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In a study, Kumar et al. noted that the rising level of CO2 affects the plants, which can work as an alternative source of energy (501). They hypothesized that plants with elevated level of photosynthesis with elevated levels of CO2 could help in reducing the burden on potential biofuel tree species. In this regard, they studied the plant Jatropha curcas.
Researchers found that Jatropha curcas can grow in numerous conditions of soil with least necessities of growth and development. Moreover, it is one of the non-edible oil producing plants making it useful in biofuel production. So, they studied the influences of increased CO2 concentration on different aspects of the plant such as growth and development, and fruit as well as seed yield.
In this research, study was done on J. curcas in field rather than making a pot-based study. Researchers developed four open top chambers of specific dimensions. Two chambers got elevated levels of CO2 concentration, i.e. 550 μmolmol−1, whereas the other two chambers got ambient level, i.e. about 380 μmolmol−1. They allowed optimal transmission of light, and set optimal temperature and soil conditions. They planted the seeds, and studied the growth of the plant for complete production cycle ranging from December 2011 to January 2013. They studied photosynthesis, leaves, chlorophylls, carbohydrates, biomass yields, seed yield, and oil content.
Researchers used portable infrared CO2/H2O gas analyzer was used along with photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) sensor to measure photosynthesis. CI-202 portable laser leaf area meter was used to study leaf. Chlorophyll content was calculated using leaf discs and determining their photosynthetic rates. Biomass was determined by drying in incubator. Seed yields were determined such as number of seeds per fruit, number of fruits per plant, weight of fruit and seed. Oil content was determined using extraction procedure. They compared the results of four different chambers. Statistical study, i.e. ANOVA, was used to determine the significance of biochemical parameters, physiology, and biomass data.
Some other factors such as type of plant, relationship of plant with the other living beings, number of plants in an area, and shadow and sunlight conditions can also affect the obtained results.

Works Cited

Kumar, S., Chaitanya, B. S. K., Ghatty, S., & Reddy, A. R. (2014). Growth, reproductive phenology and yield responses of a potential biofuel plant,Jatropha curcasgrown under projected 2050 levels of elevated CO2. Physiologia Plantarum, 152(3), 501-519.

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