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The American culture was injured severely by the colonization by the British forces that sought to control the whole of North America back then in 1770s. The American language together with other cultures long forgotten were slowly eroded and replaced by several British cultures till some of the Americans could bear no more with the dissolution of their beliefs and cultures. The connection that the Americans shared with one another will dissipate once the Americans adopted the new and foreign cultures of the British and so they had to do something about it. Their culture, such as the American English language, was among the secret tools used to share information among the freedom fighters for the American Revolution. The designing of their language into secret signals that assisted in conquering the British is indeed a sign of synchronized fighting for the American beliefs.
The American revolutionary war was the American’s chance to free themselves from the burden and load of suffering that the British had bestowed upon them. The fact that they suffered in the hands of the British only made the thirst for freedom to continuously grow till it could not be contained. This is evidence by Kornfied, “You have been children long enough, subject to control and subservient to the interest of a haughty parent” (3). Indeed, the British had it coming their way a long time ever since they enacted Acts that landed heavily on the Americans especially the heavy taxes. In actuality, political divisions among the Americans as well as, cultural diversity among them would have been a grave problem. For the revolution to have been pulled off successfully, the Americans needed to be in sync with one another, especially the American revolutionary intellects. Political divisions in this case imply the fight for leadership for the militia and freedom fighters, whereas culture mainly implied the way of life adapted after the colonization, including language.
Considering the Boston Tea party of 1773, Samuel Adams together with other members of the “Sons of Liberty” boarded three ships full of tea, dressed as the Mohawks. They threw 342 chests full of tea overboard. This rebellious behavior was a response to the Tea Act that exempted the British East India Company from taxes and controlled the tea trade market, angering the Americans (Lepore 26-28). Indeed, this was a great step in the American Revolution and would not have been possible, were there any form of political divisions. The Americans further communicated effectively in the English back then. The American Revolution intellects such as George Washing ton and Samuel Adams understood that their lives were at stake but for the greater good of their people. The several actions that the intellects undertook are a clear indication of focus on the enemy rather than themselves and such events including the Boston tea party.
During the colonization period, there was a tight leash on the Americans by the British forces. In so doing, communication among the Americans was watched carefully and any suspected form of rebellion against the British was punished. The mode of communication that seemed to be effective for the Americans was the writing of novels and books in order to cover their tracks. The Americans favorably communicated the injustices that they were facing from the British poor treatment of their colonies. Thus, the writing of sentimental novels that would capture the attention of their readers and offering options to the American through fighting for their rights was indeed one of the brilliant steps that the revolution intellectuals designed to unify their people. In other words, the early American sentimental novels together with their plays were very meaningful and useful during the American Revolution especially in the motivation aspect (Davidson 157).
The use of one language among the American colonists would have solved the major problems that the political division would have caused among them. In addition, the American language would have united the Americans into a single nation like they were before being colonized. If the Americans could not gain this unity through such implication of their native language, the fight in the revolution would be a clear waste of their time because they would have lost the fight against the British Empire, one of the largest empires in the 18th century. The unity that they depicted in the revolution is what made the French to assist America in this endeavor considering that they were outnumbered heavily by the British troops in the battlefield. Nonetheless, the American intellectuals like George Washington, who was among the great generals for the American forces, did not fear the imbalance in the war because they were stronger together.
The fight for their freedom was a chance that they had all been looking for to turn the tables around for their people and against the British. This was the case especially when you consider the life that they had under their rulers. Several Acts were passed to them imposing heavy challenges that were unbearable (Wallenfeldt 151). The Sons of Liberty, a freedom fighting organization that was created in silence of the American people sought to assist the Americans in every way possible. The political divisions that might result from fighting for power and cultural diversity that might be caused by new culture adoption might all be solved through the speaking of the American language (Howe 37). Therefore, the American Revolutionary war was successful majorly because of the unity among them. For instance, the first war in Boston where they drove the British out was a unified cause.

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