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It is obvious that every person has certain talents, skills and abilities. And all these talents skills and abilities may greatly help us in our lives. As for me, I am good at cooking. I think that the ability to cook well makes my life much easier. I am fond of cooking for my family and for my friends. I like to surprise people and always try to make something original, creative and new. I am sure that instead of going to different restaurants and cafes it is better to stay at home and cook by you. Moreover when I cook something myself, I am sure about the quality of the food and know that it is healthy.
Some people claim that cooking is as a daily routine. I definitely disagree with them. Of course, a scratch meal or the food which is without any enthusiasm would be tasteless. When I cook, I am always in a good mood and feel a lot of enthusiasm I guess that’s why my dishes are so appetizing.
I want to say that when we speak about cooking I am never satisfied with what has already been achieved and always try to improve my skills. At home I have a lot of recipes with beautiful pictures and instructions. I also have my own copybook where I write different recipes from my friend’s, from the Internet and other sources. I have divided it into 3 sections: cold refreshments, hotplates and finally desserts. What is more I not simply write down all these recipes but try to make my own, mixing different ingredients.
Sometimes I watch different programs on TV or on the Internet which are dedicated to cooking. I find these programs very useful as the show in detail how to cook this or that dish. Moreover it is nice to learn useful recommendations from professionals. According to these programs the most important thing about cooking is to do everything step by step and not to hurry as if you are on the race. I am also interested in such kinds of programs when people compete in order to become the best cook. I think that I can learn a lot from them as well.
The most important thing what I do before cooking some dishes is the following: I prepare all the needed products and ingredients. Thus, I make a list where I write down everything I need for the dish and go to the grocery. If we want our dishes to be tasty and healthy we should buy only high quality products. For example, when I look for a meet it should be good-looking, if I want to prepare some salad all the fruit and vegetables should be fresh and of good quality. When I buy such products as milk or sour cream I am always looking at the expire date as I don’t want my meal to be stale.
It is also significant not to leave food for a long time during the cooking process. When I cook I try not to abstract myself from it. I always check the dishes in order not to overcook or over roast them. In fact, I am very careful with the time. Thus if it said in a recipe that the chicken is baked during forty minutes I bake it for forty minutes, no more no less. In this regard I have clock in my kitchen. I also try not to use too much salt or sugar in my dishes as I want them to be healthy. The most common products that I chose for my dishes are: vegetables, fruit, rice, eggs, chicken, turkey and fish. I believe that all these products are essential for our health.

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