Good Research Paper About Should Animal Live In The Zoo Or In The Wild?

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Animals, like humans, are independent creatures that are able to live on their own as well as in a group. However, there are some people who believe that animals should live independently such as their nature and there are those who believe that animals belong in a zoo for their own protection as well as the protection of other animals. It can be argued that if animals are capable of protecting themselves then they are capable of living on their own and where they live should not be dictated by their species, animals do not get to pick and choose where they end up because there is too much childlike wonder at stake. For example, every child that goes to the zoo wants to see monkeys in their cages or elephants going about their daily activities or even being around when its lunch time in the tiger cage. Capturing and caging animals has the benefit of keeping that animal alive in theory, keeping them in the wild spells certain death for animals of other species. Cruit explained that, “Elephants are the most happiest when they are in their natural habitat and they are likely to live longer” (Cruit). It is easy to say that an animal would be okay in a zoo where it will be in captivity but the captivity is well worth being mauled to death by another animal, its pretty plain to see that zoos are about the greater good of the animal or animals. However, animals belong more in the wild than they do in zoos because their lifespan is longer and they are happier as a whole. Let it also not be said that there is not some benefit to keeping them within zoo walls, this argument has two sides as this paper will point out.

Why the wild is better

Any animal lover will argue that animals deserve to live and die in their natural habitat because taking them out of that habitat disturbs the natural order of things in the animal kingdom, it is not a human’s place to move that animal unless that animal is in extraordinary danger. An animal living out in the wild is better because not only are they in their natural habitat, but they are at peace living their lives as they are supposed to. Plus, it can be argued that animals that are locked up in cages are less active and lethargic which means that if a person wants to see an animal perform some kind of magic trick so to speak then they will only see that if the animal is not in captivity. Maurer explained that, “animals are cut out to live their life in the wild because it is all they know and the only audience they have is that of other animals” (Maurer). Just because an animal is in danger in the wild does not mean that the danger they face in captivity is no less real or equates that of them being in the wild, very few people know how to actually care for an animal in a zoo. Let it be known that animals especially exotic ones are not capable of living in human civilization because of the rage of the wild within them, another thing people have to wonder about sometimes is what would happen if that animal got out of the cage; it would be really bad. For example, when an animal is in the wild, the person has to work pretty hard to get away without getting eaten for disturbing the animal’s habitat. Animals have survived in the wild for eons and have the resourcefulness to hunt their own food as well as survive in general, there is nothing that can substitute that. Also, with animals getting their food in the wild, they do not have to worry about eating food or accepting food that might have a harmful substance like a sedative to put the animal to sleep. It can also be argued that animals would be subjected to unfair treatment while they are in the zoo which goes against the animal treatment laws, it is against the law to abuse an exotic animal. Keeping them in the wild prevents this.

Part 2

Another thing most people do not understand about an animal’s compatibility in the wild is that animals practically have the same needs that a human have, these needs are absolute in the animal kingdom. For example, animals mate and being out in the wild will help them achieve that goal. Animals cannot achieve that in a zoo if the animal or animals are pregnant then their offspring is taken away and put in a separate cage, animals have the means to survive in the wild. When it gets cold at night, most animals have pelts and furs that keep them safe from cold temperatures. During the day when it is hot outside, the animals are not in danger of baking because they are used to hot temperatures and it can even be said that it is good for them. Chiu explained that “animals are never freer than when they are roaming around in the wild and it is not an animal’s destiny to be locked up like a caged animal” (Chiu). It can be argued that if an animal does not start, live and continue to live in the wild until they can no more than they would likely lose their ability to count on their animals instincts which is an inherent ability of every animal in the world. Ironically, animals always keep their senses sharp so as to be able to sense danger all around them and react to counter such danger so captivity cannot undo that. Overall, taking animals out of the wild is inhumane because they, just like humans, are used to being in a certain environment and taking them out of that environment is wrong on all levels. It can be argued that animals have families that live in the wild with them and separating a family in any culture is just wrong, it should not be allowed. Animals can only learn the things that they are supposed to learn out in the wild, the next generation of animal cubs and other animals can only get the training they need from the animal elders. That is why it is imperative that animals stay in the wild where they belong because not only do they get life changing skills, but they also learn how to be able to survive on their own when they start out on their very own. Generations of animals benefit from the elder’s teachings which they use to survive.

Why a zoo is potentially a better idea

Having an animal in a zoo is not a totally bad thing, keeping them in a zoo means preserving the last of their kind or their breed. There are a lot of poachers and predators who would pay top dollar to have an exotic animal or a part of an exotic animal, keeping them in the zoo would save them that misery. Doing this also assures the animal that they are safe and become government protected, no one is allowed to touch or harm a zoo animal because they would be violently punished to the fullest extent of the law thereby preserving the animal’s life. Keeping them in the zoo would mean that they would be safe from everyone and everything that could potentially harm them and nothing is more precious than the preservation of an animal especially one of a dying species, the bonus about the zoo is that the animals in captivity would get fed on a regular basis; they would too in the wild but that requires catching the food before being able to eat it. Davies explained that “the threat of poaching is imminent and all animals are in danger of being poached never mind the fact that most poachers want a trophy of some kind, this is why zoos exist” (Davies). Zoos are in place so animals have some form of protection from poachers and predators, zoos play an integral part in the grand scheme of things because the greater good here is keeping the animal alive; nothing else matters. It can be argued that zoos depress animals and make them 10x more aggressive than normal, but the truth of the matter is that it is also saving the animal’s life. The greatest reason why a zoo is a better place for an animal than the wild is because people, hunters become aware of the fact that the animal’s body or parts of it can be used to make things from medicine to things that we wear. No animal should be hunted down and killed for anything on them, which includes on their bodies. It is not fair that animals are the ones in captivity while human beings walk the earth freely, the animals deserve to do the same but keeping them in zoo would mean that they are safe.

