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The use of mobile has been touted in the marketing world for a while and has proven to receive much success than television, print, and radio. Mobile is the only media that is growing at unprecedented rapidity. The other Media have exhibited a slower pace in growing. Advertisers are shifting from the traditional media and turning their focus to mobile digital media. The time spent on mobile by people is increasing significantly. Companies and organizations are coming up with apps that mobile users can access and get the range of products and services they offer.
Mobile use of social media is still growing. Mobile marketing pledges for creativity and brand engagement. Mobile-optimized content need to have an elaborate design. However, a smart mobile strategy goes beyond design to content development. To develop a right mobile-optimized content advertisement strategy, the business or an organization must come up with effective execution and standard measures to help popularize the adverts (Zakas, 2013). The first standard measure that the developers of mobile-optimized content must understand is the audience’s mobile habits. The advertisers need to establish the percentage of their audience who accesses their social media platform on mobile devices, what gadgets are they using (tablets or smartphones), the activities that they carry out in the social media platform, the amount of time they spend on the platform, reaction to consume visual content, the content that they are accessing, and establishing the other social media platforms and sites that their audience are visiting. The greater in-depth in the understanding of the audience’s mobile habits is the driving forces to enhance the creativity of the content. Another essential standard measure is to understand the makeup of the audience mobile universe. It will make the advertisers create content that is closely related to the audience favorite topics that feel native. The advertisers need to focus on the heading to ensure an effective execution of the content. When writing a content to a mobile user’, it is important the headline be relevant to the audience, must have powerful and timely hook, evokes an emotional response and must be loaded with proof elements so that the advertisement can be meaningful and trustworthy.
Native creativity and added value are the ultimate goals to maximize the success of the mobile-optimized content. Developing smart mobile strategies is the driving force to arouse the advertising content displayed on social media platforms. Mobile content management strategy comes with basic design principles. Some of the basic design principles for mobile-optimize content include simplifying and shrinking content file size, ensuring that the content is good to fit for the mobile environment, large prints, flexible designs, content that respects the user’s changing circumstances when they are using mobile devices, and focusing on solutions that fit an overall mobile content platform and plan.
Developers need to come up with flexible designs that will fit in every mobile phone devices such as iPhone, Windows Mobile, Android, and Blackberry. The content must be able to be viewed by all the devices. The point here is that the content must be acceptable to be viewed by the smallest smartphone and largest tablet. The layout design of the mobile apps must be proper and defined. The developers should make sure that they use large prints that are clean easily readable. Many times, developers do not come up with a proper layout and structure. They incorporate the content designed for the desktop applications or web for mobile apps without making any modifications or reviews. This gives the users a hard time to access the content (Hanna & Rohm, 2011).
Optimizing mobile content for the small smartphone devices, the following consideration must be put in place to ensure effective execution, use smaller file sizes with fewer graphics to save load time and screen space, use simple layout and simple navigation. Use of those simpler mobile content designs has been currently practiced by many mobile-optimizing content developers. Many have considered the practice of using a one-column layout. They also provide an option for their users to view desktop websites (Olenski, 2014).

