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Globalization can be defined as the tendency by which businesses, technology, or even philosophies spread throughout the world or rather the process by which this happens. Globalization has a significant impact in all nations. These impact might both be positive and negative depending on their influence to the country. Globalization is characterized by a total interconnected market that is not affected by the time zone of a particular country. Globalization is associated with certain forces which form the main key for this process to occur (Caprio, p 231). They are mainly technology, trade and integration, offshoring and outsourcing, migration as well as transportation. These forces come along with several impacts that affect several sectors in a country. For example, some of the sectors or institutions affected by globalization include domestic companies in a country, workers within several firms, farmers, indigenous culture, as well as different demographic groups within a particular country.
Peru is the third most globalized country within the Latin American countries. In Peru, globalization has had both positive and negative impact to its various sectors both in economic, social and cultural sectors. Globalization has helped Peru in raising the people’s standards of living. It has also influenced development of various economic sectors within the country (Luthans et al, p 243). It has led to development of certain industries for example the manufacturing industries as well as market trade within the borders of Peru. On the other hand, it has had negative impact to the lives of people, such as both social and economic problems influencing the lives of people within the country. It has changed people’s culture, thus leading to change on people’s way of life. It has also lead to pollution which is caused by the industrialization.
Technological development is the main driving force for globalization in any country. Technology is socialized knowledge of producing several goods and services. Technology comes hand in hand with main key factors which include production, instruments, knowledge, possession and change. With technology, Peru has been able to interconnect with other international countries. Technology facilitates production of goods and services within the country. The produced goods and services produced within the country enables it to grow both economically and socially. The produced goods can be exported to other countries thus opening up markets for free trade with other countries. Technology also leads to acquisition of knowledge. This knowledge is a driving force towards globalization.
Technology within the country improves certain important sectors such as communication which leads to globalization. With technology, communication has been improved within Peru. The internet has enabled interconnection of people all over the world. The countries all over the world are able to connect to each other. This communication leads to revolutionized business as well as social lives of the people (Caprio, p 192). Furthermore, internet communication allows communication across states and countries. Some elements of technology such as use of satellites has enhanced government activities and research. Satellites have also been used to provide information on local and international weather patterns around the world. With such information, the governments are able to interrelate and conveniently know the state of the other countries. All this brings out globalization that is the key thing that enhances relationship between one country and the other.
Trade is also a key force that leads to globalization. Trade can be defined as the exchange of goods and services within and across the borders of a country. Free trade across boarders and open markets are the driving forces for globalization. The business transaction across different countries will lead to globalization. For example, with the free trade that was established within the APEC countries, of which Peru is a member country, Peru has been able to trade with the United Stated of America, thus leading to the spread globalization within the country. Free trade across borders and open markets whereby a country is allowed to exports its goods and services to other international country definitely results to globalization. Furthermore, trade is considered as a key driving force to globalization is the sense that, different countries are able to collaborate in exchange of both goods and services thus resulting to globalization. For this reason, trade is considered as they a driving force for globalization.
On the other hand, offshore outsourcing is another driving force for globalization. Offshore outsourcing is the process whereby the country seeks to hire an external organization in order to perform some critical and important business functions within the country. In offshoring, different companies are relocated or established in another country. In this particular case, all the functions are performed entirely by foreign people from a foreign country as well as by a foreign subsidiary. Furthermore, workers are sent to other countries or overseas from a particular country with a higher wage thus reducing their own domestic employment as well as domestic investment. Peru is one of the countries that has been involved in offshoring and outsourcing of specialized experts from other countries to come and establish their businesses and services within the country. This is a key driving force to globalization since it opens up a chance for allowing different countries to interact through sourcing of their experts to the other countries. When this happens or rather takes place, it opens up globalization between different countries. This has been one of the driving force of globalization within Peru and its neighboring countries such as the United States.
Migration on the other hand is also a key driving force for globalization. The main form of migration that results to globalization is international migration. Here is where people move from one country to the other for several reasons (Nilsson et al, p 163). The cause of migration may be different from one individual to the other. For example, people might migrate from a certain country to the other because of hunger hence moving in search for food. In another case, people might migrate to the other countries in search for employment opportunities or even for academic purposes. This movement of people from one particular country to the other causes globalization. People from the other country comes in with different practices thus spreading such practices in the other country. This causes globalization in the sense that different things are being integrated within different countries. Peru as a country has received so many immigrants from all over the world. Most of them come in to look for job opportunities or even some run from their counties because of instability to come and establish their lives within Peru. This results to globalization within Peru and the other countries.
Furthermore, transportation is also a key driving force for globalization. Transportation enables movement of people as well as goods across different countries. The improvement of transport network within a country helps fueling globalization within that particular country. With increasing improvement of transport sectors within Peru, people have been able to interact more freely across the world. The establishment and upgrading of airports and other transport systems has enabled free movement of goods and services as well as people across the world. People can move from one country to the other for several purposes. For example, people visit Peru as tourist who come for adventure. Furthermore, improved transportation facilitates trade across different countries as people as able to transport their goods and services across the world more conveniently at a very low cost. This improved transportation has facilitated globalization. Furthermore, international shipping across nations also brings about globalization as goods are able to be transported from one country to the other freely and more conveniently. Transportation is therefore the key driving force for globalization.
