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Sub-Saharan regions of the African continent that lies south of the Sahara desert. It excludes Sudan not listed in the United Nations. The socio-political set up in the recent years has left people giving the impressions as if they are not hardwiring. This community has had many professors and doctors in many fields. The reason is that the missionaries institutive schools here in the early 20th Century. Economically, the prevailing situation is that the people are idle. Efforts are needed to fight poverty, illiteracy and diseases. The community is suffering from AIDS scourge. Due to poverty, many children are cannot access proper education. Many adults have turned to the hand to mouth approach, entrenched in the people’s philosophy that reduces the human person to being more of an object that the subject of activity.
The area has a modern dispensary and a sub-district hospital in town, which has a well-furnished mortuary. Over ten health facilities have been put up and gazetted including
However, there is still challenge for people to access to health services. The problems are because of poverty and inaccessibility of health care.

Community Need

People with sickle cell anaemia are suffering in the today world. Sick cell anaemia is a disorder that transferred from parents to their children; it is hereditary. It is a blood disorder characterized by an unusual behaviour in haemoglobin that carries oxygen in the human body that found in red blood cells. The disorder is in an association with various types of acute and chronic health problems; they include a severe pain followed by a stroke that leads to death.

Dealing with sickle cell anaemia

A number of the private citizen have come up together to for a not for profit organization that is to offer health services to people mostly children suffering from sickle cell anaemia. The foundation is to provide these services across the world mainly sub-Saharan region of Africa. Sub-Sahara is the most affected place in the world.

Executive summary

Hope of life foundation is a registered not for profit organization found based on providing health care services. It is an international organization that targets a global market. The target market of the foundation is children and elderly people suffering from sickle cell anaemia. The group has opened up branches in the world. Working together with the world health organization the Foundation is a partnership business.
Its headquarters are in the America, Washington DC to be more precise. The chief executive officer oversees all the operation of all the branches across the world. Each branch, however, has its head who reports to the chief executive officer in Washington. Isaac Clinton is the founder of the organization; he is a doctor working by offering health care services. He has a lot of knowledge about the suffering in the continents thus, he is best suited to tackle the challenge.
Who will take care of the many children suffering from sickle cell anaemia? Hope of life foundation aims at providing health assistance to the man innocent souls suffering from this disorder. Across the globe, we aim at reducing the number of deaths that are caused by sickle cell anaemia. Hope of Life Foundation is a non-profit society registered in by the world health organization to provide services to the helpless members of the community in the spirit of improving their health. With professional health in the fields of medicine hope of life, foundation brings together many years of experience and innovation, alternative visions of the potential of our children’s members.

Description of the enterprise

The organization is a branch of the hope of life foundation that will provide services to people suffering from sickle cell anaemia in the sub-Saharan region of Africa. The base has it chairmanship post led by Dr Isaac who runs the program. Commencement of the program is under process with all the required documents in place. Funds from all sources including the governments, private sponsors and donations from other not for profit organizations are already servicing health care programs. The initial stages are in completion, marketing and advertising about the camps to the residents has been done. Security in the regions has been taken care of by the foundation employing private security.
The management of the organization will be like any other healthcare facility in the world. It being one of the many branches of the foundation the difference being that it will only deal with sickle cell anaemia. Though it is a new branch that is being created by the doctor Isaac. His base is in African. The organization has three major segments. The business perspective, application perspective and the information perspective. The first division is the business perspective deals with the daily operations of the foundation.
There is an open base where all process will take place. Like a regular hospital, qualified doctors and nurses who will provide services to the patients will run it. The services will be free to the patients suffering from the disorder. There are facilities where the patients will simple as they receive medical attention; all in attendance will each receive food and refreshments. There will also be a mobile camp that will be moving around the region in remote areas to provide healthcare attention. Flying doctor services are also available for emergency purposes to access all areas around the area. The helicopters will have ready pilots as well as a full tank ready to serve.
The application perspective defines the interaction between the process and the standards used by the organization. The governing board that oversees all the business operations will be in charge of making rules regulations and organizational policies. There will be a client base response centre where all the customers will pass through. The base will rely on information to doctors. The doctors will each get different patients who will be categorized into age groups, as well as the stages of their illness. The foundation will have medical camps in the region; each will get equipment’s that are necessary facilities, as well as good doctors. All the operations will go under the standard checks that will be done by the world health organization. They will ensure that it is efficient and effective enough.
The information perspective defines and classifies raw data that the organization requires. The information technology department will be in charge of information dissemination. All camps and medical centres will receive the necessary information on a timely basis. Information infrastructure has been built to ensure that there are no delays.

