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The problem that is highlighted, in this case, is how Nike’s running shoes can remain a powerful brand among the Hispanics in America. The core focus is on incremental sales and increase of the brand awareness of Nike’s running shoes among the Hispanics.

Critical Factors

Competition:- Competition from other shoe production firms is a huge factor when trying to penetrate the Hispanic market. This is because each shoe manufacturer wants to increase their market share in this portion of the market. Each manufacturer will try to apply various methods to outdo their opponent and become the dominant supplier of shoes in the market.
Targeting: - Any marketing technique employed should be targeted to the specific market, that is, the Hispanics. The technique should take into account the characteristics of the market.
Media Delivery: - Media is a critical tool that can be used in marketing the product to the Hispanic market since it is widely accessible to the people. Examples of media that can be used include television, radio, newspapers and even social media.

Alternatives: - Two options can be considered as a marketing technique. These are explained below:

Use of the media
Several commercials of very important people such as athletes sporting Nike’s shoes can be made. Commercials can also be made featuring regular Hispanics as they go about their day to day activities. Such commercials can then be broadcast on television and viewed over the internet. Advertisements can be placed in newspapers and broadcast over the radio so as to reach more of the target audience. The core focus of these commercials and advertisements is to gain confidence of their target audience and gain new consumers of the product. The pros and cons related to this concept are as follows:


It certainly creates strong brand awareness among the eyes of the consumers since most Hispanics have access to media devices such as television and radio as well as the internet and newspapers.

The commercials and adverts have the ability to engage their target audience perfectly

It is less costly since media devices are widely available, and what one needs to do is just place the commercial or advert with the broadcaster to reach target audience


Some people find commercials and advertisements to be annoying as they are mainly aired when there are popular programs or news bulletins.


The Nike Company can sponsor teams in various sports in regions that have a large population of Hispanics. Thus, they would be increasing their visibility as well as goodwill among the people. The people would naturally be drawn to their products. The pros and cons of sponsorship are as follows:


The brand visibility would increase among the Hispanics, especially sports fans
Goodwill among the people would result in higher sales.
Sponsorship of teams can be expensive
There are two different alternatives that have been stated to market Nike’s shoes among the Hispanics. After heaving the pros and cons of each of the alternatives, it is recommended to use the media strategy. The main reason behind this is because it is widely available in many forms and is less expensive compared to sponsorships. Also, many people relate to commercials and advertisements as they tend to copy what they see on television.

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