Part 2

Some people argue that keeping animals in zoos are inhumane which it can be said that it is but there is more to it than that, the profit that zoos make from people are usually used to do things for the animals such as buying more equipment that would allow an animal’s cage to stay clean and clear. Animal cages have to be cleaned on a regular basis in order to keep the animals within them healthy which is the most important thing and it is also the law as well, zoos may keep animals within their cages as long as that animal is cared for which most of the zoos take special care of. Pickrell explained that “keeping an animal in a zoo not only save its life but also makes it so the animal is just as comfortable in those cages as they are in the wild” (Pickrell). Animals are treated to similar things that they would not be in the wild, it has been said that some animals get their teeth brushed like elephants for example. It can be said that some animals have it a little bit better than other animals, animals like a moose and animals with antlers are usually kept in cages for protection from other animals which is technically ideal. No one wants to see a tiger or lion eat an antelope in front of people, animals are confined to cages for obvious reasons and it never been an issue of whether the animal is unhappy or not. It can also be argued that animals are in cages in order to not just protect the people in the zoo but also to protect the zookeepers as well, it is all about precautionary measures. There are people who are against zoos because they mistreat animals and harm them but nothing is farther from the truth, zoos are there to help, protect and give animals a place among civilization. Zoos maybe the lesser of the two evils but it does serve a higher and greater purpose which is protecting the wild life within. In a way, zoos take care of animals a little better than animals taking care of themselves out in the wild because the zoo gives the animals a place to sleep at night that is similar to their natural habitat which is comfortable for them. There’s nothing to fear putting an animal in the zoo.

Final Remark

This paper has argued both sides of the logic of keeping animals in a zoo versus letting them stay in the wild where they belong, as far as which one is better in the long run, it is a bit of a catch twenty two. On the one hand, keeping animals in the wild where they belong would guarantee that people in the city as well as country would be safe from any kind of guaranteed danger that the animal would present to that person or people. The animals and their life in the wild is everything to them, it is the only way that they can preserve their habitat. It is important to the animal kingdom that animals as well as animal families are never separated for anything. Animals in the wild go together like police and doughnuts, plus, animals can only mate in the wild which is also important to their kingdom; it is not open for debate that taking an animal out of the wild is a dangerous thing to do. On the other hand, when animals are transported to zoos, they are protected from a lot of the things that can harm them or the things that they would normally have to worry about in the wild and the poachers as well as predators that would kill them to get whatever valuable item the animal’s made of or carrying. Exotic animals are the ones in the most danger because they are among the first species of animal that is taken to the zoo first, as they should be. Zoos make it so the animals are not mistreated and are taken care of under government law as well as government protected, no goal is greater than keeping these animals alive because even though they are out of their habitat in the wild, they are no less deserving of the zoo’s respect. The zoo knows that they have an obligatory duty to take care of these animals to the best of their ability, the penalties are harsh indeed for those who disobey the precepts of an animal’s care. It tough to say which one is better but it can be said that keeping an animal in the wild is the best way to go and besides, animals do not invade in our private space or privacy so why do that to them then expect them to take it; it is not right.


Animals, just like people, have a right to be where they want to be and that means out in the wild even if poachers and predators do not think so. Animals are just as valuable as any human being which is why all animals have a right to stay out in the wild because taking an animal out of the wild disrupts their life and that of their young as well, it is important that animals in the wild be let alone so they can continue to live as well as breed as they see fit; it is not right to upset the natural order of that. It can be argued that taking an animal out of the wild is a good thing as long as it is for its own safety, but animals in the wild know how to survive even if it is to its own detriment. Caging animals in the zoo can be seen as inhumane and terrible because the animals are not living up to their full potential, they are unable to do whatever it is that they do that is important to them. Locking the animals up in the zoo would ensure that the animal would get aggressive and lethargic, it is not a matter of saving their lives as it is trying to keep them locked up in a cage until the zookeeper can figure out what to do with them. Some people will argue that leaving animals in the wild is almost certain death but so is locking them up in a cage because animals and family is the only thing that sustains them in theory, they have to continue living their lives. A zoo is technically no place for animals because they do not get the comfort to sleep where they want, eat when they want, hunt when they want and lounge where they want. Animals do not have such luxuries in the zoo because everything that they do is completely limited and when the light goes out at night then that is when they go to sleep, they are fed but not the amount that they would like or are used to eating. Overall, it is more to the animal’s benefit to keep it in the wild because the animal is the most happiest and it is the best course of action. Animals deserve to be free and be able to live misery free from any and every zoo in the world, it is just common sense that an animal should be kept where it isin the wild.

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