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The Ancient Greeks and the Romans shared many aspects of their arts such as subject matter, style and mediums. The Romans had absorbed the Greeks styles of art into their civilization when they conquered Greece. The Romans had a very high respect for the Greeks and their culture and sought to epitomize it. Not only did the Romans bring much of the Greek art that they like back to Italy with them, many Greek artists went to Italy as well to produce there.
The Romans had the highest respect for the techniques and the work of the Greeks but eventually incorporated the entire Greek culture into their own. Artists carried forth the knowledge of the Greeks but began to adapt it to the subjects they prized and admires. The Romans chose to idealize real people such as their emperors and military leaders. While the gods and goddesses continued to be subject matter as well, they emphasized humans that has god like stature in their society. Sculpture in the form of busts of both civic and military leaders became very popular (Guisepi).
Historical reliefs carved into their buildings became extremely popular. Where the Greeks sought perfection and idealized their gods and goddesses, the Romans depicted the historical facts of their civilization for all the world to see. Paintings and murals were also very popular as they had been with the Ancient Greeks, however, the Romans developed the painting of landscapes as well as linear perspective which the Greeks did not have (Encyclopedia of Art).
The Romans absorbed the Greek culture into their own. This helped to preserve much of Ancient Greece’s contributions in art. While the Roans copied and highly prized Greek artwork, eventually their art began to reflect the uniqueness of their culture.

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