Example Of Research Paper On How Do Organizations Become Better Positioned For Annual Initiatives

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The Direct Growth Strategic Partnerships (DGS) being an essential IT unit in the company, it should invest in organization and coordination so as to improve productivity. The three areas of the organization work closely to ensure streamline enterprise planning initiatives. There are several strategies that the organization can adopt so as to become the better place for annual initiatives. The strategies that ensure proper positioning for annual initiatives revolves around management of different sectors of the organizations. Organizations must, therefore, ensure they plan properly to meet their annual needs and goals. The Direct Growth Strategic Partnerships should strive to streamline all enterprise planning activities so as to minimize business unit gaps that accompany delayed productivity (Mukherjee & Kachwala, 2009).
The IT organization in the Direct Growth Strategic Partnerships experiences slow movement of activities during the initial quarter of the year because certain essential decisions are yet to be made. Much time and resources are spent during the first quarter resulting in waste of time and resources. The organization in turn does not accomplish the expected return leading to low productivity. The organization project managers also face an uncertain outcome in allocations that are essential for conducting company functions. Gaps created in allocations lead to rescheduling of organizational functions. The result is massive business unit gaps in delayed productivity. Strategies can, however, be installed to enable a positive shift. Planning organizational activities annually will assist greatly in ensuring the Direct Growth Strategic Partnerships are better placed for annual initiatives. Plans are scheduled in time before the financial years begin so as to minimize the slow response of activities. Appropriate accountability and decision-making procedures are also essential in ensuring a positive drift (Hedman & Johansson, 2009).

Literature Review

After an investigation from several scholarly resources, certain theories were established. There was a slight variation in arguments in different information resources. However, most of the resources arrived at relatively similar conclusions. According to (Mukherjee & Kachwala, 2009), the management of operations in a company is key towards achieving techniques of productivity. Companies and organizations consist of several operations. All operations are dependent so that whenever one operation fails, then the next operation affected by the failed operation fails too. (Mukherjee & Kachwala, 2009), therefore, indicates that organizations should ensure all operational managers are properly equipped with their task to avoid unnecessary failure. There are also several productivity techniques that each organization is supposed to adopt so as to accomplish proper productivity within their financial years.
The International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance (2013) also provides essential information for organization management and alignment of annual initiatives. The journal concentrates on the issue of leadership and governance for organizational success. Leadership in an organization revolves around the executives to the lower supervisors. Each section of any organization must be lead effectively. Leaders who work hard and put their departments in order makes organization more successful. On the other hand leaders who neglect their responsibility give organization hard time in management of their functions therefore reducing productivity. The government also affects the rate of productivity of any organization. Government policies can affect organizations annual initiatives either positively or negatively. Organizations that align themselves to government policies in time face readily available increase in annual productivity (Koontz & Weihrich, 2007).
(Wang, Heng & Chau, 2007), gave a different perspective the strategies that can be used by the organization to improve their performance in annual initiatives. Competition and collaboration have greatly defined the direction several organizations should undertake in order to establish high productivity in annual initiatives. As opposed to management of internal operations within the organization to improve productivity, (Wang, Heng, & Chau, 2007) indicate that proper management of sales and supply directly affects the performance of organizations. Supply and sales are more external than internal to the organization.
According to Jannesson, Nilsson & Rapp, (2014), competition and workplace relationships both internal and external are essential in ensuring organizational functions are effectively conducted. Workplace relationships between internal employees in an organization is key toward ensuring productivity increases. Employees should engage in useful competition aimed at increasing the standards of the systems functionality. Competition with an external organization that deals with similar works also gives employees experience to deal with similar challenges. This, therefore, ensures employees are to the task at all moments. (Ross, Verclas, Levine, & Nonprofit Technology Network, 2009). Have also outlined the essence of technology towards achieving annual initiatives in organizations. Information communication technology is the latest mechanism of conducting daily organizational businesses. Each organization should adopt new technology processes in management and production.

Analysis and Solutions

After a critical review of the literature, several facts can be assumed based on the information provided by the scholarly resources. Leadership and organization behavior within the DGS is key towards increasing productivity and sales. The structure of the company should be outlined effective so that every employee in the DGS is provided with their area of supervision and service. The organization should, therefore, stay focused ensuring all functions are performed above average. Leaders of the organization should lead with examples so as to enable their followers to fit in perfectly. Several conflicts might arise as how management, leadership, and organizational behavior should be achieved. Several theories have emerged in support of divergent ideas. The theories when critically analyzed opens up management perspectives. Employees tend to get more enlightened upon learning the divergent ideas (Wang, Heng, & Chau, 2007)
Decision criteria when established, ensures leadership is strategically allowed so as to create a framework for management in the DGS. To achieve better strategic planning on annual basis, the IT leadership in the DGS should ensure that their leaders are properly coordinated with other leaders in the organization so as to ensure allocation of both human resource and financial resource are done in time (Cruz-Cunha, Miranda, & Gonçalves, 2013). The leaders should view time as an essential resource for success and, therefore, work within the stipulated time meant for strategizing. It is also manifest from the literature review above that certain emotional reactions may exist between employees. Therefore in the IT sector in the DGS control of employee competition and relations should be capitalized (Cruz-Cunha, Miranda, & Gonçalves, 2013).
Certain management conflicts occasionally arise in the DGS and Direct Sales section. These conflicts are connected to approaches of different managers and decision makers on how to go about appropriate accountability (Ross, Vercla, Levine & Nonprofit Technology Network, 2009). To improve the productivity of the DGS, the decision makers should make their decisions based on evident accounting documents as presented by accounting officers. Accounting should be done in a manner that verification is established to ensure authenticity. Proper accounting prepares the company and all its departments for annual initiatives as well as increase in productivity and relevance. Information Technology department plays a fundamental role in providing modern accounting techniques using computerized platforms. The company, therefore, can ensure appropriate accounting information is issued for timely planning.
The DGS and direct sales when properly coordinated can result to increase in productivity technically. Coordination can be managed by improving communication between the two departments. Plenty of essential information should be shared among the managers in the DGS and the Direct Sales department. This will ensure the company is well equipped with strategies to undertake annual initiatives. Planning without establishment of feasible timelines is not enough to raise the organization's productivity. Plans should be placed with timelines dictated so that certain activities are done within scheduled time. Delays are therefore minimized hence high productivity (Ross, Vercla, Levine & Nonprofit Technology Network, 2009).


As expressed in the discussed scholarly journals, business unit gaps in delayed productivity can be minimized so as to increase the performance of an organization. In the case of The Direct Growth Strategic Partnerships, the Department is supposed to invest in proper planning within stipulated timelines in order to minimize lateness in production (International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, Ribeiro, Worasinchai, & Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Southeast Asia, 2013). To get an upper hand in annual initiatives, the company DGS is supposed to coordinate faster and sensitive planning. Several departments should establish communication and accounting in order to stay within the company goals. Employees should also relate perfectly to their fellows in bid to create a conducive working environment for every person (Hedman & Johansson, 2009). Production conflicts, operational conflicts, and decision-making conflicts should be minimized by ensuring lengthy constructive discussions. Company discussions should not be overtaken by egos but critical reason based on corporate facts. Considering all the availed solutions, the company will be properly positioned to engage in annual initiatives without delay. Departments including the DGS and the Direct Sales will also be properly coordinated leading to faster production.


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