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Everyone is aware that the key role in his or her early life plays mother. This is a person who is always there for baby and who takes care of him or her. For some time mother is the best friend and the closest person in the world for her child, she introduces him or her to the world, explains things and teaches how to live. Mothers are so much connected with their children that sometimes can guess what they are thinking about or what they are worried about.
My earliest memory of my mother is our family's gathering. I remember myself sitting in the corner of the room and playing toys while everybody was doing some preparations for the holiday. In that memory I see myself, a 3-year-old child, from the outside perspective as if I can see the whole scene now. I remember that I could not understand what was going and why so many people whom I saw already but alone gathered together in our house and why my mother was so busy that she could barely have minute to look at me.
I remember that I decided to draw attention to my person by making noise using my toys. It worked but lasted only short period of time. Then I decided to cry as loudly as I could in order to stop this mess that was everywhere around me. And then my mother came to me and started telling me something I do not remember what exactly. The most important thing was how she told me this. It was calm and gentle voice full of love and kindness. Hearing that voice, believe me, it was impossible to go on crying.
I now understand that my earliest memory of my mother is not an image of her appearance or of her holding me. My earliest memory is her voice, her intonation, her manner of speech. When I speak to her now, I still hear that love and kindness which she showed to her crying little bit naughty child. I am sure no person in that room could calm me down so easily as she did. And no person in that room could be so deep in my memory as my mother is.
I believe that our memories of the past influence our future. For example, if a child grew up in a problem family, he or she remembers only negative experience and these memories may chase him or her for entire life. However, sometimes they might influence people to do whatever it takes to prove their dignity and gain success. On the other hand, it may lead to deep psychological problems. If a child grew in a loving family, his or her memories of early childhood will serve as a basement for happy and successful life.
My earliest memory of my mother defines what I love the most in her character. It is her calmness and kindness. No matter how it was expressed in that particular memory, I will always remember these two things. And watching myself from the outside perspective makes me feel like I see movie with me and my mother as leading actors. I understand that maybe my imagination drew some details in this memory but the core elements of it really happened and are worth remembering.

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