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Helicopter parenting is the term used to describe the type of parents who hover, cheerlead and have become the “fixer” and controller of the children’s lives. This may be highly beneficial when their children are babies or toddlers. That involvement works to positively encourages them to learn new skills and behaviors. However, when these children get older, like junior high and high school aged and these parents continue these behaviors it is called “overparenting” (Griffin, 1). These parents organize all of the details of their children’s life with the goal of “creating a success,” from what activities they do to what classes they take and from overseeing their homework and projects and, even, what there future college choices may be. For some kids the constant praise can make them less likely to take risks out of fear of failure, while others become complacent participants in their lives under someone else rule. This style of parenting faces of lot of criticisms because of the side effects being unproductive and not beneficial. Helicopter or overparenting extends the range of childhood, only bolsters a mentality of entitlement, and finally, it will cripple them when they enter the adult world and job market, which his why it needs to stop.


Throughout the phases of childhood development eventually children begin to become more self-reliant, have sincere opinions and begin to make some decisions on their own. However, helicopter parents prevent their children from reaching these landmark points of their path to independence. These parents step in and manage their lives, telling them what, when and how to do things. This only lengthens these youths dependence on their parents to make their decisions and arbitrate their lives, effectively lengthening childhood. These pre-teens, teens and young adults are wholly unprepared and inexperienced with being independent and making their own way in the world (Sutton Fell, 1).They will have a very warped interpretation of exactly how the real world works and therefore have a difficult and, often, unsuccessful time in attempting to navigate on their own, which is a huge part of becoming an adult.
The “Millennial” generation, the name given t the entitled generation that is just now reaching their mid-20s, have already shown the negative impact of being entitled. For them it has a great deal to do with growing up in a fast-paced society personified in the immediacy of information offered through modern conveniences and technologies. Helicopter parents will only produce a next generation that is worse. Helicopter parents "cheerlead" their children, even as they mature (Griffin, 1). They feel that things should just be handed for them or to them. Everything they do is exceptional, which means they expect praise and applause just for waking up in the morning. Helicopter parents continue to cheerlead the children even when the accomplishments are mediocre. Combine this, “I can do no wrong, because my mommy and daddy said so,” mentality with the lengthening of childhood; the result will be another generation of spoiled, self entitled and young adults with no emotional maturity, self reliance or self motivation. After all, when the real world collides with their entitlements and no one sings the praries and gives them what they want they lose their motivation and will accomplish even less (Sutton Fell, 2). They will inevitably return to their parents to either fix the problem or to take care of them, which is hardly the path that the parents would have wanted for them.
Finally, helicopter parents, are destined to produce offspring that grow into adults that believe everything that they do is golden. They have never had to face “not being good enough” before. The mentality of “someone less will the problem” ideology will still be confused as to why the parents cannot make their dream jobs hire them. This inflated ego and entitlement can be perceived by potential employers negatively (Sutton Fell, 1). The entitled believe that they are uniquely special, so special that just being themselves is an accomplishment worthy of praise. Therefore, in professional environments, they tend to struggle with the idea of having to prove themselves or resent being placed in a lower position than they believe they deserve. After all we are living in a modern era where many people want to be famous, not for having a skill or talent, but just for being “them.” It is these means of arbitration and parental control factors implemented to “guarantee” your child a happy, successful life will, ultimately, have the completely opposite effect (Griffin, 1). That said the problem starts and can end with parents and, therefore, can be changed by the parents; if it is not already too late.


Every parent wants their children to grow up happy and healthy and to be a success when they grow up. Helicopter parents are no different. They simply have gotten caught up in guaranteeing successes by simply taking care of everything to secure it; even if that lessens the child’s involvement in their own growth, development and future. They have simply chosen the wrong solution. In the end, the evidence seems fairly unanimous that helicopter parenting is beneficial to none involved. It creates stressed out, over involved parents and unmotivated and entitled children. This needs to stop. Growing u is not just a physical process; it is, also, an emotional and mental one as well. If children are never introduced to self-sufficiency, personal problem solving and accountability, they will never produce anything but a co-dependent, spoiled and, very likely, unemployed adult with very little motivation.


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