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Humans have an apparent weakness for love and affection, and the lust in this regard would multiply many times when the person does not receive adequate attention from the home. The character of Nao belonged to a shattered home (Hynes and Dllon, 15), and therefore, she felt incomplete at a deep emotional and psychological level. However, the writer was sensitive enough towards her condition that he never described her mental issues openly throughout the width of the novel.
The romantic interest of Nao was the owner of the toy store where she worked, but he treated her as a confused kid who would find her real focus in life one day, and in the meanwhile, the shopkeeper was giving her attention and time in order to help her in terms of fighting budding hopelessness and despair those would eat her from the inside out, but Noa was taking the signals wrongly, and therefore, she was developing various sorts of fantasies about her potential lover who she expected to realize her feelings one day, but Noa did not know the rules of romanticism and she wanted to take her affair with her employer to the next level. She did not know how to achieve her goal.
In the process of making headless attempts, she was far more available, and therefore, people those worked around her considered her as a whore who would welcome sexual attention from anybody with a pulse. In this way, the person of interest was driving away as he would not engage with a mentally unstable young lady to say the least.
Dillon creatively educated the readers about a reality of love that causes people to act differently. In other words, love is subjective to each one of us, and therefore, one has to know about an approaching person before rejecting the proposal altogether. The tale highlighted the educational duties of the parents regarding emotional and romantic needs of their children, and as Noa did not receive any kind of assistance from her mother in this area of life (Vernon, 76), she had to explore the realm of romantic world on her own. In the background of her mind she continued to explore reasons those created gap between her parents.
The bad blood between her seniors resulted in their divorce, and Noa went through quite an emotional thunderbolt, and her ability to trust anyone also suffered a great deal. The behavioral theory of intelligence collectively argue that the school and home environmental factors are critical towards establishing the earliest and basic psychological profile of the child, and according to the beliefs of Freud, the kid has a paramount ability to gain fundamental knowledge base that he or she will keep on refreshing later in life. The personality of Noa came from a broken family and therefore, she was desperate to seek someone to love, and she had to take things real slow, but she was adamant to press on because she wanted affairs to settle down hurriedly that is never a good idea in every concern of life, and love is more like a fruit on the tree that would require considerable time to ripen, but the patient farmer would not dare to mess with natural processes because he or she is well aware of the time when to harvest the yield.
However, the personality of Noa was fighting the fear of insecurity, and therefore, she wanted a solid alpha male as a companion who surely had the potential to fight with the world in order to protect his fresh and charming wife. The worldview of Noa did not conform to the reality of the globe upon that she had to live her days, and she had nobody to turn for guidance. She was fresh at her job, and her financial background did not permit to afford a psychological counselor, and therefore, she had to follow her heart’s faint voice in order to determine her path that she had to travel in the remainder of her life, but she had to confront pain and suffering before establishing proper balance in her existence.
With the passage of time, Noa developed a positive frame of mind towards life as she was trying to impress her manager, and she initiated to dress in grooming colors those gave her personality a glowing touch, but she was not going anywhere with her efforts designed to engage her boss into a sexual relation, but he did not respond, and Noa did not have the courage to give up because this developmental loving project will give her a reason for existence, but throughout the novel, she energetically tried to please others, and she had to face unhappiness, and in the end, she realized that pleasure comes from within of the self rather than from the outside.
The readers have to refresh the belief within their personality spaces about the internal nature of love, and one cannot possibly force others to fall in love with her, but the other party had to make a conscious decision in this regard, and the major role of the novel was running behind a fantasy because the corresponding person did not share her enthusiasm about lovemaking, and he was a businessman, and therefore, he was bound to view his marriage as an institutive contract that will facilitate the exchange of sexual services at best, and Noa had to look over her shoulder in order to find her perfect match, but she held the concept of first love so dearly that she could not possibly make a decision of letting go of her first self-grown illusion of love.
