Example Of Ldrship Calls For Action Essay

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Published: 2020/10/07


It is truly important to uphold and bear stand on an individual’s established values. These values are needed to reflect the things that hold importance for a person. Values such as Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage are encouraged by the people especially the Army, to be a constant part in the course of our lives. Nowadays, our country needs more leaders than it should need followers. This country needs further innovation and care for its countrymen. What the young don’t realize is that it is quite simple to develop one’s skills as a leader and that the army has already established the core values on the road to becoming a leader.
First of all, we must be loyal and true to our mother country, the United States. We must be loyal to its heritage and value its rich history. People of this country must continually honor the sacrifices that our heroes of war have gone through in order to become a more successful country. The heroes have gone through the worst and, for this reason, deserve the loyalty that it is due. Of course, in our daily lives, a person’s loyalty to you must first be earned. Treating people in a fair manner can truly go a long way when trying to establish loyalty. People must always remember that being fair in judgments can build the foundations to a long and lasting friendship.
It is good to note that these values are in some way connected and are intertwined creating a domino effect for it all. For instance, being able to fulfill our obligations is the main accomplishment of creating the value duty among different people. By fulfilling our obligations and being true to our word, the loyalty that people deserve will then come out of the water as well. Doing the required action without even waiting for orders shows good character in an individual thus contributing to a person’s recipe for success in life. Another thing that people must be aware of is respect. Individuals from all walks of life are not strangers to this concept. Treating people with dignity and valuing their worth does maintain the harmonious relationship among friends and even strangers. Also, doing our part as citizens of this nation, we must bring back the service that it deserves. Individuals must first put their interests behind and serve for the benefit of all not just him or herself. In this manner of imparting the proper service, people must establish within themselves a good grasp of what is wrong and what is right thus instilling in them the value of honor. Evidently all these values are all necessary in the development of a person. However, without integrity, all else will be put to waste.
Integrity is an integral part of our value system as citizens of this great nation. This value calls for not just acknowledging what is wrong and what is right. The value of integrity calls for doing what is right even when circumstances call for the wrong action. By establishing the value of integrity, we act accordingly to what we believe is right. This fact is what makes this value rare in people. Everybody knows the concept of right and wrong. However, not everybody has the courage to act according to what they think is right. Seeing this relationship, it is rather easier said that the integrity of a person goes together with his or her personal courage. People must note that personal courage is not the deficiency of fear. Rather it is the ability of a person to set aside the fear of going against the norm and doing the right thing even when the situation calls for the opposite.
These values are rather big words for all of us to absorb in just one day. It also takes more than just a day to become the ideal person that the army holds ideal. However, as people of this great nation, we must remember to try at least and become the person who has all these values. The country needs it for the sake of development and peace. Treating people in a fair manner and being true to what is right can go a long way in this journey we call life. Respect begets respect and doing what is right or at least having the integrity to go for what is right moves mountains for the progress of a person in life.

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