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Chronic illness refers to the illness lasting for more than six weeks time period. It is not just the physical agony that affects the patient, but it is the mental trauma that breaks him down completely (Hwu, 1995). An ill patient often has to face isolation from the society, people discard the patient as he is non productive for the society. The pain of being isolated is way more than the physical pain. The patient feels helpless; he develops a sense of inferiority complex which affects his mental well being. Studies suggest that almost one in every three patients suffering from a chronic disease is depressed (Webmd.com, 2015).
However it varies from person to person, mainly due to the age factor. The feeling of emotional isolation can be felt by a seventy five year old patient, but not by a twelve year one. Similarly, the severity of pain is felt more by the adults than children. Although the physical damage would have been more in a twelve year patient, but he will not be able to feel the intensity of the pain.
The plan of care of a twelve year old and a seventy five year old patient will vary significantly. The child will require more of love and affection, while the aged patient will need emotional support. The child will need someone who is active and playful, whereas the aged patient will need someone to sit by his side and listen to him patiently.


Parsons sick role model
The strength of Parsons Theory is that he has understood and applied his understanding towards the benefit of the sick very well. He has given adequate importance to both the responsibilities and the rights of the sick. He made sure that he does not end up favoring the ill only, but maintained a healthy balance between their responsibilities and rights.
However there is always another side of the coin. He mentions in his theory that it is the responsibility of the patient to seek treatment for him. But at times the patient is too ill or too young to do so. Or maybe his disease leads him to lifetime impairment, thus the point where he says that the considerations can be given only for a particular time period becomes futile (Education Portal, 2015).


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