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Labour, in terms of industrial relations and human resource is the productive work or physical effort done for wages or labour can be referred to like the people or the class of workers involved in this task of a physical effort in order to get something produced.It is the sum of all the efforts both physical and mental that are employed in the production of any goods or any services. On a larger scale, labour is any kind of hard work. It is the key factor and the most initial step in the production.  In economics, labour is a measure of the work done by human beings where it is put in contrast with other factors of production such as the field of work the owner and the skill of the worker both known as the capital. According to economics, there are certain types of labour such as human capital, housework, manual labour, slavery, volunteer work, paid slavery and paid labour.
People spend most of their lives working chiefly for wages. Their identities, their material security, their ability to fulfill personal goals and contribute to community life all depend on the kinds of work they engage in and the relationships that they come across while working in the field. The world today has become a global village, and so the availability, accessibility and the organisation of labour or work has also gone through a dramatic transformation. Owing to how important labour is to the quality of people’s lives, the study of these changes in labour forms is crucial and far more important than ever.
Labour is the vital principle of our existence on earth.  Labour enables one to earn one's livelihood independent of others.In this world, nothing can be had without labour. In fact, it is labour and industry which has contributed to the progress of civilisation. The world would have been nowhere today if people had not laboured but had only formulated theories.
If, after the discovery of the power of steam, no one had laboured to build the steam engine or the steamship, it would not have been possible to have the network of railways which now cover the face of the earth, of the huge steamships which are ploughing in the seas to say nothing of civilization.The everyday necessities of life, the very food that is eaten and the various articles of luxury which have added so much to ease and comfort the lives of people, can be obtained as a result of labour. If there were no one to plough and till the soil, there would be no crops and starvation would stare in the face. Who would clothe if there were no weavers, who will build houses to dwell if there were no masons and no carpenters?
The journey of human civilisation highlights the importance of labour. It is his labour which brought him out of Stone Age to the computer age. It is the story of the success of labour. Often the work is hard and unpleasant, but it has to be done. There’s no other way except labour or hard work to realise one’s dreams. Even animals have to toil to get food. Labour is indispensable to life. Success in life without labour is almost impossible.
Labour class of any country plays a vital role in nation building but sadly in present economic conditions labour is suffering badly. The energy crises have raised labour problems to a new height. Industries are not running properly hence giving a hype to unemployment. Such conditions affect the labour class directly provoking frustration in the unemployed. This economic stress and frustration lead to many social problems such as robbery, murder cases and suicides, etc.
However raising slogans and making speeches is not enough, to overcome these problems resources mush be improved in order to fulfil the requirements of the country’s system. In this era of globalisation where everyone has to walk at an equal pace with the world, economic issues must be resolved. And this would only be possible if the issues of the labour class are resolved for they are the backbone of a country’s economy. For that matter, government need to solve the energy issues on priority basis and see for the private industries and fulfil their requirements. Also, labour laws must be revised ensuring their basic necessities and rights, extra facilities and good wages.

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