Example Of The Appearance Of Sacred Essay

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Published: 2020/10/18

Appearance of Sacred Analysis

When one thinks of the word sacred, it can hold many different meanings. By definition sacred means that something is connected to a higher power, such as God or other gods. It is born of a religious experience that might include a special place, event, or ritual.
One such example of this might be a wedding. This type of event usually consists of being held in a special place such as a church, a garden, a beach, or other place that might be considered sacred. Typically, there is a minister or someone in authority who officiates the ceremony as it is almost always religious in nature. This, in and of itself, might be considered a sacred space as the location of a wedding is held in a special place that has significant meaning for the bride and groom. A wedding consists of many different facets that are all incorporated to make the overall experience special and memorable for the bride, groom, wedding party, and those in attendance. No small detail is taken for granted. Brides often stress over the minutest of details to ensure that her special day will be perfect. Some of these might include the flowers, décor, bridal party colors, and what music will be played. Rings are typically picked out in advance by the bride and groom. The common denominator among all of these are they each are symbolic in nature and are considered sacred objects as each has their own individual, special meaning. Usually a wedding is planned around a particular theme. The selection of a venue along with all the aforementioned details all play into this theme. These details also determine the time of day the wedding will be held and depending upon the type of ceremony will dictate the minister’s role in it.
At some point in time throughout life, various sacred persons have had an influence or impact. Such individuals may be ministers, teachers, counselors, and friends. Each of these particular roles have a significance in molding and shaping who we are. They impact us by their words, actions, and deeds. Their insight can be profound, enlightening, and influential. Ministers might fall into the category of sacramental as they teach the values of truth and knowledge. Teachers and counselors might fall into the category of mystical as they teach us wisdom and knowledge. Friends may fall into the category of prophetic as true friends can oftentimes give us insight into ourselves that we cannot see. They predict outcomes to our problems and support us unconditionally.
Some of the places within my community that bear sacred significance are cemeteries, churches, memorials, and parks. All command respect and a reverence upon entry. There is something very humbling about visiting one of these landmarks and being reminded of those things or people we once held dear. Another example would be Arlington National Cemetery in Washington, DC, or the Lincoln Memorial. There is such an esteemed regard for the historical aspect of these landmarks steeped in rich tradition. These are all examples of things we admire that force us to look outside ourselves to something much greater.
There are many quasi-sacred significance experiences to draw from on a personal and community level. The death of loved ones ranks at the top of the list. When we lose someone to death, it is a sobering experience. It is a loss beyond compare. There is a finality that elicits the sacredness of their memory that stays with us forever. It becomes part of a ritual of annual remembrance of special dates and occasions shared only with them. The same would apply for major national events such as 9/11, past world wars, and other historical events that consisted of loss and a trepidation that unified the human spirit into one accord.
As shown here the concept of sacred has many connotations. Sacredness means different things to different people. This is due in large part to an individual’s personal beliefs and convictions. To consider something as sacred, gives credence to the enormous significance of the meaning that it holds for the one who possesses it.

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