Free Argumentative Essay On Why Not Comprehensive Sex Education?

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The federal government has devoted a considerable amount of cash in abstinence-only programs in our schools. However, these programs have proved unsuccessful because there are still a lot of cases of teenage pregnancies. The introduction of comprehensive sex education is the most excellent way to reduce teenage pregnancies in our schools since students are taught how to use contraceptives and to avoid the adverse sexual outcomes. Comprehensive sex education is a program whereby students are provided with education about sex and how to be protected. Sex education is a contentious issue in our schools as there is mixed reactions on whether it must be allowed in our schools or not. I am not in favor of comprehensive sex education being taught in our schools because; I firmly believe that, it will help students make the right decisions about their sex life. In addition, comprehensive sex education will help eliminate the increasing cases of teenage pregnancies in our schools. Moreover, it should be taught because the abstinence-only programs in our schools have proved to be ineffective since our teenagers still indulge in pre-marital sex.
Comprehensive Sex Education is vital in our schools. Some people think schools should not address sex at all, but schools are obligated to educate students. They argue that, sex programs will destroy the morality of the youth. If schools fail to address sex issues, then our teenagers will be misled on sexual issues (Kirby 1182). It is better for our youth to learn about sex from an educative point of view, other than them learning from the media and their peers. In addition, if sex education is not taught in our schools, it will lead to an increase in sexual activities in our youth and the outcome will be health issues and unwanted pregnancies. Therefore, it is important for sex education to be taught in our schools so as to help our teenagers reduce sexual activities or learn to indulge in protected sex.
Opponents argue that, comprehensive sex education should be abolished in schools and abstinence-only programs introduced. I disagree with this because; abstinence-only programs in our schools are ineffective. Students are educated to refrain from sex, but they are doing the opposite since there are many reported cases of unwanted pregnancies among our teens. In addition, according to Collins et al., abstinence-only programs “do not acknowledge that many teenagers will become sexually active" (2). Therefore, teenagers who attend comprehensive sex education are less likely to experience unwanted pregnancies and STDs compared to teenagers who attend abstinence-only programs. Therefore, it is vital to introduce comprehensive sex education in out schools so as to save our teenagers from contacting sexually transmitted diseases and getting pregnant while in school.
Some people argue that comprehensive sex education has negative results on students, but comprehensive sex education in our schools has positive results for our students. Sex education helps our students to make the right choices when it comes to sex. They are taught on how to handle sexual issue with their peers and this will contribute to reducing incidents of pre-marital sex in out teenagers. Most students who go through comprehensive sex education programs are said to abstain from sex, and if they indulge in pre-marital sex, they will always indulge in safe sex (Kohler, Manhart, and Lafferty 450). Comprehensive sex education gives an honest and adequate knowledge on the youth about sex, and this makes it efficient as many youths are always happy to learn the truth about such an issue.
One strong argument that opponents use against the teaching of comprehensive sex education in our schools is that, it encourages students to indulge in pre-marital sex. In addition, they argue that, it goes against traditional, religious, and ethical beliefs of some people. Therefore, they argue that, since some families and religious groups stress on no sex before marriage, there is no need for sex education in our schools. However, I disagree with their arguments because; comprehensive sex education is not just about sex, but it informs students on a number of sexual issues. In addition, Stanger-Hall and Hall state that “abstinence-only education does not reduce teen pregnancy rates" (24658). Moreover, according to Kirby, students who are taught sex education in school make responsible decisions in order to avoid the harmful outcomes of pre-marital sex, for instance, teenage pregnancies and STDs (56). It is important to note that, comprehensive sex education gives out teenagers the tools and knowledge to protect themselves from the negative results of pre-marital sex. The health and the future of our youths are shadowed by the danger of sexually transmitted diseases as well as unwanted pregnancies. According to Collins et al., most parents want comprehensive sex education included in schools so that their children can learn about sex, and how to be protected from its detrimental effects. Therefore, comprehensive sex education should be adopted in our schools so as to save the health and the future of our youth and those arguing against it should support this good cause.
In conclusion, comprehensive sex education in schools has been a topic of debates and rebuttal for some time now. Comprehensive sex education should be taught in all schools so as to save the future and the health of our children. In addition, comprehensive sex education is vital because it helps out youth to make the right decisions about sex. Moreover, these programs have proved to be efficient compared to abstinence-only programs. If there are abstinence-only programs in schools in many schools, then why are there still so many cases of teenage pregnancies and pre-marital sex among teenagers? It is very clear that there is a need for comprehensive sex education in all schools so that our teenagers can learn to be responsible through these programs. Comprehensive sex education is essential in all schools as it will help eliminate cases of pre-marital sex and teenage pregnancies in our schools. Therefore, all schools systems should adopt this program in their schools.

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