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Describe the overall leadership style(s) of your chosen senior executive.

This research paper describes and highlights the leadership style and skills of Larry Page, the current Chief Executive Officer of Google Incorporated. Larry Page has been a successful internet magnate and a certified computer scientist. With the continuous success of Google, as he managed and maneuvers the company with Sergey Brin, his leadership approach has been an inspiration to every business person as well as to any individuals who aspire to innovate and continuously develop different products and services while serving the humankind. As a leader, Larry Page is very attentive new ideas and concepts and enthusiastically nurtures these. Within their organization, Page has been an exceptional motivator among his team as he encourages them to believe and daringly visualize bold ideas. Page believed that entertaining big ideas that will have a significant impact to world means attracting individuals with the same objective and direction. Page, among his employees and colleagues, is popular for being engaged with the challenges that people experiences. He will explore every possibility when no one is brave enough to discover what more a circumstance can give. He thinks that man should create and build boundless things that do not happen. Because of this philosophy, Larry Page and his company looks closely on the competition that they have and ensure that their work is one step ahead of them . As the frontrunner of a progressive company, Page is an advocate of empowering and helping his employees in order to contribute more in the business. Google ensures that every aspect of the company helps its employees to innovate and provide more opportunities to develop and unearth their potentials. These opportunities within his organization guarantee that every discovery will have a substantial impact on the lives of the people. Furthermore, Larry Page will never reach the incessant success that he and his company achieves if not for perseverance. Larry Page and Sergey Brin have thought of most of its products and discoveries since they were in college at Standford University. It took them several years to influence other investors to collaborate with them and develop Google Map. Despite of many failures along the way, Larry Page never gives up, but instead continues to persevere as his principle to make an impact and difference is his main motivator .
Analyze the organizational structure and culture of the company your chosen executive has led, or is currently leading, and determine the company’s approach to human capital management and employee development. Next, explain whether or not you believe your chosen senior executive’s leadership approach has enhanced workplace productivity and the shared vision of the organization. Provide one to two (1-2) examples of your chosen senior executive’s actions to support your response.
Google adopts a cross functional scheme for its organizational structure. According to Google, such kind of structure within the organization promotes creativity and loyalty as well as appeal to the abilities of its employees. Similar to other organizations, the company has Board of Directors who provides directives and instructions among its executive management team. This management team administers the different departments of the company including the Sales, Legal, Engineering, Products and Finance. Although Google’s structure appears consistent with other organization, the culture of the company emphasizes the importance of providing its employees with room to cultivate their thoughts and ideas without the need for micro management from their superiors. A unique feature of the organizational structure of the company is the existence of the Chief Internet Evangelist and the Chief Culture Officer. The Chief Internet Evangelist assist in identifying and discovering new and innovative technologies, whereas, the Chief Culture Officer focuses its effort in sustaining the company’s start up ambiance. Throughout the years, the company maintains the feel of a small company in order to empower its employees, whom Google acknowledged as the contributor of its success, and make every member of the organization is a significant part of the success of the company. Google believes so much on ability over experience such that it execute a working rule called 70-20-10 rule. This principle encourages each employee to spend 70 percent of their time addressing and finishing their designated tasks and responsibilities, use 20 percent of their day exploring ideas related to their main assignments and projects and 10 percent of the remaining of their day to engage in any new concepts and ideas regardless of its purpose . Apparently, such encouraging principled has been the foundation of all the great discoveries and innovative inventions of the company because everyone has their space to innovate and remain creative. Such kind of human capital management by the Google’s leader, specifically Larry page, provides a shared vision, direction and freedom to discover any form of assistance through its innovative products and services. The leadership style of Page and the continued success of the company will obviously attract more exceptional talent as there are more room for innovation and discoveries. Unlike other companies that are both controlling and bureaucratic, Google supports its employees to find extraordinary purpose among ordinary things. As an example of such culture, Larry Page encourages its employees to always innovate, no matter how disruptive and messy it is, in order to strive for market excellence .
Evaluate the effectiveness of your selected leader’s performance, based on his or her ethical conduct and effective communication. Next, determine whether the chosen leader was successful in motivating and empowering his or her employees and gaining customer loyalty. 
Larry Page has consistently displayed a leadership approach that is transformational. Through the 70-20-10 principle that the company adopts, it is apparent that he values his employees, not simply exploiting his or her abilities, but also motivating and empowering them to discover new ideas and thoughts. By doing so, this approach of empowerment further persuades the member of his organization to become productive. In terms of communication, the structure of the organization promotes an open communication among different departments through its cross-functional scheme. His leadership style values time and communication, thus, the organization does not encourage long hours of meetings. Furthermore, perseverance becomes the solid foundation of Google since its start-up. The company encountered several challenges and obstacle; nevertheless, it remained headstrong and continues to discover new concepts and technologies that will serve a great deal among humankind. It is also worth noting that because of his transformational leadership style, which other critics find a weakness, he received an employee rating that is 93% and ranked as no. 11 of the ’50 Highest Rates CEO’ on Glassdoor .
Determine three (3) best practices that other organizational leaders can use in order to motivate employees and transform their company, based on practices that you believe made your chosen leader successful at his or her company and within his or her industry. Support your rationale with an explanation of the potential benefits that other business leaders may reap from your chosen best practices
Larry Page is an epitome of an effective transformation leader. With shared vision between the organization and its employees, Page maintains utmost respect and builds trust among its subordinates. This approach is prevalent on the organizational culture of 70-20-10 principle and the cross functional scheme implemented across the company. He entrusts that each employee has enough room to explore their ideals, while delivering the required responsibilities assigned to them with quality. Another notable principle that Page displayed is the continuous intellectual stimulation that he foster among the member of his company. During the company’s 16th year anniversary, it is through his speech that he encourages everyone to continuously innovate, even if it takes time, may possibly disrupt other activities and may appear messy. He urges everyone to throw their ideas, especially the unexplored ones and even speak to the officers directly, if needed. Lastly, Page demonstrates incessant perseverance, with Google as a living proof, even if there are hindrances along the way to succeed. With such kind of transformational leadership, companies directly appeals to the capabilities of its employees, thus, encourages them to become more productive and innovate more. Also, this style of leadership provides visions to the future of the company, thus, will become instrumental to unearthing new products and services.

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