Example OF Who U Are Essay, What You Believe In Essay

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Published: 2020/09/21

In the contemporary world we often hear people talking about the “values”. They are getting more attention because of ever increasing racism, religious extremism, ethnocentricity and much more. In such circumstances, people are often reminded of their values and are made to realize that all humans are equal regardless of the geography, cast, creed, religion and ethnicity. It could be said that values are a “personal doctrine” which often help to fight the issues not just at social level but personal as well. Crudelyit could be said that values are a set of rules, principles or standards of behavior which are extremelyimportant in the life of an individual and they are based upon his own judgment and moral sense.
Likewise, my values determine my priorities and they are my fundamental beliefs. I can’t work with the bullet pointed list and adhere to it no matter what rather I have got my own sense of judgment. I feel satisfied when I am not dictated and I do things the way I feel is right. I don’t deny the importance of Ten Commandments or Boy Scouts but since every human is different so they can’t be generalized as the only set of principles or standards one would need in his life. For me they are my measures which tell me if my life is turning out the way I want to. I feel wrong and extremely unhappy if I deviate from them and that is why I believe that making a conscious effort to set and identify the values is extensively important. Values exist whether onerecognizes them or not but life becomes easier if they are being acknowledged and consciously followed.


Every one of us needs this value in their list especially in this age where we find intolerance and hatred everywhere. I try to be kind to even those who are different and I always respect the “difference”. I lost my parents at a pretty early age but they always taught me to treat others in the way I want to be treated. I believe that I got this realization from them. We had Muslim neighbors. All the kids celebrated Eid as much as they celebrated Christmas. I never found my parents arguing regarding the right or wrong belief system. As I grew into a teen, I realized that one can’t respect anything or anyone unless he is compassionate, patient and optimistic. It is since then that I try to listen and understand the other’s perspective and I appreciate them the way they are. Every oneof us is equal, same and identical under the flesh. It is not too difficult to respect others. I would always adhere to this core value because it doesn’t just compliment other core values but promotes love, peace, tolerance and harmony in the community.


Since I lost my parents and stayed with my grandparents most of my life, kindness is something that has transferred in to me and I would struggle to adhere to it all my life. Being kind doesn’t just grant peace to my mind but makes me a productive member of the society as well. We all know the golden rules but we seldom take them to heart. A lot of people overlook kindness in me as a sign of weakness but they fail to realize that it is my strongest attribute. Satisfaction of soul is above everything else. It is extremelyhard to be kind these days but even a little of it can go a long way. I believe in “Karma” that is why this value is extremely important to me. It helps me to identify the positive energies around me. When everything around is getting so darkand harsh, I try to play my part and struggle to make a difference.


My parents stuck together to each other till they died. I am the only kid they had so my parents were my first school. Loyalty is when you put yourself behind the expectations and needs of others. Over the time I realized that it is the center of my integrity and is connected to unselfishness. It is the elixir of any healthy relationship. It is extremely difficult to be loyal and sometimes I make wrong choices too. But I stick to this value because it grants me satisfaction of soul and mind. Being loyal is the base of everything in life where two things are connected. It could be human and human, individual and culture and so on.
My values are fairly stable but they have changed over the time. I firmly believe that the values evolve as much as everything does with time. Identifying them is too challenging but the personal values are the center of who I am and who I want to be. I have often experienced conflicts between these two states of minds. Sometimes the decisions in the life determine what we value most. Sometimes we have so many reasonable options to choose from. But it is helpful to rely on the values and use them as the only guiding force.

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