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This is a learning journal based on a study tour. The study tour took place in Chile, and this paper is about the details about cultural sensitivity which a person needs to carry while interacting internationally as well as knowledge that a student requires regarding the economic, political and cultural system in that country of visit. First of all we explained the literature and the information we gathered about Chile and why was it important to know those details before the visit. For that, a critical analysis of a few articles relation to Chile is presented as it was really important to prepare oneself from secondary resources about the country.
After that this paper presents the economic, business, management and practices in Chile. It simply enables us to prepare for the way a person is expected to behave in a country. It highlights various issues like cross cultural communication, cultural and political correctness and various issues. Thirdly, the paper deals with how our cross cultural sensitivity improved in our tour. This also includes the moral behavior and ethics which we learned. Lastly, the paper concludes various aspect of the tour including the political learning, economic observations and business ethics.

Critically reflect on the literature you are set to read prior to departure

Before a visit is made to any country with different culture, a person should read about what to expect in terms of culture. It covers everything from the cuisine to dressing to ethics and interactions.
Such literature can be gathered from multiple sources such as articles, persons who have visited the country before and business codes and conducts of that country.
The literature we will study before the tour will revolve around the cultural and learning of Chile as it greatly differs from one country to another. The example of articles are as follows.

A Culinary Tour of Chile’s Lake District

A Lifestyle Built on the Chile
Chile- Language, Custom, Language and Etiquettes
These 3 articles will discuss the literature to give an overview of the Chilean culture and economy. The first article discusses the culinary culture in Chile which helps the reader build up certain expectations regarding the Chile’s district. It is a comprehensive guide for finding Chilean food in the Lake District. For example, it mentions that Pucon has restaurants for tourists on every block. The second article gives an overview of Chilean lifestyle which also reflects on their economy and purchasing power of the people. The article also highlights the religion, which is Roman Catholic for most of the locals and it defines their social and political choices. In schools, the instructions given are highly focused on Roman Catholic learning and most of the national holidays are based on religious events.
Chilean given high importance to family, and even extended families are very closely linked together. This influences the businesses in Chile, and there is a culture of family run small businesses. The etiquettes and customs in Chile are that men prefer shaking hands while women generally greet each other by patting on shoulder or the forearm. The greetings are in their local language as “ beunos dias” which means good morning, “beunas tardes” which means good afternoon and “beunas noches” which means good evening. Chileans use their paternal and maternal surnames both and father’s surname is listed first and usually is the point of reference.
The third article, Lifestyle build on Chile, highlights the agricultural aspect of Chile which is central for its economy and political context along with the culture. There is a cooking festival which takes place in the last months of the year for Chilean cooking which is a major part of its culture. The demand goes up in that season of harvest and the supply also goes up which boosts the economy.

Demonstrate in your journaling and interactions on tour your growing cultural awareness and cross cultural skills.

For success of global businesses, multicultural awareness and education is really important. It helps in dealing with customers in multiple countries. Work places are becoming global and they are hiring employees from around the globe. Every business has a client base in different countries of the world. To succeed in this global environment, a person needs to have a multi-cultural exposure and have the right understanding of the needs of their customers. In simple words, it is about respecting everyone and every culture and it is about understanding their differences. In business terms, it is for organizations benefit that they have multicultural understanding and use to their advantage as it helps in overall excellence.
During the stay in Chile, a person is bound to learn how every nation differs on their practices. This was a very good exposure especially in a few specific terms like their dining culture and how their agricultural seasons impact their business and political choices. We learnt during out stay that dining is very formal in Chile. When you arrive at a dinner, wait for the waiter to show to your place, and allow women to sit before men and wait for the host to invite to start the dinner. The hands should be visible all the time while eating and the wrists should rest on the edge of the table. Additionally, rules like avoid speaking while you have utensils in your mouth or hand and it is considered very impolite to not finish the food in your plate. The first sip of the drink should be taken after the toast has been made and wait for the host to make the toast.
It is just one of the many learning we had during our study tour. The cultural representative also told us how the political system in Chile runs. They follow a democratic system and roman Catholics are a major pressure group for them. Chile's legal is autonomous and incorporates a court of offer, an arrangement of military courts, an established tribunal, and the Supreme Court. The judges on the Supreme Court or Corte Suprema are named by the president and confirmed by the Senate from arrangements of hopefuls gave by the court itself. The president of the Supreme Court is chosen by the 21-part court.
Chile's lawful framework is considerate law based. It is fundamentally focused around the Civil code of 1855, determined from Spanish law and resulting codes impacted by European law of the last a large portion of the nineteenth Century. It doesn't acknowledge necessary ICJ locale. From the year 2000 forward, Chile totally upgraded its criminal equity framework; another, US-style ill-disposed framework has been slowly executed all through the nation with the last phase of usage in the Santiago metropolitan district finished on June 9, 2001

