Example Of Film Has A Lot Of Impact To The Society Essay

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Film Has a Lot of Impact to the Society

In my years of growing up, I used to be filled with a lot of wonder and amazement after watching a new movie. Whenever we could meet in the city parks with other kids, we could spend hours talking about the movie we watched, how it was so nice and how it could have been. We could recount the scenes that were interesting and even tried to act those scenes. From that moment to date I have always known that movies have a lasting impression on our mind, and thus they play a very important role to us. I can still remember what I watched almost 14 years ago and some of the scenes in this movie are fresh in mind like I just watched it yesterday. All the issues that I used to watch when I was younger played an important role in shaping my childhood and making me who I am today. Ideally movies played a significant role in my development I can quite frankly attest to the fact that films have an important role in the society. Not only do they contribute to the economy and provide jobs for the millions of actors, but they go beyond such.
It is such an act of injustice for one to deny the role of movies in the society. Ever since the conception of moving pictures, the industry has transformed from simply a tool of entertainment to a tool that can be used to give insights into the issues that happen in the society. History has seen how individuals have transformed this entertainment tool to a tool that can be used to address some of the opinions in the society. Such opinions have helped to change and shape the perspective of the generation and ideally achieve real change. One of the most effective ways that films have achieved this is using the type of movies called documentaries. Such documentaries always focus on one issue in the society and a real life situation with an aim of initiating change and bringing awareness to the issue being discussed. Such use of film has helped to change the societal perspective about various issues, and this is how change has been achieved. Apart from documentaries filmmaker and directors have also used comedy to try and mock some of the inappropriate behaviors in the society with an aim of making people change their perspective and perspective on various issues.
Such success is evident in the film Wreck it Ralph. The American 3D animated comedy and action film was released in the year 2012. The film was created by the Walt Disney Animation and distributed by the Walt Disney Studio Motion Pictures. The director Rich Moore is a known person in the industry since he has directed other movies such as the Futurama and the Simpsons. The executive producer of the animation was John Lasseter. The voices featured in this movie include those of John C Reilly, Jack Mcbrayer, Jane Lynch and Sarah Silverman.
In the film, the villain has a dream of becoming a hero. This dream makes him rebel his role as a villain. Ideally, the story revolves around this villain as it narrates his ordeals as he tries to pursue his dream. The villain makes Venlloppe Von Schweetz a young girl his best friend. It is at the same time faced with the task of eliminating a dire threat that seems to have intentions of destroying the entire arcade world. After the release of the film, it quickly became so popular and went into winning various awards. Such awards include the Annie Award for Best Animated Feature and also received various nominations; the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated video and also the Academy Award for Best Animated feature are an example. It is such award that makes this a great film. Away from the many awards the film has played quite an important role in analyzing many issues that I found touching and informative.
These are the ideas in this movie that I found quite intriguing and informative. The movie starts with a Game Fix-It Felix Jr. that is an 8-bit game almost similar to the game Donkey Kong. The villain in the game Ralph complains about how he is often shunned during the hero Felix is praised and finds everything so easy. The condition that he stays in is unbearable and hurting. While the hero sleeps in a house, he sleeps in the garbage pile. The film takes us through time and reveals that these are the same condition that Ralph has been in for the past thirty years. The movie takes us through the thirty years and shows the revolutions that have happened. At this point, Ralph is in a group of Villains that are trying to articulate their issues. His cohorts include a pac-man ghost, Zangeif, Browse from Super Marion Bros, Kano from Mortal combat and Egg man from Sonic the Hedgehog. This seems to be a group of villain from almost all the major video games. They are in a deep discussion of the issues they face, and they are trying to make it clear that being a bad guy might not necessarily mean that one is a bad guy(Quart & Auster, 2002).
There are some four major issues that I picked from the analysis of the film. First, it is that at times the problems we face are as a result of what people think of us. Secondly, I understood that it is important for one to take the initiative to change that there can be any kind progress in life. Thirdly, we should not accept what people think we are, but get out and refute such beliefs. And lastly, it is up one to take the initiative for change that there can be any change.