Problem Statement

In the world on average, the sub-Saharan regions of Africa have the worst health conditions. The area is highly populated carrying almost eleven percent of the world’s population. This large population, however, comes with the disadvantage; it takes twenty-four percent of the global disease burden. Africa is responsible for half of the world’s deaths that capture the life of children under the age of five years. It also has the highest rates of maternal mortality, and it carried a heavy toll of the deadly HIV/AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis. More frustrating is the fact that with the large population it only produces three percent of the world’s workers. It also has the least health expenditure of one percent globally.
The region lacks the infrastructure that is necessary to for the provision of primary health care to the whole population. The people lack the education that would enable them grasp knowledge and the skill that would help them tackle all the challenges facing them. All the problems named above call for the invention of the private sector. The governments have lost the trust of the people while there is no capital to support the health care facilities in the region.

Vision Statement

Our vision statement is “a healthier future.” The Foundation has set its sight in a region that has reduced number of early deaths, increased awareness on health issues as well as an overall healthy and safe environment. In the next few years to come, the foundation will make sure that the sub-Sahara has:

Two hospitals in every 100km/square

Two schools in every district
Increased number of health care workers
Increased awareness about health issues
Mission Statement
The mission statement of the foundation is “Giving Hope to the hopeless is our calling.” The people in this region have lost hope as no one is there to take care of them; they have lost trust in their leaders. The everyday deaths have ensures that the little hope they had for a better tomorrow has died. The foundation will ensure that revival of people hope is the core business, and they all receive good health care.

Objectives Targets and goals

With the goals set into place and everything going as planned the foundation has set a number of goal and objectives. The primary aim of the organization is assisting persons born with life-threatening conditions- precisely children born with sickle cell anaemia. The Foundation will be providing access to information on the situation, access to testing and treatment. Fostering sickle anaemia issues regarding home-based care support for those infected and affected and awareness creation to stimulate change of behaviour within the community.
Through our mission statement, the foundation intends to achieve all the set objectives. Qualified personnel have been employed to ensure that all workers are efficient enough to ensure efficiency of service (Gaist 100).

Specific Objectives

a) Create awareness of the condition and dispel myths on Sickle cell through trainings and workshop. Inadequate education facilities in the state of the population are not aware of the terrible conditions facing them; they also lack the knowledge on how to face this problem. There are myths that mislead the residents thus training is relevant to make sure that the people after that wrong information. The acquired personnel will also receive training from qualified officers to equip them with the required skills.
b) Trainings on home based care for those infected and affected by the condition: the mobile camps will be in charge of ensuring that those in remote areas that cannot access this information or get to the camp. Home base people will get the door to door services ensuring equality.
c) Production of information, education and communication materials on sickle cell management and care
d) Enhance better understanding of the condition amongst parents through education and removal of stigma
e) Improve and maintain the capacity to generate and share relevant information on Sickle Cell
f) Facilitate access to treatment for those infected and affected by sickle cell in sub-Sahara

The market and industry

The target market is both young children and the elderly region of the part. This area has been left behind I development hence the target market being the whole population. Healthcare industry in the area is not well developed which pose a significant challenge.
The foundation being a not for profit organization there is no competition as we will unit for any organization that want to improve the conditions in this region.