These forces of globalization has both positive and negative impact to several stakeholders within the country. The effect can be felt to several sectors such as economic sector, social sector as well as the cultural sectors. Globalization also has an impact to several demographic groups within the country. In Peru, globalization has had both positive and negative impact to its economic and social development. Globalization has enabled improvement of commercial activities within Peru. It has also lead to improvement of the living standards of people. Despite the positive impact, it has also led to some negative impact to the country. For example, it has resulted to cultural assimilation and loss of identity caused by the other nations. It has also resulted to environmental pollution which has been one of the problems affecting Peru as a country. The country is being faced with the problem of environmental pollution that has been caused by the increased manufacturing companies that have been propagated by globalization.
Globalization in Peru has enabled growth of several industries within Peru. For example, due to open trade with other nations, many people have been able to source the required facilities in order to come up with several industries in Peru (Luthans et al, p 134). There has been expansion of industrialization within the country. Manufacturing industries have been established. Some of manufacturing industries that have benefited from globalization in Peru are the textile industries and shoe industries which have taken over the Chinese shoes in the global market. They have absorbed many people who have been employed within these companies thus improving the living standard of people within the country. Furthermore, with the open free trade which is as a result of globalization, the agricultural sectors have been improved within the country. Peru has witnessed an improvement in agricultural sector as more facilities could be sourced from other countries thus facilitating the enhancement of agricultural sector within the country.
On the other hand, offshoring and outsourcing has led to a negative impact to Peru. Some of the foreign companies that have been established within Peru have taken over the local domestic industries. This has resulted to the collapsing of the local domestic industries due to stiff competition that has been brought about by globalization (Nilsson et al, p 94). Moreover, local domestic companies has lost market for their local goods that have been produced within the country due to importation of similar goods from other nations. This has affected the local domestic industries to an extent that they are unable to sell their local products both within the country and outside the country.
Open migration which is the movement of people in and out of the country has also contributed to the globalization. This has resulted to both positive and negative effect to the labour supply within the country. For example, with increased number of immigrants within Peru, there has been an increase in labour force within the country. More people who have come in the country because of globalization have increase the labour force in the country. Many foreign people have been employed in many institutions. Migration thus has led to supply of workers to the country. Despite the positive impact brought about by the globalization as a result of migration in Peru, it has also resulted to negative impact to the people of Peru.
Most of the workers who have been working in several institutions within the country have been displaced by the new immigrants who come in with more competitive skills thus leaving the workers in Peru jobless. When immigrants come in the country, they also seek for employment within several institutions in the country. They fill up some employment opportunities that would otherwise be filled up by the people of Peru. Furthermore, those with competent skills are replaced in the jobs with the less competent Peruvians. This leaves the Peruvian workers jobless. For this reason, their living standards is affected as they are left without employment. This has really affected the people of Peru.
Globalization has also led to both positive and negative impacts to farmers in Peru. Globalization demands for the export oriented crops, a more free trade and discouragement of subsidies. Peru exports fruits and vegetable to the northern hemisphere during off season period. It also exports potatoes, corns and tomatoes to the international markets. Globalization also focuses on standards. With the free trade, farmers within Peru have been able to export their farm produces to other nations such as in the USA. This has enabled them to expand their in agriculture as they have a ready market for the produced crops. Improved technology has facilitated innovation in agricultural sector. It has enabled discoveries in crop varieties thus improving agriculture. This has enabled farmers in Peru to have more yields in agriculture thus increasing their income from agriculture. Furthermore, improved transport has lowered cost of agricultural production. Horticultural farmers in Peru are able to access international market more easily due to improved transport network that has been facilitated with globalization. The farmer in Peru have also been able to access international markets as a result of free trade that has been enhanced by globalization. This has helped many farmers since there can easily access to the international markets more easily.
Rapid change that is being brought about by globalization has brought an impact to the indigenous culture of the people of Peru. Globalization has led to a change in the indigenous culture, as people copy the other nation’s culture. The cultural identity of the people of Peru has been greatly affected by globalization (Luthans et al, p 152). This has been brought about by migration of people from one country to the other. The immigrants from other countries come in with their culture thus trying to displace the local indigenous Peruvian culture.
Furthermore, globalization has affected several demographic groups within Peru. Majority of youths and those in middle age have fled to other countries in search for employment among other reasons thus resulting to demographic imbalance in Peru. Moreover, the middle aged people within the country have been assimilated with other cultures since this is the active age bracket within the country. This has brought in cultural diversity. This has both positive and negative impact to several demographic groups. For example, because of cultural assimilation that is among most of the middle-aged individuals, it has been difficult for this demographic group to interact freely with the elderly.


Peru as a country has experienced several impacts due to globalization. This has been both negative and positive impact. Globalization in Peru has been facilitated by the key driving forces which includes technology, transportation, migration, trade, offshoring and outsource. These have been the driving forces on globalization in Peru. This globalization in Peru has been associated to a number of effects both negative and positive in the country. It has benefited development of manufacturing industries such as textile and shoe industries. It has also improved agricultural sector as the most demanded crops such as fruits, vegetables, potatoes, tomatoes and corns have been exported to international market because of free trade that has been enhanced by globalization. On the other hand, it has had effect to the country has it has led to cultural diversification thus causing loss of the indigenous Peruvian culture. It has also led to loss of employment by the workers who have been replaced by the immigrants.

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