What’s So Odd About Odd Numbers? Creative Writing Samples

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Published: 2020/09/15

Many people see odd numbers as mere normal and not more than a pain. Odd numbers are also figures that commonly known to undivided evenly. Due to people’s impression of odd numbers, they are also seen as trouble makers as they are inclined in getting a bad reputation. In our daily lives, people use various terminologies when pertaining to something that is not so good. Whether it refers to a person, place, and events, the term “odd” certainly provides a negative connotation. Therefore, the term “odd number” is generally negative in its own term. However, their oddness may have also been the reason why these numbers are special. We can say that even numbers could be nice, as it has its own status quo in terms of making people’s lives somewhat easier, but odd numbers scramble things up, which makes them special – special odd.
The term odd was used by ancient mathematicians in reference to something that sticks out when they were arranging shapes in two rows (Math Forum). When seven figures were arranged in two columns, one odd object was left over and did not line up like the others. Simply, the number seven has an odd “excess”, which made not divisible by two. That is why; odds are often being disregarded in favor of evens. In fact, evens are the ones that are viewed as the right and correct.
We can say that the odds may have been stacked against us. In our life, most of us prefer to become evens as it is easier to become one. Otherwise, becoming an odd person may bring unwanted effects in your life. However, odd numbers can be more interesting to others because of the challenge that they usually give. People who love challenges are the ones that can be paired up with numbers as they have the manipulating power to beat the odds. Otherwise, they will be drowned under the oddness of their unfortunate life. Indeed, there could be tons of reasons that even numbers provide advantages than the odd ones. For example, a person chose to count by twos as it is easier than counting by threes. In fact, a person will not bother to slice a box of pizza into seven or nine, but eight. However, a person may not be called successful if there were no challenges involved such as the odd numbers of his life experiences.
Rational responses on odd numbers may depend on how people react to them (The Guardian). When it comes to mathematical responses on odd numbers, they are normally being regarded as bad numbers as they add challenges to mathematical computations. On the other hand, some people may look at odd numbers as somewhat good when they are asked a non-mathematical question, which inter-change the status quo of both the odd and even numbers. Scientist Art Markman also says that some odd numbers may have been odder than the others (Psychology Today). With this, various odd numbers have their own character, but normally, we think that a number that has a final digit that is not divisible by two is an odd one. The oddness of odd numbers could make our life more complicated - a complex life, but a special one.
We may prefer to be one of the even numbers of our world, become successful and a good example for others. However, being an odd person can be more rewarding as the odds will teach a person to grow from his or her bad experiences. As such, odds are embracing the parts of life that are extra-ordinary, which make our experiences harder, but more special than the others.
Odd numbers are not just mere digits or a term that was connoted from an unfortunate definition, but they are interesting parts of our life that cannot be avoided nor disregarded.

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