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The Television film is based on Andrew Ross Sorkin’s book Too Big to Fail: The inside Story of How Wall Street and Washington Fought to Save the Financial System – and Themselves. Directed by Curtis Hanson, the film’s first show was on HBO on May 23, 2011. Too big to fail movie is about the chronicle of the 2008 financial meltdown and the reaction taken by the then U.S Treasury Secretary Mr. Henry Paulson. The director makes the film phenomenal by the fact that the director changed the whole event that is mostly perceived as a situation too complicated to understand by a vast majority to an easy to understand film.
Director Hanson brings out the atmosphere of the big crisis by having his cast mention statements like, “If we don’t do this now, we won’t have an economy on Monday.” Further, he uses the long soulful staring through the window and into the mirrors and windows, which marries the audience in the crisis that the U.S is facing financially. He depicts the Treasury Secretary played by William Hart as a stressed knowing that his job is at stake, and the financial future of the country lies on his back. Nevertheless, he eventually comes out as a hero who saves the county. The other individual that the director uses to bring out the intensity of the crisis at hand is The Federal Reserve chairperson played by Paul Giamatti in the movie. As the movie plays, things get more out of hand, and the breakfast meetings turn into low rumbles of uncertainty. As most of the HBO films, the movie does not fall short of the few facts of individuals throwing cussing words here and there to depict anger and disappointments. For example, Richard S. Fuld Jr who is the chief executive of the Lehman Brothers utters cussing words. Additionally, another cast who does this is the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Timothy Geithner, who does not shy away from vulgarities in the movie. The cussing words that written by the scriptwriters then said by these individuals in the movie among others are used highly to show how intensifying the crisis was.
Too big to fail brings out the importance of information, politics, and unity in the country. For instance, it takes us back to show us that Democrats needed to vote to influence the passing of the necessary laws. Further, the movie brings to light the fact that if the government did not react then the actual repercussions would have been extremely catastrophic. The issue at that brought the U.S to this point, dates back to President Reagan over deregulated the money industry, thus borrowing money from banks was made easy and especially mortgage. The events that lead after were that people borrowed more than they could pay, thus dragging the banks and A.I.G. Insurance down with them to a point that Lehman Brothers could not handle. For that reason, the government had to step in and save the situation. Additionally, the movie shows that the only way the crisis was to be countered was if the banks that were falling had to merge with healthy banks. The move was meant to create even bigger financial institutions, thus forming a larger muscle to lift the banks from the drop.
The heroes of the film run from crisis to crisis with no answer to their problem until the last minute. Just like the way everybody knew about the problems that A.I.G faced, the reactions to them were a last minute action because no one did anything before that. For instance, in the movie, Chris Flowers takes the matter seriously and tries to inform Paulson and Geithner about the issue at A.I.G. and what has been happening. However, Paul and Geithner downplay the matter something that tells Flowers that they have not been handling the issue. To some extent, it is seen as all warnings signs were ignored. In actual sense, Paulson and Geithner did not even try to solve the problem from mid-2007 until late 2008. They went further and asked the Congress for seven hundred billion dollars for the implementation of the Troubled Asset Relief Plan. This plan was meant to buy assets from banks but instead they ended up abandoning the whole idea despite the advice given by the economists.
The director takes the time to explain some of the financial jargon as well as issues, for instance, when Michele Davis asks what to tell the press, all the men in the room want to answer her. Thus, from that scene, all the keen audiences who do not know financial issues have the privilege of receiving different explanations about the crisis at hand and what its financial repercussions. The director further shows the seriousness of the issue by what and how the characters in the film behave. For instance, individuals have fewer conversations while sitting and most of the time they are either rushing somewhere while chatting or talking on their phones. Additionally, whenever a telephone conversation ended, no one cared to say pleasantries like good-bye rather the caller ended up hanging the telephone immediately. For that reason, the audience at times did not know if that the conversation was over or if it was still going on.
The movies background movies and soundtracks also do the magic when it comes to showing the seriousness of the crisis. The whole film has men in suits and fewer women or anything love like except for Jamie Dimon, who tries to bring in a sense of love and relationship issue to the film. Too big to fail is necessary watch film for individuals who know nothing of financial crunches, but have a liking to know the American history. The film tells accurately in actual event of what happened at the reaction making it possible for the viewer to relate the whole crisis with their lives.

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