Free Report On Evaluating 5 English Grammar Websites

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In the age of the Internet, it has never been easier to find English grammar resources online. Simply Googling “English Language Grammar” gives a person thousands of different resources to choose from. The difficulty in our age is not finding the resource, but finding one that works best for a person’s needs. This essay analyzes five different English language Grammar resources found by Googling “English Language Grammar.”
English Grammar Guide is a resource that has been put together by It covers descriptions of basic questions of grammar. The site’s masthead leads with, “Do you have a question about the correct usage of the semi-colon or how to place relative adverbs in a sentence?” (Educfind.ocm, n.p.). The site then informs the visitor that he or her has come to the right place. Separated into ten clickable hyperlink headings are nouns, determiners, reporting speech, adjectives, verbs and verb tenses, relative clauses, adverbs and punctuation. A visitor can click on any of these heading for another menu of more specific uses of these parts of speech. For instance, clicking on nouns will take a visitor to another list of hyperlinks that include, “gendered nouns, definitive pronouns, compound nouns, etc. Clicking on one will take a visitor to a page that provides a brief explanation of that part of speech with examples of it used in a sentence. This resource did not provide examples of parts of speech used incorrectly.
A much more extensive guide than the previous one covered is, which provides basic and advanced lessons. These lessons are organized with someone learning English, rather than needing helping with it, but the resource is useful for both native speakers and English speakers as second languages. The design of the site is a bit overwhelming, as it is a massive amount of text, which is bordered by text-based advertisements.
Even more overwhelming when it comes to the design and navigation is the cite This site is an extensive resource on all aspects of English grammar, but it is organized in a way, like the previous one, that comes across as rather overwhelming. One merit of the site as compared to the previous two listed is that it does provide quizzes that a visitor can take. For those who learn by doing, this is a valuable resource that can be used to help master the finer points of English grammar. This site also provides explanations of idioms and colloquialisms, which the other sites reviewed here, do not. bills itself as “your #1 source for Grammar and punctuation” (Straus, n.p.). The site is a resource that is put in place with the intention of selling visitors the book by the name “The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation,” a book written by Jane Straus. This site has English rules listed in hyperlinks and separated into three different categories, “Grammar rules, punctuation rules, and other rules” (, n.p.). By clicking on one of the hyperlinks, such as period, the site begins to describe the most basic functions of the period. Rule 1 says, “Use a period at the end of a complete sentence that is a statement” (Grammarbook, n.p.) From there the rules get more complicated, but for the period, the rules only contain 3. Clicking on some of the other aspects of the site shows that this is a consistent pattern throughout the site. It gives basic explanations of parts of speech and punctuation, but it does not go into any depth. The site is so basic it seems like its audience would be best served if they were in grade school. So while the navigation of this site is better than many other sites, it is rather lacking in the depth of explanations, which it provides for visitors.
For both ease of navigation, and depth of explanations, is a site that provides an in-depth description of English grammar and punctuations, games for adults, games for kids, homework help and a fun way of presenting the parts of speech, word meaning and rules of grammar. The site has activities and worksheets and resources that are arranged by grade level. This is a very good way for people of any level to learn more about what they need to use-to-use proper punctuation and grammar within sentences. The other sites take for granted that a person using the site will know what something like an adverb is. This site does get in depth, but it also provides very basic information for people who need to start at the very basics.
What this survey of five different grammar sites has shown is that now all grammar sites out there are equal. Some are much better than others. It is better to find a good site and go with that one than it is to simply go to the very first site provided by Google. Spending time to research which site is the best is a good strategy for using an English grammar website.

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