Example Of Essay On A Summer Vacation

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Last summer, I and my friend Stacy applied for a part-time job in one of Boston’s famous hotels. At first, applying for a job on a prestigious hotel was tougher than we have expected. Boys and girls all across the city of Boston came to the hotel lobby to pass their application requirements for a restaurant staff post. Stacy and I were included in the long line of applicants rooting for the position which, ironically, offered a cheap salary. But anyway, it is fine with us since we do not have appropriate experiences at all. As father would always say, “better start lower so you can become successful in the future.” After eight weeks, Stacy and I were accepted as part-time employees. Of course, we were both happy because after the hard work and the waiting several hours to submit the application, finally it paid off. Before the end of the class, both I and my friend worked as official crew members of the hotel. Every summer, hotels in Boston are teeming with visitors from around the world. The hotel that employed us always held an annual event called the “Regency Ball” wherein the dancers dress themselves in fancy costumes resembling those of the Regency England, whilst the whole restaurant staff also puts on the uniforms of the servants of the period. According to our colleagues, the Regency Ball was the highlight of the hotel, held on every 14th of February. As a newly hired member, I was very excited to see the event as well as the fancy costumes of the dancers.
At last, February 14th came. I woke up early in the morning and mentally prepared myself to the most exhausting, yet fanciful day ahead. It is the most awaited ‘Regency Ball’ that everyone is talking about. Before we left home last night, our manager gave us a new uniform especially made to complement the occasion. For us women, it was a white gown, similar to the fashions of Jane Austen’s. My dress was white muslin with pale flowers that accentuated the plain décolletage piping of the dress. High waistline and with a free-flowing skirt, indeed even Jane Austen herself will be jealous. Masks will play an essential role in our charades. The main protocol of the hotel is that guests must not see our faces. I ate my breakfast quickly and went to the garage to find my bike. It was already 5:30am and riding a bike to work is certainly a good way to start the day!
As I travel across the cobbled path, I met Stacy halfway down the road. She is also riding her bike. I waved at her but she seems preoccupied with something. I pedaled my bike towards her and playfully tapped her back. “Hey Stacy! What’s up, you look kinda gloomy. Did you get some sleep?” I asked her. Stacy tore her gaze away from the shop selling gorgeous dresses for women. “Nothing, just looking that’s all.” She replied with a smile. I did not asked for more details. We silently drove our way towards the great hotel courtyard. From the distance, I can see the other staff preparing the banquet for the midnight feast. Crates of meat, vegetables and other ingredients were shipped inside the hotel. Mr. Simmons, the sous chef, greeted us with a warm smile. “Good morning there young ladies!” he waved back at us. I really loved his enthusiasm and positive aura. Stacy and I waved back to him as well. Minutes later, we arrived at the parking designated for employees only. We parked our bikes and secured them with a tight chain. Mr. Smithson, the security personnel in-charge of guarding the vehicles peered through his glasses. Although he has streaks of grey hair and bald spots on his head, the old security guard still retains his cheerful easy-go-lucky attitude. Our workplace was teeming with kind, good-natured people, and it was a pleasure working with them. Stacy and I helped the entire crew in preparing the dishes for tonight’s celebration. Stacy assisted Patty in baking the cakes whilst I assisted Mr. Simmons in preparing the meals. Everyone was busy and so time-passed quickly. I did not know how many hours I am working with the meals. All I know is that I enjoyed every moment of it. My dream was to become a celebrated chef in the future because I want to build my own restaurant too, of course with Stacy. Preparing food was an entirely a different story. For us newbies in the kitchen, food preparation should be kept in strict quality control to avoid food poisoning. Several instruments were used to prepare various dishes. Mr. Simmons taught me the different dishes of the world including their simple recipes. Throughout the day, I learned to create o-nigiri or Japanese rice balls with plum filling at the center of it. Important recipes such as the Salisbury steak, Kebab, Kimchi and many other foods I cannot remember the names kept me from becoming really tired. Afterwards, Mr. Simmons sent me to the scullery area to learn cooking the sauce. I learned how to cook delicious carbonara, spaghetti, sausage penne, and o-soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles).
Aside from chopping the ingredients, the chefs working there gladly assisted me in putting the right amount of seasonings so that I can obtain a balanced taste. I was very delighted when it tasted good to me. Perhaps, cooking is really my passion after all. On the other hand, after I did my chores, I visited Stacy who is still busy designing the five-tiered mocha-chocolate cake of the party. Under the minor supervision of her teacher, Stacy labored through the icings and confectioneries in order to produce the most beautiful cake that I have ever seen. The cake has a light brown color in its body, with circles of white belts made of sugar ware fastened across each tiers. Stacy and I hoped for the best that all of our efforts will satisfy the guests.
The party started at ten o’clock in the evening; the courtyard and the foyer of the great hotel are already full of people. Many guests, including foreign ones came to the Regency Ball dressed as gentlemen and ladies of Jane Austen’s fictions. All of them also wear fashionable masks so that they can avoid being distinguished by others. Stacy and I stood beside the red oak table. Our task is to simply observe the people and act as mediators if ever that there will be a problem against the visitors. When the music played, my heart seemed to leap out from chest upon hearing the melody of the French Waltz. The women looked gorgeous and elegant in their silk muslins whilst the gentlemen appeared dashing. The entire Mirror Room was filled with a sea of colors coming from the fabrics of the dancers’ dress. The sweet melody of the music and the brightness of the moon allowed me to walk for a while to enjoy the fresh air. The night sky was velvet of sea-shimmering stars. The last night’s party ended up exactly 6pm in the afternoon. After such a rigorous work, all employees who worked during the night shifts, the manager dismissed all of us. Even though the memory of that ball was so distant right now, I cannot seem to forget the minute-by-minute detail instructions on how to prepare healthy meals for everyone. After many years, I and Stacy eventually resigned to our work and built our own restaurant at the heart of the capital. And I do not regret what I did. Now that I am older, I realized the value of sacrifice during the early years. But despite the obstacles, we both managed to stand up to our own feet to challenge ourselves. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart that I was able to join the food industry, along with Stacy. The knowledge we earned yesterday, became the seeds of our tomorrow.

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