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1.0 Background
Social discrimination and Gender are considered as one of the key issues in the labor market which discusses on the policies of public in Latin America. In accordance of the academic research, no matter how much studies has been done focusing on labor market discrimination, gender or ethnic and racial the problems are still unsettled. According to Castillo, Petrie, Torero and Vesterlund, L. (2013: 45), there is a fact that female employees are statistically not different from male employees. In reality, previous studies indicate that gender discrimination is one of the factors that determine wages in the American labor market. The evidence also demonstrates that there is a systematic and stable difference in the returns to experience and to education by gender with regard to provisional wage distribution. Moreover, female contribution in labor force is specifically low as compared to male contribution. There is 38.1% women labor force compared to 44.7% male contribution. Bandiera and Natraj (2013: 115) states that married women are highly interested in taking part while men are less interested. This fact may be interpreted as evidence for women preferences for the activities of non-market. This research seeks to recognize the gender discrimination in the labor market. The present measures of non-cognitive abilities of the women can be interpreted as an outcome of causality issue mentioned in (Booth, Leigh and Varganova, 2012: 14).
1.1 Research Aims and Objectives
This research report is aim to establish appropriate practices which employ on women and gender studies the relationship among women and men. Moreover, to analyses these strategies in detail, the gender discrimination are used to compare the employments of women. Following are the aims and objectives of this research;
2.0 Literature Review
The discrimination of labor market is said to happen when two productive employees are treated diversely by grounds of the workers gender or race, when productivity does not have an impact on race or gender. Conversely, it has been examined that there are identical individuals that determine their performance in the Latin American market. Firstly, individual’s cognitive abilities should be examined as self-determination, personal motivation, external control or self-confidence and internal control or self-confidence (Irni, Mulinari, Keskinen and Tuori, 2012: 85). Researchers indicate that market discrimination situations should be observed as school environment and family background. It is recognized that individuals past expectations tell about how labor market works.
According to Bell, Caplan and Karim (2013: 78), gender group differences can be found for non-market and market activities and also concerns about the employments. Because of the differences parental investments in skills and differences in home production in gender roles, there are gender differences for relative benefits. The regression analysis is concerned on examining the decomposition to determine how much of the wage differential among workers or groups by gender or race is not explained apparently. This part of the research is known as discrimination. In accordance of the traditional studies, the usage of data on unidentified variables such as cognitive abilities, school environments and family preferences. According to the study of Irni (2012: 85), this methodology is to analyze the wage gap distribution by using regression or semi-parametric methods. Recently, in order to reduce the heterogeneity of employees matching techniques have been presented.
2.1 Problem statement

2.2 Variables
This current research focuses on the women and gender studies which illustrates the understanding about gender discrimination and its economic outcomes. Such variables are included: cognitive abilities, school environments and family preferences.
3.0 Research Methodology
The major aim of this research is to identify such techniques that while being innovative and new are also effective such that the outcome is maximizing the women employments in the Latin American labor market. This would require a careful understanding of the problems that are restricting the inflow flow of discrimination in United States. With this, an understanding of which procedures, techniques, or strategies are being employed by other countries is crucial to. Consequently, the research would necessitate looking into the development of innovative strategies as well as their suitability for United States considering various situations that encompass its economical setup.
Most of the research will be covered through mostly by the exploratory research methods. Exploratory research mostly relies on the qualitative approaches, informal discussions with customers, in-depth interviews with management or professionals. So the research methodology would follow primarily the qualitative approach. Data collection would be based on secondary as well as primary research. It must be noted here that for both modes of data collection, internet would be utilized as an valuable medium that would complement the traditional methods including questionnaire surveys and formal interviews.
In this research proposal the sample size and objectives of this research it is a suitable approach, and it also used to collect the data in a highly professional way. Therefore, the theory in this research will be explained in an exceedingly specific way so that a unusually deep attention will be pay to such areas which have the detail knowledge about the topic. In addition to that, the relevant theories which are directly linked with this topic, the deductive approach will be used in this research, furthermore, in this research the exploratory approach will be used to conduct research.
3.1 Research Approach
The two approaches are used to conduct the research; if the sample is large in the research than quantitative approach will be used to investigate the results. On the other hand, if the sample size is smaller than the qualitative approach will be used to investigate the results of the research. Before selecting the research approach the requirements of the research will be study in detail to fulfil the requirements of the study. For this research study the quantitative research will be used to collect the data and analyze the collected information. The reason for selecting this approach is that, this study contains the larger amount of sample size and require a large amount of data need for this study. A detailed questionnaire will be formed to conduct research.
The two ways considered for the reasons of examination. The first one is based on quantitative and deductive method while the seond one is the qualitative and inductive methodology. The fundamental grounds for this dissection is to confirm the viewpoint of the person. Qualitative study can be helpful to compute the imposing no. of verified information. In addition, qualitative method can also be utilized for a modest specimen research. Furthermore, the basic way is to verify the incentive for these issue. Qualitative study can verify the behaviour of individuals involved in various kinds of stress.
3.2 Data collection method
Data collection method, as per Australian Government (2013) is the manner on the basis of which researcher gather the needed and required data from the respondents of the study. The non-probability sampling technique and subjective judgment approach will be used to identify the research objectives and aims. Therefore, the purposive sampling techniques will suits this research acutely much so that this research techniques to collect the data. Some researchers also talk about some different techniques which can be used in many different ways but this purposive technique.
3.3 Sampling method
So many methods are used all over the world by many researchers for sampling purposes. On the other hand, the purposive sampling method is used in the research and afterwards the snowball sampling will further contribute to this research. In this research, this sampling method is used because this sampling is related with the research.
3.4 Sample Size
Sample size is meant for the accumulation of data required for the completion of research study (Stat Pac, 2014). The sample size for this research is based on the 100 women employees who are directly linked with the organization.
3.5 Questionnaire survey
At this time, the researcher is not able to tell about the response rate because in snow ball sampling did not identify the response rate. For this purpose the researcher will develop the questionnaire to the sample size, the above sample size is the ideal sample size and the at least 100 questionnaires will be distributed among the sample size.
4.0Ethical Concerns
Ethical concerns are hugely significant for every study as the research is totally based on the customer loyalty and satisfaction. The social intrusion is a significant factor which distresses the results of the study. Therefore, any attempt to know about the customer loyalty it involved in the broad range of social issues which cause the ethical issues related to the conduct of the ethical research. In addition to that, these issues are directly linked with how the data will be collected, analyzed, interpret, and reported. In the same way, all the data which will collect and analyzed should be represent as a transparent so that everyone knows the research. Moreover, there are some other points which are particularly influential in the ethical consideration are discussed under following;

The significant concern of the researcher is the safety and data protection of participants of research.

The research should attain the informed consent form the every research participant
The researcher should know how to handle the adverse satiation during conducting research.
4.1Time Scale
Time is particularly crucial factor in the completion of the research. The researcher should have proper time to conducting the adequate research so that aims and objective the study will be accomplished. In addition to that, the researcher should have flexible time to handle the unforeseen factors which are involved in the research.
4.2Gantt chart
5.0 References
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