Critically reflect on the economic, business, and management context, strategies, and practices in the tour destination.

Cross-Cultural Communication Challenges
The success of any international business depends on a lot of factors, and it also majorly includes the cross-cultural communication issues which showcases a lot of challenges for the business and how we combat these challenges would have a consequence on the success of this international business. The information presented below talks in detail about the various challenges that are associated with the phenomenon of cross cultural communications that an international business would face in various aspects of their business. The lessons which are learnt after encountering such cross cultural challenges are a better preparation for what lies ahead in your business endeavors as compared to outdated guide books.

Cultural Generalizations & Stereotypes

It is most unfortunate that we have created a lot of generalized assumptions as well as stereotypes and prejudices against other cultures which makes developing relations with other an ordeal. These very stereotypes can also become a hurdle in our drive to achieve our growth objectives in our international business. This paper contains a series of literature and research on the stereotypes as well as generalizations of cross culture phenomenon and the effects and consequences that it has on your business.

Culture & Political Correctness

Future Trends
Business opportunities and probable risks can be identified by successful companies as they pay close attention to detail and are thus aware of the various trends and cultures that exist hence, providing them with better insight. However, an important question that arises is what happens to the communication that is evolving quickly? Communication is undergoing rapid change in the current times. We can easily spot the changes that have been acknowledged and identified by all and specifically in the record as well as the newspaper industry. Social media comes along with its inbound marketing which has been a real struggle for companies to adopt and they are still struggling. However, no matter what the struggle the changes are still taking place and hence are also affecting cross cultural communications. This series of research talked about the various trends which had an impact on the cross cultural communication and also how they will have an effect on the strategies for international marketing.
Demonstrate in your journaling and interactions on tour sensitivity to the moral dimensions of doing business in the study tour destination and in your journaling and tour group discussions how it might be possible to appropriately voice ones professional moral values.
Business ethics is term which can be utilized in several different ways. Business ethics is actually an application of ethics which surveys the principles of ethics along with moral as well ethical issues that came to birth in a business environment. It can also be applied to all the aspects of business conduct and is also appropriate for the operation of individuals as well as business organizations as one whole. Technical, legal, medical ethics as well as business ethics are ll part and parcel of applied ethics as it deals with many different issues of ethics in many different fields of knowledge. Business ethics comprises of a series of moral values and guides which rule the attitude of the organization keeping in mind what is right and what is termed as being morally and ethically wrong. Business ethics is utilized to structure the basic philosophy as well as the priorities of any organization in written strong terms. It just does not only contain what should be done but also mentions a list of the don’ts as in what is prohibited within the premises of the organization. A legal government of the organization is provided with the framework that is established through business ethics. Time has resulted in the evolution of specific philosophies which have supported four basic moral concepts of ethics. These include deontologism, egoism, relativism as well as utilitarianism. We will talk in detail about these basic principles that govern business ethics and we will also talk about the aforesaid concepts. Business ethics can be termed as the behavior that the organization adopts when it deals with the rest of the world.
The paper examines basic principles of business ethics and sheds light on the aforesaid concepts. Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world (Borgerson - Schroeder, 2008). The ethics of a particular business can be diverse (Solomon, 1983). They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer (Solomon, 1991). Many businesses have gained a bad reputation just by being in business (Carr, 1968). To some people, businesses are interested in making money, and that is the bottom line (Solomon, 1983). It could be called capitalism in its purest form (Antoniou, 2008).