Marketing and fundraising

The marketing department has done some research in the area and has come up with a number of methods that will create awareness among the people. The foundation has decided to sponsor an event that will attract most of the people. Hope for Life Foundation has identified medical camps as a critical factor in any efforts towards improving health for People in sub-Saharan. The program takes health services to the people, who ordinarily do not have the time and resources to visit health centres. The screening exercise will provide an opportunity for persons seeking treatment and related health services to identify common diseases affecting them and by extension treatment.
As a way of creating awareness about the medical camp and the general need for the community to prioritise their healthy, we have organised a camel racing competition for women at the district grounds. The event will see our donors and investors brand the event, including advertising their products during the event. Screening of common diseases on the ground followed by identifying the conditions will come after entertainment from locals. Standard ones will be treated at the scene using the doctors present, medicines given while more complicated cases will be referred to other primary health facilitates. We will select a team of experienced doctors from to carry out the medical camp. Entertainment activities will also take place with local artists participating in the program.

Objectives of the camp

1. To offer screening services to residents of sub-Sahara to establish common diseases facing them
2. Offer any treatment for those identified to be suffering


• Camel racing
• Medical screening
• Treatment and Referral
Ill health contributes to poverty, as people affected by sickness over prolonged periods tend to be dependent. They are likely to have poorer educational backgrounds and fewer livelihoods opportunities. One of region’s major developmental challenges is the relatively limited coverage by the public health system. A critical factor contributing to these poor health outcomes is poor health sector governance, and, in particular, the lack of access to health facilities. In response, Hope of Life Foundation seeks to improve quality health services to a section of residents living in these regions.


Purchase of medical equipment 400,000
Transport and facilitation of a medical team (10 people) 200,000
Camel racing trophies and rewards/refreshments 60,000
Administrative support and mobilisation 100,000
Total 760,000
The team (organizational chart)
The foundation eight segments each with a different head. At the top, there will be the board members led by a chairperson. The will be in charge of policy formation and ensure that all parties involved play their roles well. Below the board members is the director who oversees the daily activities of the foundation. He is also the chief executive officer. The director has a number subordinate divisions, one of program/project manager, administrative officer and the accounts officers, head of information technology and the human resource manager. All the departments have field managers that run the daily activities and carry out research.

The financial plan

Donations 200000
Sponsorship 400000
Income from project 100000
Government bond 100000
Total income 800000
Award 250000
Seminars and transport 50000
Tuition and research 100000
Other expenses 50000
Salaries 150000
surplus/ deficit 5000

Office furniture 10000

Desktops 8000
Alarm system 5000
Security 10000
Salary sheet
CEO $25,000
Finance manager $20,000
Human resource manager $20,000
Transport manager $20,000
Head of IT $20,000
Project manager $10,000
Company lawyer $7,000
Office accountant $5,000
Security personell $3,000
Cleaner $1,000
Field agents $19,000
The above chart shows the revenues the foundation has will generate in this fiscal year as well as the expenditure that it will incur in the course of operations. It being a small operation salaries will be allocated to each member at a considerable rate to manage the foundation to grow and create funds base.

Risk Assessment

Environmental Scan
Risks in this area are very high; armed robbers are on the rise with deadly weapons. There are internal conflicts that we also have to deal with as well as rebels from the population.
All considerations have been put to ensure that the camps are safe, hired private security as well as the government is supporting the program. The adverse climatic conditions in the area will not affect our operation, reason being we have built strong foundation to ensure our safety. Shelter for all working staff is in the process of completion to make sure that they have a place to rest.


There is already good response from the locals. Thus, operations have commenced at a fast pace. The foundation was lucky to get doctors who were willing to help the course regardless of the little pay we offered them. The funding base is heading the right direction with more donors making large donations to our camps.


Hope of life Foundation is a new organization; there are numerous challenges that it will face. Members of staff luck leadership skills that are necessary to run the operations. There is a limited time for the training program as the schedule of the foundation is uptight.


There are a number of not for profit organization that had previously operated in the region with no luck; this gives us a chance to assess what went wrong and how to correct it in due time


Insecurity is one major threat to the program not only to our staff but also to the patients. People are afraid to take long distances to the camps because the roads are not safe. Armed robbers attack people take their belongings; they can also attack the camps and steal medicine.

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