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Question 1:

Yes, the clone will eventually become my loved one, if there is absolutely no difference between the real person and the loved the person and there is absolutely nothing to distinguish between the two. The issue also takes us to the question of mind/soul and matter. There are those who would never be able to identify with the clone at the emotional level because to them the clone will not be the same person. After all a clone is a clone.
My question to them is what exactly is the difference between the two? The answer would probably be that the clone has no soul. But then we do not have conceptual clarity on mind/soul. If the mind/soul reflects in thoughts, behavior, actions, speech, and so on, there is nothing to distinguish between the two. Alternatively, this mind experiment might help us understand the problem better. Suppose your loved one and her clone exactly alike stand facing you. You do not have the knowledge of the real and clone. You are asked to choose your loved one. It is quite possible that you choose the clone and spend the rest of your life with the clone without the slightest doubt that the clone is not your original loved one.

Question 2:

For David Hume, the epistemological truth is that there is nothing beyond what we perceive. The sense perception is the only gate through which we experience sensory perception and there by the mind is formed. If we take away the sensory perception, we are left with tabula rasa or the blank slate. His discussion on causality rejects the cause and effect relationship except that they are observed simultaneously and one follows the other. His brand of Philosophy is known as Empiricism, according to which there is nothing beyond empirical truths. Therefore, there is no self or mind according to Hume because we cannot see anything beyond the effects of mind such as feelings, emotions, memory etc.
Kant, however, rejects the Empiricism of Hume. He finds Hume’s assault on metaphysics unsettling. While Hume held that it was nearly impossible for reason to think apriori. Kant holds that there are categories of mind including perception of causality, space and time. Kant wanted to set metaphysics on a firm footing.

Question 3:

According to Sartre, there is a fundamental difference between man and the rest of the beings. The difference is that only man has choice while everything else is predetermined. Man, according to Sartre is free, and even condemned to be free because man becomes what he chooses to be. In fact, Sartre goes to the extent of claiming that man is free to reject all philosophies and create one he wants. Therefore, the dilemma he confronts in choosing has to be resolved by man, and whatever he chooses is the right choice because only man has the ultimate freedom to choose. He has no moral guide because scriptures and ethical theories inform in diverse, conflicting and in multiple ways. The brand of philosophy that Sartre defends is known as existentialism. There are existential dilemmas facing mankind every step ahead of him, but it is the essential nature of man to be free that is also the reason that he is not resisted by the dilemmas.
In Sartre’s philosophy, the only essential trait of man is freedom. While every other living and non living objects have a prior purpose before they come into existence, only man has no predetermined purpose.

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