Making money is not a problematic concern itself, but the manner in which it is made is a major concern of ethical behaviors. (Maitland,1994). Good business ethics need to be part of every business as on a study tour, you are also carrying the name of your home country and the host country is measuring your behavior and making judgments on your brought up relating to your local economy. There are a number of factors which need to be considered for example not having any unethical business practices.
Many businesses which operate globally have bad business ethics which effect their performance and brand name and have been fined on multiple occasions.
The study tour helped us in great deal to learn about cultures. To answer how it helps the business, we have evidence that it is not only about knowing geography of language of the other culture, but also learning how they react to particular incidents and what they expect in certain situations. A business should adapt to appeal the preference of its international consumers, understand and predict their behavior and tolerate any conduct which may differ, as it is important for effective collaboration. This will not increase the success chances for the business, but it will also improve their own working climate with international employees.
Communication across multiple cultures can be challenging. Every culture differs from the other in its rules and norms. Those are the norms which the members of different culture follow subconsciously. Dealing in multi culture environment can be a challenge and studying different cultures closely can give a person an edge in understanding the business setup, economic development and political system in a country. Intercultural interactions are gaining importance as globalization is increasing. We studied different kinds of cultures like high context, sequential and affective, versus their counterparts of low context culture, synchronic cultures and neutral cultures. For Chile, I think the context is collective and low context. They believe in a collective lifestyle, with businesses being family run and closely knitted communities.
If we critically reflect on what we read and what we experienced, we would say a visit and the learning is a combination of both. The reading and the literatures helped to a great extent in developing the expectations while the first hand exposure added its own benefits. It is crucial to do both to have a thorough understanding of the political and cultural aspect of a country. Chile is a country with a rich culture which focuses on details which adds the different beauty.
Since the late 1980s, Chile has created a notoriety for being a current, steady and decently overseen economy. Progressive governments have adjusted ace business strategies, which have effectively made a huge number of new employments, with a proceeded with duty to the welfare state and the disposal of destitution. The overriding objective is to lead Chile towards being the first 'completely created' economy of Latin America. As of late there have been huge social dissents, especially against the low quality of instruction in the state segment. More extensive alienation with the political class is reflected in low endorsement evaluations for both the administration and restriction. Chile is a decent place to work together, and tops the locale in files of simplicity of working together, financial opportunity and aggressiveness (especially its solid institutional setup, with low levels of debasement, productive government, strong macroeconomic strength, low levels of both open shortage and open obligation; and proficient markets.
Standard of law is especially solid, with a free press, cutting edge straightforwardness enactment and a certifiably autonomous legal framework. Chile is an open and exchange subordinate, however moderately little economy makes it exceptionally helpless to universal financial turbulence. Regardless of effectively enhancing its fare base, it remains very subject to mineral fares (primarily copper – the world's biggest maker), along these lines exceptionally powerless against, e.g. a financial remedy in China, or to whatever other advancement which discourages commodity costs.
In the presentation on Tasmania, it is highlighted what strategic importance Chile has in salmon cultivation. It highlights the important position Chilean fisherman have in regards to Tasmania’s economic policies. The presentation on Verona, they discuss the Chilean economy’s importance for their businesses. Chile has an electric supply network which is central to Verona’s needs and have exceptional energy resources.
These conclusions have been made based on the literature and the personal experience as the study tour helped to a great extend in understanding the country in depth with interacting with the locals and the business leaders.


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