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Does it consequently mean that this problem is unsolvable and is no longer worth to be spoken about? I do not think so and have the strong conviction that we must go deeper into the understanding of the phenomenon that has spread all over the world and can be undoubtedly called “the inflexible disease of the age”. With this in mind it is necessary to bring out the essence of the issue and try to speak not about methods that can force smokers to leave off smoking but about the advantages of the addiction-free life. Maybe these reflections can become more persuasive argument than the appeals based on fear and intimidation.
As for me, I am not a smoker and cannot share my own experience about personal sensations and feelings in this sphere. But in reality it is enough to observe the surrounding in our everyday life to reason and draw conclusions. It is than obvious that the lives of all smokers can be characterized in such way: they cannot do what they want but must do what their organism demands. To put it more simply, their existence is the embodiment of the unfreedom.
I know one man who did not get married for a long period of time. He was almost at the age of thirty and became the subject of numerous questions and recommendations of his relatives and friends: “Are you already thinking about marriage?” “Why don’t you marry?” “I think it is time to settle down to married life” and so on. But this pressing was not effective. However one day he met a person who asked the young man simply and quiet: “Are you married? Why not? It is better to live with wife.” Just that very case convinced the stubborn bachelor to marry after all. Surely, this illustration at first sight does not concern smoking but can serve the excellent example: “Why do you smoke? It is better without smoking!” Why not to choose the life that is better and more attractive? This statement needs to be clarified. What than are the real advantages of the non-addicted life?
Firstly, it is the real opportunity to save money. If the smoker tries to count the total sum he spent on buying the cigarettes, he will be surprised and even shocked. Exactly this amount he could invest into his own profitable business affair or buy an expensive car or a big house. However he is still wasting his money on the smoke clouds. It is inexplicably but the fact remains.
Besides, the lack of the smoking habit leads to the plenty of time for the useful and pleasant pastime. It is difficult to notice it immediately because an average smoker spends on the single process of smoking only few minutes but it is easy to count that a lot of time can be saved up daily. Why not to spend this time in our world of the constant being busy on the catching shopping or visiting friends or simply on breathing a portion of the fresh air?
Moreover, the possibility to enjoy the real perfect smell and taste of the favourite food and drinks is available only to people who do not smoke. This argument also concerns the opportunity to inhale the tender aroma of spring, the frosty fragrance of winter, the various odours of summer and the rainy smell of autumn. I asked a lot of former smokers and they confirmed this fact with certainty.

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