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Life is the precious gift by the Almighty and it is full of blessings. There are a lot of things that are made by Almighty so that we explore and praise the beauty of the nature. Human life is full of stress and problems and nature becomes remedy of the problems. Such problems become the reason behind the mental illness which is the cause of the different psychic problems (Dohrenwend, 1974). Hence in this tough life there is always a need of the atmosphere that becomes the remedy of all the problems.
Human beings in this life came for praising the God. Whatever they do is their deed and all of the human beings have to pay for that. The people who are good will get the reward in the dooms day. Whoever does bad things and hurt the feelings of the people are considered to be the bad people and will suffer due to their act (World Assembly of Muslim Youth, n.d).
Furthermore, in this life, we are living in the same scenario. Those who are good to others always get reward. They are praised by the people and liked by their community. On the other hand, the people who act badly and do crimes in the streets, they are cursed by the people. Those violent people are caught by the police and are put into the jail for their deed. They are penalized by the courts and remain in the jail for their act.
Hence in this paper, we will talk about the people who are penalized and the life of the people whom are exonerated. Furthermore, we will talk about the life after the exoneration of the people. So in the proceeding paper, we will talk about different scenarios and the program that is conducted for the exonerated people.

Life after the exoneration:

In this part of the paper, we will talk about the issues that the people will face after exonerated life. First of all, talk about the challenges that the wrongly convicted people face. Although the people who are exonerated are innocent but failed to provide the proof due to which they suffer. Whenever they get free from the punishment which they actually do not deserve, they feel guilty of the changes that occur in the outside life (Miller, 2014).
Living inside prison is really a tough job and it becomes tougher when living inside the jail without any reason. After coming out from the punishment, there occur many changes in the outside life as people are moving and life is also. The first change that accused person is not familiar with is the change in the environment. Although accused person without any reason has to live in the punished place but outside environment changes continuously with the each day passing. So, when the accused person is set free from the jail, he has to face lot of challenges and he becomes the stranger even in his own city (Miller, 2014).
Moreover, the change in the technology becomes the hurdle for the convicted person. If we talk about a person who has suffered a punishment of more than 30 years, there is a lot of change in the outside life and the daily progressing world will introduce many new technological products with which accused person is not aware of. Hence there will be a challenge for accused person to learn about the new technology and to know about the use of technology becomes hurdle for him (Miller, 2014).
Furthermore, the life after the exoneration becomes hard to live as the innocent person is accused of some crime which he never did. But the people around the accused person start to get away from him as they find him guilty although the reality is something else. This distance keeping of the people make him more psychological patient due to which he become violent and at the end go on the way of crime and become a real violent person. Hence the behavior of the people make him more violent and instead treating with care, people around him treat like a culprit which make the convicted person more violent (Miller, 2014).
Furthermore, getting violent after the exonerated life due to the behavior of the people is not the dereliction of the convicted person. The blame that is given to him by the people makes him more violent which is actually the reason behind the increase in the crime rate. Hence the reason behind the increase in the crime rate can be the behavior of the people that makes the innocent people guilty of the crime (Miller, 2014).
Hence there was the need of such program that was for the people who were convicted with the false statements. However, there are lots of research programs that are working in the modern time for the rehabilitation of such convicted people. With the help of these programs, psychological effects on the people who are accused of the crime which they never do, is studied so that more people can be rehabilitated in order to decrease the crime rate (Miller, 2014). However, Grounds (2004) argued that in spite of the modern technologies, still people are getting accused and there is a need to do more research for the rehabilitation of such people.
In the proceeding part of the paper, we will talk about the programs that are being held for the convicted people. Further, we will talk about the different ways through which they are rehabilitated.

Programs after exoneration:

Moving on, people who are accused of some violent act when set free need the resources to live. There are many cases in which the relatives and the family members of the convicted people refuse to accept them as their family part. In that case, such people will obviously go for the violent act as they have to fulfill their appetite. For the sake of satisfying such people, there is a need to start the program that could help the needy and homeless people.
Moreover, in the case study discussed by Miller (2014), in which Charles Chatman was accused of attacking woman. After many years spending in the jail, he was set free because he was innocent. Now after spending 28 years in the jail, when he was released, he had faced lot of issues. The major issue as discussed was the change of the life around him. The same city which he left before 28 years and went into the jail was not the same in the present time when he was released in the year 2008.
There was a lot of change around him. The first change that he saw was the infrastructure around him. When he went into the jail, there was not so much development but during the time when he was in the jail, each and every thing around him changed. The second issue that he would face was the financial issue, but due to his innocence, he was set free and charged as a free man. But due to considering him criminal, he was given a fund that helped him to live his remaining life. Norris (2011) further argued that Chatman was lucky as he was caught in the city of Texas. Texas has rules that are generous to the exonerated people. This was the reason due to which he was set free and was given with the fund to live the remain of his life as a free man.
Furthermore, there is a need of the organizations that work for the rehabilitation of the convicted people. Although there are many organizations that are working for the same aim but there should be some governmental organizations that explore the destructed people from the curse of the crime.
Relating the case study of the Chatman as studied by Miller (2014), when he was set free he started to work for the rehabilitation of the people. Instead of getting furious and in the aim to take revenge in spite of starting crimes like snatching and the sexual harassment for which he was accused, he started to work for the well being of the people who were caught for no reason.
Furthermore, in the program that is working for the exonerated people, compensation is not enough. Compensation is not enough to give them back the curse free life that they used to live. Further, once they are accused of the violent act, the people around them compel them to become more violent even if they were just blamed. There is a need to improve the post release planning services in order to rehabilitate the people who get freedom from the curse of the crime (Chunias & Aufgang, 2008, p. 107). However, the major issue that is due to the compensation method is the in equality between the people who are cursed to be in the jail. There are many other people who are still in the jail and are innocent. There is a need of the program that will deal with the people on the basis of the equality.
Moreover, the people who had suffered by living in the jail become more complicated as they got some severe problems like anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder and many other problems. In a survey discussed in the research done by Weigand (2009) there are 38% of the people who had suffered with anxiety, 40 % people suffered with depression and 28 % of the people suffered from the post traumatic stress disorder (p.428). Further, more than 57 % of the people never get the income that they earned before going to the jail which also makes them curious. Hence such people are kept away from the scenarios which can make them feel like the atmosphere of the jail so that they might not get hurt (Weigand, 2009, p.428).
In order to conclude above all discussion, there is need to understand the situation of the people who are released from the jail for the act they never did. As it is the human psychology to take the revenge, there is a need to make calm the furious comments of the people. But to make them calm and to teach them a lesson to remain calm is the basic need.


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