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In my opinion, the law of expansion of living space is an absolute law in the development of all life forms needed for continued expansion of functional connections with living space, reflected in the development of assessment and motivational functions.
In the last decade, providing a safe and secure childhood has become a major national priorities of the most advanced countries in the world. To date, there is an urgent need to protect children from the dangers associated with Internet access. Such social conditions: the rapid growth of information technology and the availability of information in all its manifestations, will inevitably lead to an increase in the number of crimes of violence, especially among children and adolescents. Information technology contributed to the development of new forms of aggression is now called cyberbullying, and appears to be such a negative phenomena such as intimidation and bullying using the Internet, mobile phone and other technological resources. (Gerdes, 32)
One of the reasons contributing to the development of this phenomenon is the latency of the phenomenon. Maltreatment (physical and psychological) among children is often hidden from adults, which could have serious consequences for both the school and for the psychological well-being of students.
Internet and information technologies increasingly permeate in our lives, and in addition to the obvious benefits there is also a growing threat to the psychological security of the person. Every year this topical theme more and more dedicated to research, both in Russia and abroad. Therefore, nowadays studies and researches about bullying are focused on the manifestations of bullying by using modern means of communication, such as Internet, email, mobile phones.(Gerdes, 35)
Very often Cyberbullying appears to be an attack to inflict psychological harm, which are carried out via e-mail, chat rooms and social networks. Throughout the world, the topic is considered topical, especially in relation to the increasing incidence of suicide among adolescents. Also the risk of facing unwanted, dangerous for the child's mind an aggressive information containing violence, pornography, promoting suicide, racial hatred, is also very high.
Teens behave on the Internet in different ways, and the probability of collision with aggression in the network is very big. The illusion of anonymity and impunity leads to the fact that some users insult other users and provoke them to conflict, and very often this conflicts may end quite badly. The main question that arises in regard to this is how to protect yourself from cyberbullying in the internet. (Parks, 23)
Cyberbullying can be both in direct form and in masked form. In my opinion, trolls want to get a response in the form of direct conflict. In the skirmish with the user it is very easy to lose control and to become a participant of a conflict.
Cyberbullying trolls may seek to irritate the participants of communication, but also their goal may be the humiliation of the individual. In this case, trolling can move in a targeted harassment or bullying. By definition, a bullying is usually understood as an intimidation, humiliation, harassment, physical or psychological terror that seeks to cause fear in another, and thus subdue man himself. At all times it was one of the major problems of teenage environment.(Parks, 24)
I think that the development of information and communication technologies has led to the spread of cyberbullying that has become so aggressive, and intentional act committed by a group of people or one person with the use of electronic forms of contact, repeated several times and extended in time to the victim, for whom it is difficult to defend themselves. Virtual environment in which there is cyberbullying allows aggressors feel less vulnerable and less responsible for their actions. Anonymity in the internet is the main factor distinguishing cyberbullying from the usual bullying, carried out in direct contact. Other differences are manifested in the fact that cyberbullying occurs outside of school, this act is much more hidden and often the emotional reaction of the victim is not visible for the offender.
In order to find the solution to the issue of cyberbullying we should understand that first of all cyberbullying is an internet problem that is originated in real life. Approximately every tenth student is faced with bullying on the web. At the same time, as the results of the study of Internet Development Fund, every second child, that is a victim of cyberbullying, also faces bullying face to face. In European countries, children become victims of cyberbullying on average twice as rare. In many ways, as is the case with the risk of online dating, this is due to the fact that in Europe and the United States of America for many years in schools run courses of digital literacy to significantly improve the skills of safe Internet use by children.
The majority of advanced countries of Europe and the United States of America have been trying to cope the problem of cyberbullying for a long time. After several high-profile cases of suicide because of bullying through the internet, parliaments of individual states in America have adopted laws that implement the fact that cyberbully will face penalties ranging from fines to several years in prison.
However, the surveys of American teenagers showed that they believe that their peers are engaged cyberbullying because they think it is funny. This opinion was expressed by 81% of adolescents. 64% of respondents believe that their peers are taking revenge on someone, and 45% suggested that the peers involved in bullying because they think their victim is a chronic loser or a total failure. The main reason, according to teenagers is the fact that internet bullies do not fear of retribution.(Raatma, 12)
The study has also showed that half of American teens just do not pay attention to the attempts of cyberbullying. The other half responds to such a fury. Insulted and adolescents in most cases take effect. The most effective way to deal with cyberbullying they consider refusal to communicate with the offender (71%). 64% of people refuse to send abusive messages to others, and 56% report such actions to friends, it also helps stop the authors of electronic bullying. But as for me the best way to stop cyberbullying is to create moderators for each Internet forum and chat room. Anywhere in the internet should always act moderators who would block bullies.(Raatma, 14)
Today it is difficult to imagine our lives without a mobile phone or laptop without access to the Internet. After all, it gives you the freedom to communicate, find information in a very fast way. However, there are negative sides of the development of technologies, and one of the most important negative sides is cyberbullying.

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