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Advertisement is a tool used to target audience explicitly or inexplicitly in order to make them attracted towards the product or service. Advertisement helps to make people buy the product and compel them to refer it to others. The Coca Cola is one of the most popular soft drink companies in the world market. It was founded in the year 1886 and since then it is selling soft drink along with a style.
The main theme of Coca Cola advertisements is one unique keyword that is share happiness. In this report, Coca-Cola’s compaign of contour bottle on its 100 years completion is reviewed. The chief purpose of this review is to understand the logic and concept of advertisement, company’s strategy to enhance customers in order to combat other companies.
The above image is taken from Coco Cola’s digital campaign celebrating 100 years of contour bottle. Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Marilyn Monroe are the models of this advertisement. The title of this campaign is “I’ve kissed” and features Charles, Presley and Monroe who are being kissed by the Coca Cola bottle. The main theme is that anyone can get happiness simply by take Coco Cola’s soft drink.
Further, this campaign has a unique turning point that advertisement is open ended. People around the globe are invited to submit their suggestions regarding what would be next because it is shown in the advertisement that people transfer bottle to the next person for kissing happiness. This shows how Coco Cola bottle transferred from one hand to another – a period of evolution.

Advertisement Analysis

The materials of company’s marketing campaign have been formulated according to their desired message and celebrities, words and music clearly justify the theme. The Messages conveyed in the mentioned advertisement are of three segments. Firstly, Coco Coca is the best drink to satisfy thirst. Secondly, Drinking Coco Cola is a part of stylish lifestyle and thirdly, by drinking Coco Cola, one kisses happiness. However, various experts doubt that Coco Cola satisfy thirst in real sense. In order to shun this objection, Company’s professionals state that the word thirst used by the company is different from natural thirst and it is a craving for stylish cold drink. Anyhow, whatever is the meaning of thirst; people are highly motivated to buy Coco Cola drink in order to look stylish.
The targeted audience of this advertisement is the youth. Primary and secondary both type of audience are targeted. It is basically to attract those people who are inspired by legendry celebrities and have emotional feeling of being happy especially those who love to get happiness by kissing every moment of life with joy. There seems no obvious ethical or legal issue and this advertisement fulfill the basic requirements of Australian advertising standards because this campaign indicates sharing happiness to others. The advertisement is no doubt attractive and it appealed me as well.
The main theme words of the advertisement are so appealing because everyone wants to be happy and I am also striving for happiness thus it attracted my attention candidly. Moreover, this advertisement can be improved by focusing on individualism as there is over emphasized on collective happiness, sharing and collective emotions. Further, the main color used in advertisement is red which an indication of love, adventure, wild emotions and romance as well as of danger. This gives an impetus to people for doing something more energetic in life. (Videos et al., 2015)


The main purpose of the advertisement is to enhance sale of the product and by motivating people to fulfill their needs as specified by Abraham Maslow. Maslow has successfully established a concept of certain stages of needs that encourage people to work for attainment of those needs. Thirst is one of the very basic physiological needs and that is why Coco Cola marketing experts use this word.


The analysis of Coco Cola 100 years campaign advertisement give some highly interesting insights about the core values of the company. It is necessary for a company to be consistent with its brand identity and core values. It is the diversity of today’s world which compels the Coco Cola company to use attractive contrasts in the advertisements. Moreover, the race of maintaining position in the global market forces Coco Cola Company to evolve comprehensive marketing strategy. Thus advertisement is not just a fun but an art that helps to shift information from words to images in order to grasp the attention of audience.


The Company usually uses advertising as its major way of enhancing sale by making people aware of the product. The main source of advertising is television. There is no denying the fact that television is a good source of advertising product but with rapid development in technology, it is need to pay more attention towards social media marketing. Further, Coco Cola Company can appeal more effectively to the people by adding middle and old age persons in the advertisement.


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