As mentioned earlier, movies play a big role in trying to enlighten the society and making them see the need to take action and change the issues that affect them. From this film, I was able to understand that we go through problems simply because of what people think about us. For instance, in the case of the film, the fact the Ralph is villain means that he has to live a bad life and face difficult conditions. The same is the case that other villains in other games face and we can see this when they all meet to discuss this problem. It appears that at time people might develop a perspective of a particular person and thus treat them basing on that perspective. For instance, in the film the villain has to live a poor life just because he is thought to be a bad guy. Such things should not be happening; it is important for people to take their time to analyze and understand people rather than simply just pushing them to live a kind of life that they do not deserve. It is in this way that the society will be equal and good for everyone.
The society requires that one takes a step to stop the situation that they are facing. Many people always go through difficult things without doing anything yet they have the capability of refuting the situation. For instance, in the case of film the Villain stays for thirty years in the same condition without simply doing anything. This tells me that at times there are people that keep on going through hard things without doing anything. In such case, it is clear that the predicaments that some people go through are because of their making. Instead of taking up the responsibility of changing the situations, they just accept them and go on living the same kind of life. Such kinds of the situations are common in the society. There are many people that keep on going through things that they have the power over, yet they are doing nothing about them. It is important for one not to allow others overshadow them. They should take their position and challenge anything that seems to take up their position. It is not the other people's responsibility to change such things; rather it is one’s initiative that can bring change (Lussier, 2012).
Another important theme that emerged from this movie is the fact that people should be the first to refute what others think about them when they feel it is not appropriate. People might think that you are supposed to live a particular kind of life yet personally you do not think that position is right for you. The worst mistake people make accepting what people think about them, yet they know it is not right. This makes it easy for those people to take advantage of you and keep you under their feet. At times, it is how we accept other to rule over us that we keep on suffering. I have opted that I will never give a chance to take advantage of me and just ride in my glory (Rafter, 2000)
The movie also brings out the fact that there are people that have the habit of riding in the glory of others. Ideally, there are other people that just stay there without doing anything yet they receive a lot of praises when other people do good things. It reflects a society where the disadvantaged people do a lot yet their efforts go to the few that have the might. In this case, the Villain does a lot of good yet no one realizes and appreciates their efforts. There are many examples in the world, especially in the developing nations where the few rich people live good lives yet they essentially do nothing. Most of the work is done by those that are under them yet at the end of the day people praise them for an outstanding performance. The fact that they are recognized as good people makes everyone think that they deserve all the praises and the good life. Such mindset sidelines the many people that do a lot of good things yet no one recognizes their efforts. It is also clear that such thing have not started happening yesterday since they have been there for decades and for others they have taken centuries (Eisner, 1997).
There comes a time in life when the power of the majority can change how things are done. For instance, in this film Ralph takes up the opportunity to talk to his fellow villains from the other games, and it is through their efforts that they can change things. I seem to look at this from the perspective that if people do not come together to discuss the things they are going through then it might be very hard to get solutions. There is power when people with common problems join together to get the solution. First, they will be able to combine their ideas and seek a common strategy that can provide a solution. This is evident in the film (eNotes, 2015).
Ideally, this movie provides me with a chance of looking at the society in a different and new way. At this moment, I can clearly see the things that I could have overlooked at some point in life. The film's plot is quite interesting, and I think this is the reason that the movie took a lot of awards at many film awards. Though people argue that sometimes films have a negative impact on the society, I don’t seem to see any negative impact that one can get in this film. The film seeks to enlighten the society, and that seems to have been achieved well in the film. Most importantly the film reminds me of my society. I can see how many of the rich people keep on taking advantage of the poor. The fact that they have power and authority makes them just to take advantage those that have less power as they do. Quite important to note is that it reflects the injustices that societies have faced in a very long time. It also shows that it is the effort of the people in the problems that can provide solutions to problems.


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