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Feticide refers to the elimination or abortion of the child in the womb which is deliberately done by the mother, especially after detecting the gender of the child, in most cases, through medical means (CMAJ,1988). It is mostly done under pressure from the husband, the parents of the woman or her in-laws. In most cases, the child who is eliminated or aborted is usually of the feminine gender. The family of the unborn child, including the immediate relatives from such communities, often threatens the mothers that they must deliver females. They hence force the mother to find out the gender of the unborn child, and if it is female, they abort (Tendon & Sharma, 2006).
Feticide is an act that should not be encouraged. It is wrong and hence should be illegal. The act is illegal because it brings to an end the life of an unborn child. There are laws that prevent killing the unborn children and are supported by societal morals and religious teachings. Second, feticide tempers with the health condition of the mother. This is through the damage caused to the uterus that may have a permanent effect on the mother. Such an effect may be being unable to get and sustain pregnancies in future (Punami,2014).
There are different ways of preventing feticide from taking place. First, there needs to be free education for people of the feminine gender up to higher levels of education. If a female child is educated and empowered just like the male, they do everything that a male can. Second, there should be progress, and access to better health services especially for women (Punami,2014).. Offering them the best health services will make them lead healthy lives thus preventing any possibilities of feticide. There should be proper measures to empower women and strengthen their rights. This can be through discouraging acts such as stopping dowry and others. Also, there should be avenues to express complaints about such practices and bring to book the perpetrators (Kale, 2012).
Women can have more voice to stop their husbands from persuading them into aborting girl fetuses. First, it is through forming women groups that advocate the rights of the girl child. Through the forums, the women can pass their messages to the men and warn them of dire consequences whenever they persuade them into agreeing (Punami,2014). Second, they can threaten the husbands of prosecution in any case they push them to accept. They can also explain to the men clearly the importance of the girl child and the consequences of procuring or conducting an abortion. With these, the husbands will have known that their wives are against it (Du Prey et al., 2014).
In conclusion, feticide should be discouraged and condemned in the strongest terms possible. It has adverse effects especially to the women, leads to death and hence illegal among others. Authorities should enact legislations to curb the act.


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