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SPECIFIC PURPOSE: I want my audience to have a full compression about the value of finance in business, personal life and why I chose it as my major.
THESIS: Although I was not interested in financial matter early in my life, but when I started my business early last year, I realize the importance of having a sound financial knowledge since it help the owner of the business to manage the resources of the business efficiently thus majoring in finance is an ideal option for me to advance my career and expand my business.


“It takes money to make money, so the proverbial saying goes. Businesses have to consider their finances for so many purposes, ranging from survival in bad times to bolstering the next success in good ones” (Feigenbaum, 2015).


When I joined college two years ago, I found life here in college extremely difficult since I was always broke and indebt. The pocket money and handouts I received from my parents and relatives was not enough to sustain me here in college and meet all my needs. Thus, I decide to look for employment which will enable me earn extra money to meet some of my needs, fortunate enough, I got a employed in one of the leading clothing retail here in the city. I worked in various sections from delivery services store keeper, shop attendant, cashier to a cleaner. It was quite an experience since I was exposed to all sections of retail store. Additionally, I was able to interact with various clients and get to know their needs which have not been fulfilled by the current businesses in the market. From the interaction, I realized most of the clients don’t like to come and shop all the time. They just want to sit comfortable at home or in the office and shop for the things they need. Moreover, some customers are too busy and they don’t have enough time to shop for their essentials. It is from this interaction I realized there is a niche in the market which I can comfortably fulfill. I request the clients to allow me to shop on their behalf for a small fee. All they need to do is email me what they need and where they want it delivered. Customers can either pay before delivery or after delivery depending on the prices of the item they need. If the items are too expensive they have to pay before delivery but if the itemis not expensive and it cannot bring financial crisis to my business, the customers can pay after delivery. Ever since the business has been growing, I make more money and I have managed to employee two people to help me run the business.


Starting the business was not easy since I had no knowledge of managing funds and the financial institutions were not ready to give me a loan since I had no collateral. The only valuable item I had was my mobile phones since it connected me to my clients. Thus, I started with nothing but trust. The clients trusted me with their money and they hope I will deliver. Therefore, little knowledge I had in financial matter helped me manage the expense of the business and offer better services to the client. Therefore, majoring in finance is an excellent choice for me since it will help me expand my business to cover the whole city and upon graduation. Furthermore, I can start my own financial consulting firm instead of searching for job like most graduates do when they clear college.


The financial knowledge has helped me start and grow my business to the current level, whereby I manage all the resources and meet clients needs thus majoring in finance will help me expand my service business and advance my career in financial matters.


Having a degree in finance put me in a better position to find job in the job market. The finance degree apply to all sectors of the economy where there is funds to manage. Additionally, through the knowledge I learned in this class I will be in a better position to be an excellent entrepreneur and expand my business. On the other hand, most of the new business collapsed within the first years since their inception. Thus, financial consulting firms are gaining popularity since they help business owner to manage their resources.


Graduates with finance degree have high chance of getting employment since they can work in any sector of the economy.
The graduates can work in both profit and non profit organization. According a burial of labor statistics, “Financial managers are responsible for the financial health of an organization” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015)
According to the United State bureau of labor statistics, the job market of the finance graduates is expected to grow by 16 % (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015). This is because many area of the economy need financial analysts to provide knowledge on the dynamics of the market in various regions of the country.
According to Hughes, finance jobs are one of the lucrative jobs in the job market with a good salary and benefits (Hughes, 2015). The bureau of labor put the starting salary at US$ 50, 000 to 75,000 per annum (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2015).
TRANSITION: On the hand, the finance graduates can take advantage of the knowledge they have learned in class and exploit their own talents by being entrepreneurs. The graduates have the skills to start and manage their own businesses.
According to finance degree center, “There are many degrees to choose from, but the one with the most personal benefits would be a degree in finances” (Finance Degree Center, 2015). As according to this statement, the finance degree moulds you to be a better person in terms of managing your own resources to other people’s resources. Thus, with a financial degree a person is better in managing things.
Entrepreneurships help an individual exploits their talents and being their own boss. The finance knowledge helps an individual to know which ventures are profitable and which will results in loses. Thus having a finance degree helps a business person make sound decisions (Ducker, 2015).
An entrepreneur with his business is given the freedom of making choices on how the business is going to managed (Ducker, 2015). This gives the entrepreneurs the advantages of customizing their business to meet the needs of the clients in the market.
The entrepreneurs are their own bosses. Apart from making all the major decision on how to manage the business, their schedule is flexible. They work at their own time and space (Ducker, 2015).
Additionally, the entrepreneurs decide the destiny of the business as how they want the business to grow and who they want to work with in growing the business (Ducker, 2015).

TRANSITION: Notably, there are many businesses which are currently struggling with finances problems due to bad financial decisions.

This is a great opportunity to someone with sound financial knowledge. A graduate with a financial knowledge can start his/her own financial firm to offer consulting services to the struggling business which have no ideas on how to mange their finances.
According to Mason, “8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years” (Mason, 2015). This shows how hard it is to manage the business. Thus, with the knowledge in finance, it will be a great opportunity to help the business which are struggling and advance my career and business.
As the graduates help these businesses to run into profitability once again, the graduate is advancing his/her career to greater heights. This helps the graduates gain adequate knowledge in the financial matters.
Furthermore, Mason asserts that, “80 percent of new businesses fail within the first five years”. This is to show how harsh the business environment is to business individuals. However, this is an advantage to finance graduates who offer their expertise to various businesses facing financial crisis. As the graduates help these businesses, they learn the mistakes which were made by the business to make them struggle in the market. Thus, a graduate is able to learn how to avoid these mistakes in future as they expand his/her own business.

Owning your own business give a person a total satisfaction and a feeling of accomplishment.

In life we have our own desires and needs in life. Owning a business is one of the biggest achievements desired by many graduates since it gives them a sense of actualizations as defined in the Maslow (Cooper, 2013).
Additional, owning a business makes person to be in a better position to make change in people’s lives through corporate social responsibility or paying employees good salaries and benefits to alleviate their standards of living. (Cooper, 2013).


Having a finance degree not only makes you get a lucrative employment but makes one a better person. The finance degree installs essential skills in an individual not only how to calculate money but how to manage resources. Additionally, it makes an individual to be a valuable person in the society, who is involved in making changes which have positives impacts in people’s lives.


Michael Jackson is well remembered from organizing a song sung by many renowned musicians; the song emphasized that, “we are the one to make a change in this world” (MetroLyrics, 2015). Thus, if you want to make a change it is better to study finance as your major.


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