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Developing as a leader will require growth and understanding of the boundaries that a leader will define. All leaders have put in place the professional development portfolio which has highlighted the areas that they need to improve in order to be successful leaders in the future. This paper will focus on the development of professional development portfolio for the author. In so doing, the researcher will be able to understand the areas that need to be improved in the working and enhancement of the leadership components and skills (Chetcuti, Buhagiar, & Cardona, 2011).

Section 1 – Professional values, principles and goals

There are professional goals, values and principles that I need to enhance further and ensure that I succeed in acquiring others that are equally important in the process of becoming a successful leader. In this section, there are values that I will want to ensure that I enhance. One of the values that I will make sure that I achieve is that of integrity. Integrity is a significant aspect in any leadership endeavor. From my life, I have had instances where integrity has been an issue of concern that has required that I pursue integrity in all the aspects that I work. Integrity is the behavior of somebody when no one is watching. People will be known on what they will likely to do when no one is watching them. Integrity has helped me in my life because I have been able to be consistent with what I do in most of the cases that I engage with other people. I have managed to ensure that there is an understanding of the way people would have acted given the same situation that they might have been facing. In the case that has been presented, there has been the need to ensure that I do what most of the people in my caliber would have done. In most cases, I follow the examples of people that I take to be my role models (Unit, 2014).
Another value that I have valued in my life is that of honesty. I value being honest because I believe I will be charged with the truths that I say. In many cases, the truth will always set free, so the good book tells us. I have learnt the value of honesty from when I was young. It is a value that was inculcated in my life and work from a very early and tender age. I have learnt the importance of ensuring that I have the truth so that I will be valued by the truth at all times (Unit, 2014).


Some of the principles that I strive to have is to treat each individual equally at all costs. I am bound by the need to ensure equity for all people. When faced with cases where there are poor and rich people, we tend to favor the rich people and leave the poor under the mercies of God. It is a cause I intend to fight and achieve it while I am a leader. All leaders should ensure that they have the concerns of the poor and weak at their hearts. Actually, it is the reason they have been elected by these people (Unit, 2014).
I also strive to ensure that everything I do is right. I like being charged by my actions. I like to grow and learn from the mistakes that I make. I will ensure that there is an understanding of the consequences from the things I do. I have developed a routine where I analyze some actions and what will lead to my entire life if I go ahead and do.


I have been defined by goals for most of my life. I have ensured that I have goals that will be a radar in my life. I have always understood the value and the significance of the use of goals in my life. I always ensure that there are goals and what I am fighting to achieve in my life. Without goals, it is hard to have any achievement in life. I have always had a reason to live again and achieve the goals that I have set in my life. The goals have been a defining moment for most of the procedures that I undertake.

Section 2 - Action plans

There are action plans that I intend to undertake in order to have an achievement of the goals that I have achieved. The first step will be to ensure that I get self-development actions that will be definite guides in my life. By getting courses that will enhance my knowledge in leadership and people handling, I will be able to understand the working of people and how people interact in their lives.
I also have started seeking advice from those who have been in leadership positions. It is a mentorship process that will ensure that I get the best from the people in leadership positions. It is here that I intend to identify the people I could consider to be or good role models in their lives. Role models have a great influence on the lives of the subjects. I believe that the plans that have been set will be achieved because the passion that I have will sustain my urge and the need to have the paper to be done on time (Unit, 2014).

Reflection of the professional development plan

I have had many engaging professional development plan in my life. One of the things which was outstanding and has been evident is ensuring that I live according to the silent principles that have been stated in the society. I have been defined by the people I choose to live together with. It has been the most fulfilling moments in knowing that I have lived according to the expectations of the society that we live (Unit, 2014).
The plan that I have developed is effective as it shows the areas that I will have to improve. One of the weaknesses that I have noted through the analysis of the plan is that I have poor interaction skills with the people that I will lead. From the developments and the ideas that are integrated in the entire process, it is becoming evident that there is a need to have ways in which to get external advice and guide. Most parts of the plan has been from my assessment. In any assessment, it is important to understand the values and the developments that have been brought by other people. The environment shapes us. We are what we are because of the environment that we have chosen to live in. if we get the wrong environment, it will be hard to get the results that are desired.


Chetcuti, D., Buhagiar, M. A., & Cardona, A. (2011). The Professional Development Portfolio: learning through reflection in the first year of teaching.Reflective practice, 12(1), 61-72.

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