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IT Consulting Contract for Moving to the Cloud

Set forth on 17th February 2015 this contract agreement is entered into between:-
The National Aeronautics And Space Administration
Microsoft Corporation
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) herein referred to as the “client” and Microsoft Corporation, herein referred to as the “service provider” agree to the following terms and conditions of the contract.

Duration of the contract

The client contracts the service provider to offer cloud-computing services for a period of 3 years starting 1 March 2015 to 1 March 2018.
Purpose of Contract
The purpose of this contract is to outline the operational conditions that will facilitate the provision of services by the service provide to the stated client. As such, the contract outlines the scope of the work to be done by the service provider, the terms, and conditions, the conditions involved in the termination of the contract, confidentiality statement, and the payment conditions.

Scope of the work

The contract mandates the service provider to conduct cloud computing for purposes of Air Traffic management. The service provider shall explore allocation schemes in order to aid networking and reduce the cost of air traffic management. The service provider shall also look into increasing the efficiency of applications used in air traffic management as well as reduce the duplication of functions and data storage.

Terms and Conditions

The service provider shall perform the functions outlined in the scope of the contract.
The client shall provide the service provider with all the information and resources as may be required in order to facilitate the provision of cloud computing services.
The client shall be obliged to withhold information that shall be deemed sensitive and potentially threatening when revealed to any outside parties.

The service provider shall update and advise the client on the progress of the work at least once every month.

The client and the service provider agree to discuss the work and terms listed above only with each other and any other parties that they may agree. Confidentiality applies to the details contained in this contract agreement.


The client agrees to pay the service provider a sum of (figure) each year. The payment shall be paid in the week preceding the commencement of a new year as agreed upon in this contract.

For the Client


For the Service provider

The best practices for developing a well-structured contract include
The contract should be written in a language that is concise, clear, and unambiguous. Each clause should be easy to interpret and understand even to someone who is unfamiliar with the project such as a judge or an arbiter. This issue is very beneficial because it can not only prevent disagreements from arising but also speed up the resolution of disputes and do so in a just manner.

Clarification on the deliverables of a project and the timeframe within which the project is to be completed.

The contract should give clear details of payment including the percentages that should be paid by which dates or the phases within which payments must be made. In addition, the contract should detail issues such as the need for additional payment, the cost of redoing some work among other contingencies that may arise.
The parties getting into a contract should allocate risks to the party best suited to anticipate and control the risks. One party should not encourage or force the other to accept responsibility over risks that it cannot control.


The development of contract entails the inclusion of details such as the scope of work, purpose of the contract, duration and payment details of the contract among others. These aspects are critical in the development of sound technical contracts especially in computing works such as cloud computing consultations.

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