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Forms of Government: What’s The Score?

In linguistics, government is described as a structure that the public or a nation is governed. Government also refers to the public or people who implementation policymaking right in a nation. The government assures enforcement of state rules as well as determining mechanisms of state policy. Different kinds of government affect activities of the public.

Summary of the movie and main points

The movie ‘Forms of Government: What’s the Score’ is about different types of governments and how they implement their state policies. These different types of governments include anarchy, republic, democracy, oligarchy, and monarchy. Anarchy government is the system in which there is no leader, whereas a republic is system in which the public is ruled by law. Democracy that means a majority is a type of government where the popular rule is by the public. Conversely, the chosen-few rule oligarchy government is where one person rules the monarchy government.
In the film, the participants who symbolize each government answer the queries and they are evaluated according to the viewers’ scorecards. The purpose of the game is to enable the viewer appreciate the basic concept of these types of governments. Viewers can rate the efficiency of each administration enabling them improve a working awareness of different attitudes in governing. Participants learn the definitions of different types of governments. Additionally, they can explain the structure of each government. Liberty, power, lawmaking and social contracts are also learned as the game continues then a vote is cast for the best system. For example, each participant explains how these concepts are controlled in their system of government. Viewers then cast a vote to select the best system. In conclusion, each participant recaps the government he is representing and explains its strong and weak points.

Personal response

This movie has enhanced my understanding of governments. I am able to define and distinguish different types of governments. Additionally, I am able to explain the structures of each government. The movie has also enlightened me on the efficiency of each administration and has improved my awareness on different attitudes in governance. Anarchy government is the type of government where no one is the leader. The narrator explains that in such systems, people look back at what they have gone through and believe the cause of these problems is the government. States ruled by the anarchy government; every person has to be protective of their life, that, of family members and properties hence making every person, to be armed. Freedom of movement is restricted since every person wants to protect what is theirs because of security deterioration. Laws are implemented to govern a republic government. A good example of a republic government essence is observed in the way a criminal is brought forward by a mob, but they are aware that everybody has a right to free and fair trial. Although the jury decides by the majority, the verdict is based on the law governing the state. In a democratic government, the majority populace generally has more power compared to the minority. Although both democratic and republic types of government support the majority, democratic government does not depend on the law. Only a few people rule oligarchy governance, but they are very powerful. According to Woitowicz, the narrator states that only one person rules a monarchy government, but although the person is the only visible leader, he has subjects who remain unknown to the public.

Work Cited

Woitowicz, Scott. Forms of Government: What's the Score? 2009. Web. 28 Jan. 2015.

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