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Art, especially, Paintings, can be definitely described as poignant manifestation of human disposition. Paintings can amazingly create vibrations in the mind of the spectator. The colours in the canvases highly produce aesthetic reverberations and are certainly excellent narrators, but the exciting part is that the spectators are free to create their own notions as they perceive the work of art. The colours that the artists use in their paintings have the extremely vital ability to influence and thereby produce an impact in the onlookers. There are myriad psychological effects associated with the different hues of colour, line, texture, and composition. There are various connotations associated with the colours. The White symbolizes virtue, purity, mourning at times; Black indicates power, evil, death and many other metaphors; the colour red denotes love, romance, blood, intensity etc.
It is interesting to note that different theoreticians and psychiatrists have been using colours, shades and different criteria of paintings to analyse and read human mind. Carl Gustav Jung, the popular psychiatrist and art therapist persuaded his patients to make use of colours as their choices of tinges helps him in analysing their inner psyche. The colour choices undeniably reflect the personality traits that assist the therapist in finding out the real cause of the problem.
Paintings inspire the human beings to create a personality that help them to solve various didactic and emotional issues. It definitely gives spiritual and cognitive relief and extremely provide psychosomatic cure for the soul. It is a blessing that art has the capability to assist medicines. Paintings are emotional mirages that include majesty, expertise, delight, fancy, creativity and ingenuity. Art is a mode of discharging ripples of desire assisting both the creator and watcher the opportunity to transfer their emotions which makes them deciphered and comprehended. Art helps to decrypt signs that comprise colours, forms and outlooks that enable one to find implications, decode intuitive aspects. The artist has every freedom to clear the imperfections of real life in his paintings and art has the capability to produce raw emotions.
There are many famous artists who exclusively use their artworks to communicate their emotional and spiritual state of mind. Vincent Van Gogh is a post- impressionist painter noted for his bold usage of colours, rough beauty and sensitive candour. Van Gogh is an exceptional representative who uses thickly laden, evident brushstrokes rendered in a bright, opulent palette which highlight his personal expression. His use of strokes, lines and colours add a sense of liveliness to the painting. The Potato Eaters (1885) uses loose brushstrokes and lines to describe the poor conditions of the peasants. Sunflowers (1888) are also one of his finest paintings that are noted for its abundant use of yellow, Vincent’s favourite colour. The painting creates a feeling of happiness, laughter, warmth, optimism and cheery. The haloes of yellow and white paint and the expanding circles in Starry Night (1899) create an everlasting impression in the mind of the observer. These painting and several other works of Van Gogh reflect his eternal commitment to art as being laden with social responsibilities that make him unique in the world of art.

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