The game of love is an emotional one, but one has to set side her feelings before truly committing to a partner in a long-haul. Noa took her interest a little off-guard, and because of this reason he went into hiding, and started to avoid her in most of the cases. The key message of the book is to inform people that nothing in this world can be rushed, and too much force would result in breakage, and construction of something physical or psychological is going to need patience.
The experienced dater would have received a negative signal from the interest, and therefore, she would have dropped the idea of lovemaking, but Noa was poorly brought up, and she could not have the guts to withdraw because she would consider herself worthless afterwards. She was not giving another person an opportunity to enter her life, and Noa’s manager was not letting her achieve the dream that she carried into her eyes, and the net social result of the situation was causing the level of loneliness to grow in her life.
The personality of Noa was not suffering due to others, but her own choices were creating chaos in her life, and she was unknowingly leading an unproductive life. Nature creates personalities in life those can help others in extracting a meaningful message about the world, and these special characters do not realize their nature, but others do, and they try to avoid the mistakes those these natural leaders committed. Noa was made into such unfortunate person who was unaware of her pains due to immediate social conditions those she primarily faced at her home.
The naturally gifted intellectual will use her reasoning skills in order to identify the problem, and then she would have developed a plan that was going to help her in terms of snapping out a poorly formed deal, but Noa was different in this regard because neither she had the ability to analyze her situation on her own nor she had the monetary power to hire someone who could have aided her during difficult times of life.
The novel developed clear thematic lines those can shave away issues from one’s life, but for that to happen, a person needs to have an intensively built social circle in that there are people who can have the combined willingness to help the suffering soul out in the hour of difficulty. A loner in this regard has to professionally grow so that she can have enough money to hire the services of a counselor. Noa did not have both of the required resources those would permit her to get out of the vicious cycle of negative emotionality. Noa suffer from a psychological condition known as Obsessive Compulsive Disorder that caused her to want events to happen without delay, and she was committed towards the notion of getting love from her employer against all costs.
The readers along with myself have grown sympathies towards the condition of Noa, but the featured character is a consequence of writer’s creativity that he applied in order to transform a real life reference into a theoretical being, and the author is attempting to guide us to realize the need to increase our social interaction to include people who may be near to us in physical terms, but we have to drag them close in order to know what is transpiring in their lives.
Dillon created a purely suffering individual in order to convey the message of utter powerlessness, but in my personal experience, I never met a person who was cut off from the outside world as Noa was, but artist had to use intensified methods in order to communicate his ideals to a tentative audience.
We will have people such as Noa in our lives, and we have to keep an eye out for them, and one never knows when a needy person would bang on his door in order to have a sincere small talk. A wise person does not live lives of those who seek advice from him, but he gives back the control of one’s existence to the person that matters the most. Most of us think and treat happiness as an externality, but this concept is the most private matter known to mankind, and no one in this world has the capacity to make others pleased, and one has to find her path towards joy all by herself.
The humans have to love something in order to embrace happiness, and truly lonely people like Noa have to find refuge in their professions because they have poor socialization skills, and therefore, people will convert them into laughing stock for amusement. The small and simplistically written book will have such a deep meaning, I would have never thought of that, but I have to acknowledge that it is not necessary that simpler things would have easy nature that one can comprehend with exerting minimal brainpower. The people with poor financial conditions who are suffering from OCD have to receive free social and psychological support so that they can relearn the art and science trusting others, and they have to educate themselves about patience as well.


This paper has enlightened myself beyond measure, and therefore, I have opened my mind to the nature of love that one cannot dress into words, but in my viewpoint, love is freedom, and therefore, one could not force someone into a romantic relationship, and Noa was suffering because she was naïve to try to encage a feeling that the entire universe cannot encompass. A person has to express her wishes, and she has to wait for the response, but she has to take a decision to move on after waiting considerably because love is a two dimensional deal, and she should marry a person with whom she can fall in love over and over again. The condition of OCD caused Noa to become obsessive about her need to receive love, and therefore, she was willing to part with anyone in this regard without giving it much of a thought.

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