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It was in 2125.
Humanity was celebrating the centenary of the colonization of Mars.
It was a major breakthrough, it was the greatest achievement of earthlings.
It was a project that everybody like to discuss about, and which has been enmeshed in riddles and myths.
Children were dreaming to become the new residents of the Red Planet, the adults talked about their trips to the planet-colony (it should be noted that it was only a fiction, since the planet was closed for tourists). Humanity was crazy about Mars.
All started with Projects "Mars One", which was successful. The first module with four terrestrials was planted on Mars, they were followed by others. Years later, on the colonized planet appeared artificial atmosphere (under the big dome), obtained extract water, which turned out to be in excess frozen in certain areas of the planet. People have learned to cultivate vegetables and fruits in the Martian soil. Obviously, they had to deliver special bacteria from Earth and fruits had a subtle metallic taste. But still, it was a success. This was the Era of Mars.
Some people were disturbeded by the fact that Mars is the god of war in Roman mythology, and they repeated it incessantly. Some believed that the future of Mars and all mankind should be moved to the Red Planet. Still others think that should not stop at Mars, should strive to master the entire solar system.
However, people who really understand this, preferred to remain silent. They knew that lies in the rapid exploration of space. And as long as the Earth does not have sufficient resources for the development of new planets.
The era of Mars was quite expensive for the Earth. Mankind was happy and proud for space exploration (so they say on TV), but in poverty for the same reasons (This is the default, but it was true).

Much of Mars had untold, was a state secret, or simply does not leave a colonized planet.

Accidentally or ironically, Big Dome, where was located a colony earthling, was built around the highest mountain on Mars, Mount Olympus. Residents named their settlement Pantheon, many jokingly called them gods. In fact, they were just people who were destined to take a one-way ticket, not knowing even a tiny fraction of what they are to survive.
It was day time on Mars. Under the Dome was stable temperature +16 Celsius. It was a working day. Everyone was working. Somebody was working in the new trees garden area, somebody prepared food for the settlers, somebody was checking Dome for damage and repairing it if necessary. Roger also tried to reassure his friend. He got worse with each passing day.
Since the force of gravity is much less of the Earth, it was required to reside in good physical condition to muscle atrophy and the human body to function in the normal range.
- Kevin, you've got to calm down and go to the gym, I'm asking you, pull yourself together. - Said Roger friend, standing by his bed.
Kevin was very bad, for several days his nightmares about people from Small dome. He slept badly, he always was bleeding from the nose, people have already started to look at him worriedly. Roger told them that this is just a process of adaptation that his friend will soon be better.
-Roger, You do not understand - said Kevin - I hear them, I feel them, believe me, they are worse than us. – Friend whispered and turned to the wall.
- Kevin, this is only a legend, you know yourself that the Small dome does not exist, the first settlers had long since died, and their ashes were scattered over Valles Marineris.
- You do not believe me You are my best friend here, I am begging you, let's go at least once down into the valley and check if I'm right.
Roger lived under the Dome for a long time, it was his seventh year on Mars. He had long been accustomed to life here, although a bit homesick for Earth. But like everyone else, he knew they would not return to the Earth .
His friend, Kevin, arrived two months ago. Like all humans, he underwent a period of adaptation to the Red Planet. It was hard for people to get used to living under the Dome, see bright brown surface of the planet without plants, and there was the most annoying thing. The first week each of the new arrivals bothered nightmares. They could not sleep, they constantly heard the Call. Voices sounded in their head, and called them to join. It was not chilling screams, it was even quiet confident voice, who called for an uprising join. The voice that called to the Valley Marineris. During the first week, due to physical stress, meditation, and a small dose of sedative, it passed.

Roger was disturbed about Kevin, he continues to hear the Call for the past two months.

Roger did not believe in these fairy tales and believed that it was invented for people to constantly monitor themselves, learn to adapt to everything.
The Dome’s territory was allowed to leave only during the day, and always in a suit and in a group of two or three people. Because of the frequent dust storms and rarefied atmosphere outside the Dome, leaving without a spacesuit would be very foolish. And deadly.
Each resident had his suit in case of emergency evacuation outside the Dome. Therefore, this was no problem.
The problem was different. Everyone here has his own work, and everyobody had a specific time when they have to work their daily norm. The boys were now standing near the West exit. Kevin was still weak, so they gave the job which no one took seriously - they were given to patrol one of the outputs.
Roger was going to use it. Western Gates avoided by all, and the patrol could stay without checking. The western gate was the closest to the Valley.
It was most likely some sort of superstitious fear. Nobody believed in the legend. But West Gates feared a lot.

