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This project will compare the cost of gym memberships at two well-known fitness centers in Northern Colorado. Information will also be gathered on known alternatives to gym memberships, such as the purchase of pay per class mobile apps and home gym equipment. It is assumed that corporate gym discount membership rates at both Northern Colorado facilities are unavailable. While approximately forty-four percent of employees desire some type of financial support from their employers when it comes to making healthy lifestyle modifications (Beagrie, 2015), for simplification purposes the project will assume the individual does not work for a traditional employer. Due to an avid interest in physical fitness and well-being, the comparison between full service gym membership options and reasonable alternatives will be conducted. The main objective of the comparison is to determine the most economic option based on the need for access to basic cardio and weight training equipment.

Available Features

The two gym memberships that were compared are Work Out West and Greeley Health and Fitness. The similarities between the two facilities include an ample supply of cardio and weight-training equipment. Both facilities also offer fitness classes that are included in the price of membership. Work Out West features a fitness center that contains treadmills, elliptical trainers, stairmasters, stationary bikes, and rowing machines. The fitness center also features weight training equipment, including circuit training and resistance training (e.g. free weights) equipment (Marketing 360, 2015). Greeley Health and Fitness also features a full fitness center that comprises eight thousand square feet. The square footage contains elliptical trainers, treadmills, stairmasters, stationary bikes, free weights, and weight training equipment (Greeley Health and Fitness, 2015). Both facilities feature restrooms, showers and lockers. In addition, both offer an initial session with a personal trainer that is included in the price of membership. Child care is available at both facilities during limited hours.
The main difference between the two facilities is that Work Out West has additional features. First, the gym’s fitness center features an indoor running track, a spa, a basketball court, and three indoor racquetball courts. For an additional membership fee, members can also access outdoor tennis courts, an indoor tennis facility, and an indoor Olympic size swimming pool (Marketing 360, 2015). Greeley Health and Fitness does not offer the aforementioned options, but does feature a mat area with six punching bags for those interested in boxing. The facility also features Olympic bar squat racks and four Olympic bar bench press stations (Greeley Health and Fitness, 2015). The group fitness classes offered at each facility differ. Greeley Health and Fitness offers Zumba, Bootcamp, Insanity, PiYo and boxing conditioning classes (Greeley Health and Fitness, 2015). Work Out West offers a wider variety of classes that specialize in targeting strength training, endurance training, mind and body (e.g. yoga), and senior citizen fitness (Marketing 360, 2015).
The other major difference between the two facilities is that Greeley Health and Fitness offers twenty-four hour access to members, even on major holidays. Work Out West has specific hours of operation that range from 3:30 am to nine pm Monday through Thursday, 3:30 am to eight pm on Fridays and six am to six pm on weekends. The facility is typically closed on major holidays and closes early on the days before a major holiday (e.g. Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve). For additional fees, Work Out West offers add-on services such as tanning, hair styling, physical therapy and massage therapy (Marketing 360, 2015).
Various membership tiers are available at Work Out West, whereas Greeley Health and Fitness offers one standard membership. The standard membership cost at Greeley Health and Fitness is $25.00 per month. There is a one-time enrollment fee of $50.00 and a one-time yearly maintenance charge of $25.00 that occurs in June. The standard contract length is for one-year and continues on a month-to-month basis following the initial contract (Greeley Health and Fitness, 2015). Work Out West offers a fitness center membership, with access to the outdoor tennis courts for approximately $55.00 per month. The standard contract length is for one-year and continues on a month-to-month basis following the initial contract. Discount memberships are available for senior citizens, higher education faculty members and students, and those who agree to access the fitness center during off-peak hours (Work Out West, 2015).
If an individual desired to improve or maintain one’s physical fitness outside of a gym membership, the alternatives consist of a pay-as-you-go class option and the purchase of home fitness equipment. ClassPass is a pay-as-you-go option that allows users to sign up for spots in fitness classes. Users can search for available spots according to the geographic area they are currently in. There is a cancellation fee if users decide not to show up for the classes. All of the scheduling and sign-up processes are managed through a mobile phone app (Dockterman, 2015). The purchase of home gym equipment can save money in the long-run and a home gym has added convenience since physical fitness enthusiasts can save travel time. A sound investment in a quality elliptical trainer, treadmill, and weight machine can run between $4,500 and $5,000 (Melville, 2005).

Summary of Pros and Cons

Work Out West Pros
Wider variety of equipment and physical recreation/fitness options
Larger facilities
Post-workout relaxation and therapy (e.g. spas)

Add-on services, such as tanning and personal grooming

Work Out West Cons
Limited hours of operation
Facilities are crowded during peak hours
Greeley Health and Fitness Pros
Twenty-four hour access; convenience
Ample equipment available at all times; facilities are rarely crowded
Full-range facility at a lower, economical cost
Greeley Health and Fitness Cons
Not as much personalized attention
Some equipment is frequently out of order
Facility lacks add-on and personal care options
Lack of recreational options/facilities
Cancellation costs
Home Gym Pros
Can amortize costs in the long-run; long-term investment
Do not have to share or wait for equipment
Can personalize equipment
Home Gym Cons
May have to limit equipment due to initial costs and available space
Maintenance, repair and replacement costs
May be difficult to separate other home-related tasks from physical fitness regimen\
Information Review
The information available from both gyms was more extensive online than in the actual facilities. The point of purchase materials was more limited at Greeley Health and Fitness in terms of information about the gym itself. Greeley Health and Fitness did have point of purchase materials about the supplements and health drinks sold within the facility. These supplements, powders and drink mixes are similar to products found in health food stores or in the GNC chain of nutrition stores. Work Out West’s point of purchase brochures and materials essentially repeated the information available on the gym’s website. There were also member reviews available online through social media sites, such as Yelp and Facebook. Both gyms had a Facebook page where additional information could be garnered from current employees and members. The amount of third-party sources discussing the value of gym memberships and the alternatives to gym memberships was adequate.
In terms of which items were the best sources of information, each gym’s website provided the most comprehensive information on what types of features and options were available to potential members. Since it is assumed that both sources of information are biased, it would have been beneficial to have more third-party review information available. The sources that discussed alternatives to gym memberships, and the potential benefits and drawbacks that can stem from a gym membership were from reputable magazines. Although these sources were well-rounded and informative, it would have been advantageous to find more information on gym chains available in the area, such as Anytime Fitness and Inspire Fitness.

Discussion of Personal Choice

My personal choice would be to sign up for a gym membership with Greeley Health and Fitness. The main reasons for this choice stem from a need for convenience, a lower, economical monthly cost, and equipment needs. While Work Out West offers a wider variety of options, those options would largely go unused. In addition, the higher cost and more restricted hours of operation make Greeley Health and Fitness the suitable choice. My equipment needs consist of cardio and weight training equipment. I do not have an interest in swimming, tennis, spas or attending group fitness classes. This makes the added cost of Work Out West unreasonable from an economic standpoint. Furthermore, twenty-four hour access means that I would be able to easily schedule my physical fitness regimen around other obligations. Although the purchase of home gym equipment could offer the same convenience and personalization, the initial costs are too high and the long-term maintenance costs are of concern. The pay-as-you-go class option does not appeal to my physical fitness needs. I prefer to work out alone.


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