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Being new in a place poses a challenge to every human being, you first of all got to learn how things are done, how to communicate effectively with your new friends/neighbors and may be to some extend learn and adapt their cultures or way of living without getting fully assimilated. Similarly, workers or employees face challenges as well in their new places of work, and more so to the leadership management e.g. new managers or directors who are employed by a company or organization are expected to bring major transformations for the benefit of the company (Cummings et al., 2014). Francine Washington being new to NetBell organization may face some problems in her new position as HR Director in trying to provide an efficient and reliable workforce that will provide services effectively so that the company achieves its target goals and objectives. Two of the potential problems she is likely to face are staffing needs and opposition or lack of support from the Assistant Director.
The staffing challenges can pose as a serious problem to Francine as HR director in various ways. Human resources directors or managers are always known to have a problem when it comes to forming meaningful relationship with employees. The fact that Francine is not pleased with the criteria that is being used to pay the employees of NetBell organization i.e. payment made on the basis of number of hours one is logged in, means she may propose new system of making compensation to workers which may include payment being made based on the number of clients attended to the employees. This may not go so well with employees and the proposal to change the compensation system may face a lot of resistance. The workers may even opt to go slow on work or strike (Cummings et al., 2014). This is a potential problem that may happen and Francine should be prepared to tackle and provide a solution as the HR Director. Still do to with staffing challenge, another potential problem that may arise is issues do to with changing the culture of NetBell organization so as to make it more effective in its service provision. Such changes in culture can include development of a career plan e.g. workers having to sign a performance contract. Changing a culture of a work place is always a difficult task and may take quite long since some employees or all may not be cooperative and unwilling to change.
Another serious potential problem she is most likely to face is lack of support or sabotage from her Assistant Director. The assistant director is for the opinion that more employees need to be hired to meet customers’ needs of being served within the shortest time possible. However, the CEO is not in agreement with that suggestion. Instead Francine has been tasked with coming up with a strategy to ensure effective performance of employees is achieved, her assistant being of a different opinion may not support her in developing a new plan but instead may choose to side with the employees in resisting any proposal made by the human resource director (Rahim, 2015). This potential problem may create a battle of supremacy in NetBell organization between the HR Director and her Assistant, this can lead to the organization making a lot of loses due to ineffective coordination in the human resource department which is always a key to success of any organization.

For the first issue to do with staffing, Francine may have to formulate a new performance management plan, this may include measures such as carefully assessing and evaluating all the250 employees to establish if they have the relevant minimum requirements and skills to work at NetBell call center organization. This will enable her get rid of unqualified personnel that may be costing the human resource department in terms of budget yet they are not productive. Secondly Francine will have to change the criteria under which the employees are compensated. They should be paid based on work done and not just the number of hours one is logged into the system. This way, all the employees will strive to work hard so as to earn more hence serving more customers fast and effectively. Still on staffing, Francine will need to establish a good working relationship with all the employees of NetBell so that they easily relate well, hence creating a conducive working environment for workers. This can greatly increase productivity of employees because their confidence will be enhanced and will work with no fear when the HR is around.
On the issue of unsupportive assistant, Francine will need to convince her assistant director on the importance and benefits thereof of strengthening the existing workforce instead of hiring more employees (Rahim, 2015). She should involve him/her in all that she undertakes so that there will be no resistance on the final decision to be made. Furthermore, she needs to consult closely with the assistant director on the best possible measures to be undertaken so as to come up with an effective and reliable workforce to the company.

Alternative solutions Francine can present to the CEO

For staffing, alternatives Francine can present to the CEO can include: Offering training to the employees so as to enhance their skills and cope with the current dynamic technological advancement so as to increase their productivity (Clegg et al., 2014). Furthermore, Francine can recommend rewarding employees whose performances are outstanding as a way of recognizing their valuable service to the company. This will help to motivate other employees to commit more of their time and skills for the success of the company so that they can also be rewarded. Through this, NetBell organization can easily achieve its goals. Another alternative that can be presented by the HR Director to the CEO is changing the criteria on which employees are to be recruited in future from hiring using a word of mouth whereby employee refers another to a well established recruitment procedures where advertisements and rigorous interviews are carried out. This way, the human resource department is going to have a highly qualified and skilful workforce that offer quality services (Fraser, 2015). Francine Washington will also need to present change management strategies to the CEO so as to ensure effective management and supervision of all the 250 employees in NetBell organization, effective supervision will increase productivity and improved quality of services provided to the customers. Employees should first be made to appreciate the fact that change is essential and made to embrace it.
Changing the culture of people in a work place often depends on how the proposed changes are presented to the employees, the workers should be made to own the change themselves (Russell, 2013).It will therefore be important for Francine to have a supportive assistant who will not be a barrier to the changes in plans to be developed to ensure an effective workforce that will increase performance. If Francine considers her assistant director not supportive then she will have to propose to the CEO that he/she be made to understand the need of providing good leadership to ensure that the organization realizes its set objectives, this good leadership from the assistant director is by supporting the HR Director.(LIopis,2015) If he/she fails to comply with the above directive, then the HR Director may recommend that the assistant director be dismissed from the organization and another person be employed to enable the proposed changes be implemented effectively without any obstacles (Russell, 2013). Through this, the organization is going to bring the desired change by starting from the leadership. The HR Director and her assistant should lead by example by setting standards to the other employees of the organization. The above recommendations will therefore increase the performance of NetBell organization without hiring new employees.


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