Current best practices, effective execution criteria

The essence of mobile optimization content is to ensure that the visitors to a website, who use and rely solely on mobile devices, have an experience optimized for that particular device, say Smartphone, tablets and so on. While this is the case, it primarily means that a mobile device user should have the same experience as a person accessing the website using personal computers. The adoption of mobile optimization has been a trending topic in recent years, and is growing at an unprecedented rate in the contemporary world of marketing. According to online marketing consultants, there is what can be considered the best practices in the industry. These are discussed below, illustrating the most potent ways of having traffic to a website via mobile devices.
Foremost, the website designer or owner should ensure the se of the same URL for both PC and mobile device users. While this may cause debate concerning the possibility of execution, it is inevitably essential to understand that there will be urgent need for rearranging the elements of the website. While this is the case, the websites for the PC and the mobile devices could use different HTML but not different URLs. This way, a PC user sharing a link to a certain product or element of the website will successfully do so without any technical errors which may be frustrating.
Secondly, there is a need to develop a mobile application. This will enable the mobile device user to access the website with ease, and even save some links for later use. Such mobile applications have been widely integrated in the android mobile devices. Another primary advantage of the mobile applications is that they can enable the user perform some offline activities, which enhance convenience in the event that a user is at a place of region where the internet connection is unreliable.
Thirdly, focus should be directed to the enhancement of page speed. In pursuit of this endeavor, the owner of the website should consider optimizing images, through such efforts as the use of smaller graphics with less resolution. A smaller resolution will ensure that a mobile website loads within a second or so. This will boost convenience. In addition to such efforts, the designer of the website should as well consider minifying codes and reducing redirects. It is essential to acknowledge the reality that a website with many redirects looks unreliable, and in most case, unattractive to the users as it does not have a touch of authenticity.
The fourth best practice and recommendation is to avoid blocking of images, java scripts and CSS. Gone are the old days when images were not part of the mobile device websites. The images were difficult to optimize for mobile as the graphics and resolutions were not easy to reduce while maintaining high quality. Currently, however, the mobile devices have better features in terms of resolution and ability to integrate the images and Java scripts. In addition to this, the website designer r owner should ensure that the website is designed for mobile i.e. it should not use flash; instead, it shouldHTML5, which is available for all devices.
The fifth best practice and evaluation criterion is the use of search boxes. Following the small size of the devices, it is not possible for a user to navigate the entire site going through all elements to find what they actually need. To make everything effortless, it is important to introduce the use of a search box, where the user will key-in what they are looking for. This saves time, and enhances convenience. In addition to this best practice, the website owner should consider optimization of titles and meta-descriptions.
The sixth aspect is to consider the use of a visible and reliable, 24/7 mobile number. This will enhance communication between the clients and the business owning the website. It will enhance the making of inquiries by visitors, and any other customers. Finally, the website should be optimized for social purposes. This simply means that the website ought to be capable of being shared by users via various social media platforms.

Example of Chipotle Scarecrow

The ad by chipotle scarecrow app grabs the attention of the audience. The creativity that has been exhibited in the form of a story-telling video will make the audience want to know what is being advertised.
It is a simple ad which is easy to understand. The companion film for the Chipotle’s app requires the audience to watch the moving picture and come up with their own interpretation.
The benefit is clearly presented in the ad. The app has used music to make the moving picture be easier to interpret. The music and the story-telling video is the benefit that has been clearly presented.
There is a clear call to action. The content provides that the app-based game is pivoted on a quest mission for wholesome and sustainable food. The join to the quest for the wholesome food is the clear call to action.
The ad resonates with the target audience. The companion film has clearly indicated the objective of the app. The audience will be able to determine whether they will overlook the brand or relate to it.
All the content in the ad has a purpose. At no time did the content did not deviate from its objective. Everything it presented in the content was relevant to its text.
The ad is persuasive and believable; however, it creates an imagination. The content is believable but the motion picture gives a surreal impression to the audience.
The ad relates to the targeted audience. The targeted audience here is the people who love fresh food that has not been processed. The objective of the content is to inform the audience that the corporation deals only with fresh harvests and not processed food.

Example of IKEA Catalog

The content displayed by the IKEA catalog app grabs the user’s attention. The description of the app is well elaborated. The content tells the users that they could download the latest edition of the IKEA catalog and other IKEA publication. All users will be curious to see how that works out, how do you get a catalog through an app.
The ad is simple, precise and clear. All the content that the users need is placed on the description page. The description page indicates to the audience the number of pages of the catalog and everything they should expect inside.
The benefit is clearly presented to the users. The app has installed some photos that the audience could relate to when they are reading the content.
There is a clear call to action. The headline presents a caption that is unique. A downloadable catalog is the call to action.
The ad resonates with the target audience. Everything in the catalog is aimed at a specific group of people. All the prices and standards are indicated. The audience will only browse through what they want in the catalog.
Not all content have a purpose. The ad has a 300 paged catalog, users will only be attracted to what they desire and ignore what they don’t.
The content is persuasive and believable. The app illustrates the ads with other features like video and photos to make the ad real and trustworthy.
The ad relates to the target audience. The range of the brand that is being advertised has a touch for everyone. What the audience feels is relevant to him/she is what will draw them to it. The audience is the people who are moved with the native creativity of the content. They are the right people who can bond with the content of the ad. They will overlook at what is not of concern to them.


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