the university will be discussed and critiqued thoroughly and into details.


The research can be conducted over an 8-week period. This is because there is the need for the division of work in order to meet all the goals and all the requirements of the different phases of the study.

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