Free Narration And Observation- Recording Experience, Past And Present Essay Sample

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Part 1

Sensory perception is the term used to describe the understanding gained by the use of one of the five senses human beings have. In order to explore my sensory perceptions, I decided to visit the park near my house. I went to the park at 10 am in the morning and made a record of my experience and feelings there.
First of all, I took some perception through hearing. I sat on the grass quietly, listening to the birds singing and a few people talking and exercising in the park. I took deep breaths and calmed my nerves, sitting and hearing everything going on. Then I decided to take a walk around the people jogging or walking. I maintained a considerable distance and listened to what they were saying, not keeping up with the same people for long time. There were people talking about their lives. Not many of them seemed too happy with what was going on. They were complaining about the things in their lives to the people they had come with. Although they didn’t seem to be happy with what was going on, many of them had seemed to have made peace with their life and its problems. I found it rather sad that some people had seemed to have given up or given in.
After that, I decided to look around and observe people and things that were going in. It was pleasant to see that people were wearing colorful clothes, the flowers were all of different colors, and the blue sky added to the beauty of scenery. People were communicating to each other, connecting and this was peaceful to look at.
The grass was freshly cut and really pleasant to walk barefoot on. The smell of freshly cut grass along with the feeling of my feet touching it was soothing to my mind. All in all, the visit was very enlightening for me and I got to explore my sensory perceptions which helped me in understanding people a little bit better, made me considerate of others’ problems and feel empathy for others.

Part 2

I remember my Indian school teacher who taught me Science when I was growing up. Her name was Pooja and she used to live across the street. She was a really interesting person. She had decorated her home in a traditional Indian way. She used to dress up in Saris daily. Many people in our school used to judge her on the basis of what she wore and her overall attire.
She was exceptionally well at her subjects and had great communication skills. She used to incorporate music, clay models, and documentaries in our science class that made it really interesting.
As I mentioned earlier, people used to judge her because she was Indian and she used to dress traditionally according to her culture. She used to wear saris and shalwar kameez to the school and always wore kajal in her eyes and sindoor in her hair. I always thought that it was brave of her to keep her culture alive even in a foreign land. Once I went to her home with my parents who wanted to talk to her about my progress. She was singing in her native language, praying to her gods that were near the yard in the little temple she had made in her home. It was really interesting to see her pray to her gods with songs. She was always smiling and was in a happy mood.
She had that aura about her that made her stand out from the rest of the people. She helped me through bad phases in my life and acted as a mentor to me in many ways. She helped me get over stage fright and used to help me with speaking in front of whole class. She had motherly charm about her and her accent was exotic. She was one of the most interesting teachers I have had in school. As time went, people went from judging her due to her attire and background to liking her. Once you got to know her, it was difficult for people to judge her or not like her.

Part 3

When I was thirteen years old, my father bought me a cat for my birthday. I named the cat Sniffles. Sniffles was a very intelligent cat. Within a very short time, I grew very fond of him. He used to sleep beside my bed and spent all day with me if I was home. Since I got him, I became much more energetic and happy. I used to look forward to my days. I loved brushing his busy hair, petting him, and giving him treats. Hugging him could make even the worst of the days feel good. I used to snuggle up with him beside me while I ran my hands in his bushy hair. That used to take all the stress away. I grew a special bond with him over the period of time. He used to sit beside door whenever I would go out and wait for me to come back. This became a routine for us. The moment I would walk back in, he would run to me and I would pick him, carrying him back to my room. When he was two years old, he started going out of house for short trips by himself. Since he would always come back before dusk, we didn’t think much of it and let him wander around. One day, he had gone for quite a long time and we started getting worried. I went out to look around for him in the neighborhood. We couldn’t him anywhere. We also consulted with the authorities, but couldn’t find any sign of him. A month passed without any sign of him. I couldn’t deal with the pain and pressure of losing him. I used to have nightmares about him getting killed or hurt.
A month after his disappearance, when we had lost all hopes of his return, I went out with my parents to this coffee house where we were to meet my dad’s work friend and their family. As soon as we walked in to the coffee house, I heard a familiar mewing sound. I got excited and looked around. It was then, when I saw Sniffles running towards me. As soon as he reached me, I picked him up and started hugging him and crying. Everyone in the coffee house started looking towards me. My dad’s friend’s daughter came towards me and asked me why I was hugging her cat. I told her that it was my cat that got lost a few days back. The girl said that they bought the cat online two weeks back. She took the cat from me and said that the cat belonged to her now. I couldn’t have him back, only to lose him right away. I asked my dad to help me. The situation was awkward for parents as both of us were attached to Sniffles. They didn’t call him Sniffles though. They used to call him Buttercup. In the end, she suggested that we would both call him towards us, sitting a little apart. Whoever he goes to would get to keep him. I thought the idea was crazy as Sniffles was mine, but I had to agree as no other solution was there. We sat him down at the entrance and called him towards us. Surprisingly, he didn’t go to either of us for a while. Then, after staring at us for a short while, he ran towards me and climbed up my lap. I hugged him again. The girl agreed to part with him, seeing our love. It made me thankful all over again for the good things in life.

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