As soon as the guys came over territory Domes, all the space covered powerful dust storm.

- This is the end – Roger thought, losing consciousness.
When he awoke, he found himself in an unfamiliar place, lit by artificial light. Despite the fear, Roger was surprised by what he saw - for the first two months his friend was sleeping peacefully.
- Kevin, wake up, where are we? - Roger shook friend’s shoulder.
- Roger, we are at the place we have to be. We are in the Valley.
These words did not scare so much, it was surprising. He could not believe it.

So far, somebody arrived.

He expected to see anything, but not the next
They were creatures, they did not differ from people so much, but they were much higher, dark-skinned and having unusually large nostrils.
On this distinction between them ended. But it certainly were they - Martians.
- But it's oh God, I'm losing my mind. - Say pale Roger. He thought that after the dust storm they were found outside the Dome and sent to the hospital for people with unstable mentality.

One of the men said to him:

- Roger, all is well. You can believe your eyes. We do exist. Yes, we are the Martians.
And the strange thing was not what he said. And how he did it. He did not even open his mouth, he communicated telepathically. Roger got worse.
-Roger, They are telling the truth, I also heard that. - Kevin said. -They Exist on this planet for many centuries in a row. I heard them in a dream, they asked me to join them. They were asked to help them. So I could not sleep.

Roger is still confident that he was crazy, he asked:

-So, you are aliens or something like that?

In response, the Martians broke with a laughter.

- You are aliens here, and we are the locals.

Involuntarily, Roger laughed too.

-What do you want from us, the locals?
- For a century, we encourage you to stop, we call you to join us and live in harmony. But you have chosen a different path. Already a century you invade the planet, brought your bacterias, killed ours. You dragged your plants, your loud machines do not allow us to live in peace anymore, you are scouring the planet by your spaceships.We could see everything just hiding behind sandstorms, we came close to you, to know you better.
-So, Sandstorms - are artificial? - asked Roger.

Yes - mentally confirmed by one of the Martians.

- Why did you capture us? - Roger asked

Kevin replied:

-They do not capture us, they brought us a visit. They will not do anything wrong. Just want to talk.
The more "locals" were speaking, the more Roger was convinced that mankind had no right to disturb these amazing creatures. They stepped in the development much more further, they have learned how to communicate telepathically, they used the power of the sun and wind. They lived in harmony and silence. Before the Era of the Invasion, as the Martians called the arrival time of the first human outpost on Mars.
He was fascinated by these creatures, he wanted to stop the earthlings, and ask people to return home. And then he remembered that there is no way back. Martians knew about it.
- We're not asking you to leave, we ask to live in peace with us, do not make noise, to communicate, share experiences and stories of our planets. We want friendship. You are good humans, so we have chosen to contact you. Bring us under the Dome, arrange an appointment with your leader. We are begging you.
The boys decided to lead Martians under the Dome the same evening. When they did it, they understood what a huge mistake it was.
Martians began to speak with everybody at the same time. It was a telepathic conversation other character. The voice, sounded at everyone’s head, was cruel, full of determination. He said:
- For many years, we have been waiting for this day. Since our life has much longer period than yours, we could watching you from the first day of your invasion. We hated you. And at first we wanted friendship and understanding. Now we are only interested in your technology, your spaceships, means of communication. We will learn you, and those who do not want to surrender, will be killed.
Roger and Kevin felt traitorous, through their efforts, all the settlers have become slaves to the Martians. Martians who plan to study the Earth at a distance, and then, most likely, will attempt to capture it.

They were the first who refused to cooperate with these fierce creatures who accused earthlings for their troubles.

- Well, - said the leader of the Martians - you did more for us than anyone before. You brought us under the Dome. You have collected all residents. Your mission has been completed.
First, Kevin lost consciousness, and then stopped breathing. Scared Roger rushed to him, but felt unconscious. These creatures do not need weapons, they could kill with a single touch, and the power of thought. The world gradually faded and disappeared. There was absolute silence
On this day, communication with the Martian colony of earthlings was lost. Any ship is no longer went to Mars. People did not know what happened to the residents of the Dome.

It was the hundredth anniversary of the colonization of the Red Planet.

It was a planet named after the Roman god of war.

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