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What is breakfast?
People tend to be very cautious with their first meal of the day. Breakfast is the first meal of the day mostly taken in the morning after a long fast during the night when the body is at rest. Breakfast is considered the most important and fundamental meal of the day.

The required diet components of breakfast.

Protein and carbohydrates with some little fats are the most nutritious components of a god breakfast. Protein keeps the body alert while the carbohydrates including fruits and grains provides energy at the same time delivers high fiber in aiding digestion. 

What are the effects of taking breakfast on the functioning of the body?

Nutrition is key and research clearly shows that without proper nutrition, proper functioning of the body and exercise goals will not be fully recognized and what one eats has a direct influence on achieving exercise goals. For this reason, the timing of any nutrients consumption plays a significant role in recovery, training, and exercise performance (Nicklas, O’Neil & Myers, 2004).

How will one feel when they do not take breakfast in the morning?

1. Breakfast and energy level of the body.
a. Firstly, people around the world will need to take breakfast being the first meal of the day to help them in raising the energy level of the body, at the same time restoring the blood sugar level to normal after the fast the body has undergone over the night. Breakfast will also facilitate the function of the nervous system and the muscles if carbohydrates are incorporated
b. Also, breakfast apart from giving us energy after the overnight fast; the meals are the best sources of the necessary nutrients of the body that includes iron, calcium, fibers, proteins, and vitamin B. These nutrients are key to the body functioning and it has been shown by research that if the body misses these nutrients at breakfast, then it will be so hard for them to be compensated during the day. Therefore, fruits and vegetables should be included in breakfast since they contain much minerals and vitamins.
c. Lastly, adding something more to one’s profile would keep him in a good stead to attract more opportunities. I always will make it a point to add something more to my qualification and experience (Pearson, Biddle & Gorely, 2009). For example, I will spend my spare time to learn a new language and read self-help books and biographies of great leaders, which would improve my communication skills.
1. Impact on health
a. To begin with, taking breakfast has a long-term health impact. As stated by NHS stating that taking breakfast has a long-term health benefit as it can help in reducing heart disease, high blood pressure, reduce obesity and diabetes. I am sure that everyone can see the need for people like you to taking breakfast.
b. I also finds that the majority of the people have already said they would like take breakfast every day. Though people may be questioning the certainty of these studies and research, but let me tell you, this is proven, and it works.
1. Cognitive function of the body
a. Firstly, breakfast also is essential in cognitive functioning of the body. It will restore the level of glucose in the body, at the same time restoring essential carbohydrates needed for proper functioning of the brain. Research has also shown that taking breakfast improves the memory and the concentration of the person, making one happier at it can help in lowering one's stress and improving their moods (Yang et al,. 2005).
b. At the same time, in children, breakfast has been linked to the attainment of good grades and improved behavior. Similar to other body plans that need energy, the body also requires that energy for its effective functioning.
c. Conclusion
a. Everybody should keep on taking breakfast is better than not taking anything at all, and it is an excellent time of coming together as a family.
b. When good feeding habits are established at childhood level and maintained, is an important aspect of reducing the prevalence of breakfast skipping. Energy is needed in varying quantity depending on the level of activity, but everybody needs to take breakfast.


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