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Topic: Environment, Environmental Justice, Sustainability, Pollution, Embodiment, Crisis, Violence, Community

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Published: 2020/11/13

On a post-humanist approach, the environment is the major cause of the capitalism plight. As the fight for the scarce resources that the environment could offer heightened, the environmental crisis began. Individuals, mostly, capitalists, fought to control a large share of the environmental resources. Given the scarce nature of resources, it generated the environmental crisis. This crisis was characterized by the fight between a man versus man (war between capitalists) and man versus nature (man versus the resources available). Hence, there is need to lessen the exploitation of environmental resources to save the globe (Benfield, 2014). This can be done by inducing alternatives that sustain the environment. I live in a neighborhood characterized by great industrial activity. My area of residence is next to manufacturing plants. First of all there is smog all over as the factories produce heavy smoke that is contaminated with the industrial chemical that are harmful to both flora and fauna. No action has so far, been initiated to counter this pollution. Secondly, there are a lot of industrial wastes all over the neighborhood including sewage that flows directly to a nearby river hence, contaminating it. Though there have been efforts to reduce this form of pollution, there is still a great sense of environmental pollution. Sustainability embodiment refers to how a physical or any other entity typifies sustainability. Such entities include but, not limited to green buildings, green mountain power, greenhouses, etc. (Benfield, 2014). The embodiment of sustainability is not only characterized by the actions and operations of an entity, instead, it also includes the positioning of these entities. Sustainability embodiment is characterized by the need to revitalize downtowns and suburbs. It helps in land recycling and the invigorating of buildings and infrastructure to reduce environmental pollution. One of the greatest instances where I embodied sustainability is the participation in the ‘Green Environment for a Better Tomorrow’ event which was aimed at cleaning the downtowns and city suburbs by collecting garbage, planting trees and advising the public on the significance of environmental sustainability. This event was conducted in my township during the Christmas holidays when most of the people were in their homes. The event characterized the need to uphold environmental sustainability by disposing of garbage in the right manner, planting trees and, above all, being aware of the need for environmental conservation.

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