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Nestle Today in terms of size and industry

Today, Nestle is serving in five continents of the world including most of the major and minor countries. Nestle has got annual turnover of 74.7 billion Swiss Francs, it has producing its products separately in more than 509 factories all around the globe. And it provides employment to more than 231,000 people from different countries. These figures clearly define the magnitude and importance of Nestle in food industry as it has proven itself as world’s largest company in food industry.
Nestle has also in touch with nutrition needs of man as well as its product. It is due to the fact that it still has not forgotten the purpose of starting the business by its pioneer Henry Nestle.


Nestle was founded by Henri Nestle in 1886 in Switzerland. Henri was very touched by the problems of malnutrition in infants so he decided to develop a product which would help them being healthy and grow with proper nutrition values. So, the very first customer group of Nestle was infants of Europe. In 1905, Nestle again went through different ownership as it was merged with Anglo Swiss milk. From here on, Nestle started to grow and it never looked back. Firstly, it strengthened its position in Europe, once operations were well established in Europe. They started to move towards other parts of the world earning the title of multinational company. Nestlé’s ownership was right about the expanding the company globally as it started its business in different countries of the world like America, Brazil, India, Pakistan, England, Australia, France, Hungary, Spain, Belgium and Italy etc.
Nestle has gone through different types of acquisitions and mergers from the point it started operations. It has introduced different types of products for customers with diversified backgrounds.

HR Program

As Nestle is a large global organization which has survived in recession and time of global competition, it gives great deal of attention to its employees as it holds the biggest personnel of the world employing people from diversified backgrounds. Like every other organization, Nestle also face problems in maintaining an effective human resource program. There has been need of change in human resource culture of Nestle as it needs to revise its human resource program in order to succeed more rapidly. Following is the human resource program that is proposed to change the internal environment of Nestle. It is the three point program which needs to be implemented;

Effective training of employees

Though Nestle has been an organization which tries to take care of its employees well, but still it needs lots of changes in order to bring confidence in employees. Employees of Nestle should be given more opportunities to develop and learn not from in house trainers but also globally (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

Communication Strategy

As it is time of globalization, Nestle needs to get faster paced than before because there has been rapid change in demands of economy and as a global organization, Nestle needs to communicate with its employees perfectly and train them about all possible changes taking place in organization internally as well as externally (Cameron and Green, 2012).

Entrepreneurship Strategy

Employees at Nestle are of high abilities and potentials and they should work at Nestle in the way that their potentials don not get wasted as they provide organization with their creative and innovative ideas (Cameron and Green, 2012).


This change is important to make due to the following reasons;
Nestle needs to increase the productivity of the company as well as its employees because company has lot more potential to grow as well as its employees.
Most of the employees feel need to be satisfied as well as to be appreciated by their employers. Same is the case with employees at Nestle. When they will have confidence from management for giving creative ideas, they will be satisfied and they will work with more dignity and loyalty than before.
Management will have better control over internal environment of the organization when everything is well communicated to each level of employees.

Strategy addressing Change process

Establishing need of urgency
As global market has been changing rapidly, a lack of understanding between mangers and students have been seen. Also, employees have been found demotivated at some point during their job time. So, immediate surveys within the organization will be conducted to determine the magnitude of the level of problem and environemnet which needs to be changed.

Ensuring about powerful change group

A center change committee will be made by including the represntatives of all possible sectors at Nestle. These team menbers will be highly creative and open to bring the change. This team will have enough power to change the policies implemented in the organization.

Developing vision

A strong vision will be established on the basis of previous research and findings of the change committee as well. Following will the vision of the change committee at Nestle;
“Providing employees with maximum opportunities to unlock their hidden potentials and to improve the culture of Nestle by training them properly ultimately, leading towards the success of the organization.”

Communicating Vision

The vision made on the basis of findings of committee, it will be communicated through from top to lowest level of management of Nestle in order to intimate everyone in the organization about the upcoming plan and expected results from the program.
It will be communicated by everyone to anyone who would work at Nestle and at different network and Nestle community meetings; these events will surely be discussed.

Empowering Staff

Previous policies that had been making more barriers between employees and change committee will be removed so that they could communicate freely about their problems and issues.

Ensuring short term wins

There will be motivation awards for those mangers who will try to opt the change process before others and training their employees accordingly. Also, special types of incentives will be given to employees who will offer creative ideas for growth of organization.

Consolidating Gains

The process of encouragement of employees as well as the renewing the policies will be continued in order to sustain the change which were made previously and committee will make some of the new goals regarding the better performance of both employees and managers.

Embedding change in the culture

Through portals and network meetings, committee will help in adopting change process for those who face difficulties in accepting new culture at Nestle (Cummings and Worley, 2014).

Potential Resistance

While center management is planning to bring change at Nestle, there might be some hindrances in between the change process. There are definite chances that some higher level managers may show resistance regarding the entrepreneurial strategy related to employees because it surely will give employees more importance than before which could not be a good sign according to the managers (Cameron and Green, 2012).
Before bringing change to employees, there will be training sessions for managers to brainwash them and to make them more open minded in respect of employees’ related policies.

Communication Strategies

Online portal specifically made for the convenience of staff at Nestle will be made which will enable the employees to share their ideas and give feedbacks fearlessly.
Special mentors and psychological mentors will be hired who will help both managers and employees to understand change process and work according to the demand of the organization.
Network meetings will be held under the supervision of Nestle management in order to bring managers and employees closer irrespective of difference in race, region and religion etc.

Tools to bring change

While implementing strategies, there must be some kind of plan or tool which would help in bring change (Merrell and Watson, 2012). Following are the tools of change program in human resource department of Nestle;
Situational strategic analysis will be done in order to determine the right type and time of change. This will require the change committee to analyze the environment of Nestle very closely.
Secondly, committee will hold different types of seminars which would help change committee to change the thinking style and psychology of managers and employees.

Strategies for sustaining the change

There will be feedback from all level of employees reported directly to central management or the committee who is responsible for bringing the change.
Different types of exercises would be planned for the employees from time to time in order to make them comfortable with the fact that internal environment of Nestle is being changed.


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