Example Of Essay On Conflicting Viewpoint

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Over the past years, mankind has consistently used fossil fuels as a source of energy. In practice, such fuels are formed through a natural process which may entail decomposing organisms. The major problem that resulted from using fossil fuels as a source of energy is as regards to the high level/ percentage of carbon that is produced in the process. A good example of these may include natural gas, coal and petroleum. Whenever these sources are used, there is a high amount of carbon that is produced (Broecker et al. 2009). It is because of this that most people have advocated for the use of alternative energies to fossil fuels. Because of this, the position taken in this paper discourages people from depending on fossil fuels and instead use alternative energies.
As a matter of fact, usage of fossil fuels should be highly discouraged. Their impact on the environment is destructive and discouraging. Recent statistics in the United States of America show that emissions of greenhouse gas in the country is as a direct result of combusting fossil fuels. Apart from the greenhouse gas, the usage of fossil fuels produces several pollutants. Some of these pollutants may include sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, heavy metals and volatile organic compounds. All these have harmful effects to the citizens and the livelihood of the organisms. This calls for alternative sources of energy to be used.
The website supports the position I take as far as fossil fuels and alternative energies are concerned. First, green jobs for economic recovery are based on the tenet of protecting the environment. As a matter of fact, green jobs tend to be oriented to the preservation and conservation of the environment, eventually aiding in economic recovery. This is the easiest way of promoting economic recovery as one is advised to use alternative measures. If, for instance, people use the alternative energies instead of fossil fuels, then it is possible to reduce the harm caused to the environment. This will in turn ensure that few resources are channeled towards keeping the environment safe. This premise therefore supports alternative energies to fossil fuels. The premise of solar power also supports the position/ argument taken in the paper. Solar power is one of the alternative energies that if tapped, can be effective. As compared to fossil fuels, solar power causes no harm. The fact that it does not exhaust also plays to the advantage of the alternative energies. As such, the solar power argument supports the position. Biofuels, as a matter of fact, are alternative energies to fossil fuels (Jacobson, 2006). The fact that they are renewable and do not cause harm to the environment means they promote sustainability, which goes hand in hand with alternative energies.
In his argument for the alternative energies, Ulf Bossel makes a biased statement. Although his arguments are accurate, he fails to acknowledge that fossil fuels are more reliable than the alternatives. His approach to this argument is biased, with his aim being to demonstrate that fossil fuels are non-renewable. He dwells on this shortcoming and fails to acknowledge that the fossil fuels have been the basis on which the economy is built. It is no doubt that the fossil fuels will at one point in time be exhausted. If and when this happens, human beings will have no option other than embracing the alternative sources of energy which are renewable. Today, however, the fossil fuels have not been exhausted and play a major role in the economy. It would be essential for them to give neutral perspectives.


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